Episode 8: How We Saved $25,000 in Our First Year of Sobriety and Other New Years Resolutions

Addictions are not only tough on the body, mind, and soul but also extremely taxing on your bank account. Endless nights of drinking at parties and clouded inhibition can lead to a ton of unwanted credit card and cash transactions. After ditching the drinks...

Episode 7: How to Travel Sober

As a newly sober person, you may be thinking of a vacation or break from the stress of sobriety is a great idea to ease your mind body and spirit. However, traveling sober can be tricky since it's easy to fall into old habits.Kaila...

Episode 4: Surviving the Hollywood Party Scene without Drugs. Interview with Dominic Deluca

In this episode, we interview our good friend Dominic DeLuca from Brooklyn Projects Dominic is a former MTV VJ and has been a roadie for many of the top Metal bands on the world. He is also more obsessed with cats than Kiki is. In this...

Episode 3: Do Drugs Help Your Creativity: Interview with the World Famous Rock Photographer, Neil Zlozower

In our very first interview on the podcast we are interviewing world famous rock photographer Neil Zlozower! He's interviewed every famous rock star in the world from the golden period of rock (in our opinion), covering GN'R, Motley Crue, Van Halen, Aerosmith and more!Check...

Episode 2: Is Drunk Sex REALLY Better than Sober Sex?

In this episode, let's talk about drunk sex vs sober sex! Kaila and Kiki why sober sex is SO much better than drunk sex. In this episode they cover That one time one of the girls had drunk sex and threw up on a...

Episode 1: A Warm Welcome from Kaila and Kiki

SHOW TRANSCRIPTKaila: What's up, this is Kaila and Kiki and this is From Hell to Wellness. And this is the first episode of our podcast, which is going to be a little bit different because it's the intro episode. So we are just going...