Episode 8: How We Saved $25,000 in Our First Year of Sobriety and Other New Years Resolutions


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Addictions are not only tough on the body, mind, and soul but also extremely taxing on your bank account. Endless nights of drinking at parties and clouded inhibition can lead to a ton of unwanted credit card and cash transactions. After ditching the drinks and partying, we talk about how we (mostly Kiki) saved $25K in our first year of sobriety.We discuss how our spending habits were like during the party high days, what it was like spending money on tour, and how we cut costs while cutting out booze. Also, as usual, we give some fun wellness tips and New Year’s resolutions to start the new year fresh with a CLEAN and sober slate. In this episode, we cover:

  • How addiction can empty your bank account
  • How Kiki got out of debt and saved $25K
  • Useful apps and tips to save money while being sober and just in general
  • Healthy ways to start your New Year’s resolutions and stick with them.


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24:00 Dubrovnik crowds in the summer time

Dubrovnik in the wintertime – no crowds!

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Kaila: Hey what’s up guys, it’s Kaila and Kiki and you are listening to from Hell Wellness. And today we are talking about New Year’s resolution, or more importantly how Kiki saved $25,000 on her first year of sobriety, oh my God.

Kiki: It’s a lot of money. And actually it’s pretty crazy when you are using drugs or drinking alcohol you don’t realize what you are spending. I mean you are obviously under the Influence but there is nothing that inhibits you when you want that next drink like you will get it. And the more you drink the more you don’t want to prevent yourself from purchasing it.

Kaila: Who knew alcohol was so expensive?

Kiki: Booze is really expensive, like here is the problem.

Kaila: Are you always drinking it at a bar in LA bar?

Kiki: So the problem is $25,000 is easily spent in LA to be fair. And you are talking about like buying – and it’s not like we are buying the $5 beers. You can be a little bit more Savvy but we kind of wanted to go a little bit hard-core. So what happened was we were broke musicians for a really, really long time, and we lived that basically almost to the point of like couch surfing. I think I lived on your couch for like a week.

Kaila: I was probably at my ex-boyfriend’s house.

Kiki: I think you were at your ex.

Kaila: I don’t even know who the hell was at my house, at one point Tyler stayed there, our friend Tyler for a couple of days, and then like my old roommate Matt had random boyfriend’s coming over and Yuki stay there.

Kiki: No way, I don’t even remember that. I was straight up – I had the right L of your coach.

Kaila: Wait somebody else had the other?

Kiki: It’s like random people. Kath was there at one point and we were just like drinking at your place. It was such a good area because you could just get from point A to point B and we would just drink there. So there were some times we had like a band meeting and I was like on day 5 and that’s when we went to the AA meetings.

Kaila: I didn’t even know you were like just there.

Kiki: I was just camping. It’s funny, when you are under the influence of anything you want to get that, and you will pay whatever cost it is to get that fixed. And the problem about LA is LA is crazy, like you know the prices of food it’s out of control.

Kaila: Weren’t you a bartender, doesn’t that means free drinks to some level?

Kiki: To some extent but the problem was I was a bartender at a college campus. So I went there a couple of times but I did not want to go party with a bunch of college kids, like it was too much, even though it wasn’t that far in age it was like I don’t want to see these people and drink with them – but it was basically at the point where Martin started tattooing, he started getting a little more cash in the bank.

And the problem is when you are broke and then you just get money you just want to spend it. And when you have a quote on quote unlimited budget on enjoying yourself, which ended up being alcohol. We would go to like the rooftop of the Alexandria Hotel. As time went on we would slowly start buying shots that were like 12 or 8-year age.

Kaila: Do that taste better?

Kiki: To be honest no, because at that point. Okay so here is how a night would go, and this is not your average person’s evening. So Martin would get home on like say a Monday night, and it was 9 o’clock and he’s like alright let’s start the party. So when Monday night 9:30 p.m. we would go to this place – it’s a this little Japanese Izakaya, amazing food and we have been there [4:04] amazing they have such a good food, but the problem is they have some beers by the picture and then they have sake. And sake was our big killer. So sake bottles, we would each drink like three bottles of sake and three pictures in one dinner setting with two people.

Kaila: I still can’t understand how you drink so much liquid.

Kiki: It’s pretty crazy to imagine, but like honestly like you just pee a lot, like you pee probably every 5 minutes.

Kaila: But isn’t it annoying, or are you so drunk that you don’t even care?

Kiki: You are so drunk that you don’t even care, you don’t even realize that you are just peeing all of the time.

Kaila: Okay I’ve heard stories of people, like one time I was on this Cruise for work and one of the people who I work with they were staying in a room with a bunk bed or something. And he came in drunk like at 2 a.m. and peed on the bed. And I have heard like more than one story of people peeing in the closet, or just like peeing inappropriate places.

Kiki: I have a friend who did that, I don’t want to name any names – well several people like they just go over and open up the closet door and boom shakalaka there is the bathroom supposedly and then just started peeing. That happen in college too actually.

Kaila: It is a thing.

Kiki: It is a thing. I think it’s almost like your body is on autopilot and you just don’t know where you are and you have no recollection of it even happening. It’s almost like sleepwalk.

Kaila: Yes, they don’t know what’s happening but why don’t they just go to the bathroom, like why don’t they just go anywhere and think it’s the bathroom?

Kiki: They just think it’s the bathroom, it’s just like your body is on autopilot and it’s just moving and it’s just going, they don’t care if it’s in the corner of the room it’s where they have to pee.

Kaila: That’s horrifying. I mean can you imagine getting the smell out of that carpet – hopefully they had wooden floors.

Kiki: Hopefully, I hate carpet anyways carpet’s harmful.

Kaila: Yes, that’s so like 60s.

Kiki: A typical night was we would go to dinner, we would get three bottles of sake and three pictures and then afterwards. Okay so you think okay someone is probably slashed by then – no, no that was just our pregame. Then we would go off to the bar and we always randomly meet people and become friends, I don’t know why that was the thing like we just wanted to be friends.

Kaila: Well yes when you are on something you are totally open to meeting people.

Kiki: Yes, and it’s crazy. I have bought like homeless people drinks, I have done some crazy shit.

Kaila: Oh I thought you were going to say you brought them home.

Kiki: Oh gosh no but we have brought like random ass people home. But we go to the bar and then you meet somebody right and you are like this is my best friend forever. And then you end up buying rounds and then that person buys rounds, and then other people buys rounds. Eventually we would rock up tabs like two or $300 easy.

Just by buying, you know you buy like five people rounds of Japanese whiskey and then you are pretty much out you know. And then after that we would have a stalk like every weekend or like weekend we would buy about like $80 worth of booze to have just at the host so when we get home, we can continue to drink. So you know each week we are spending about $400 on booze, and I would additionally buy rounds too, which I had zero money but I was buying like $100 rounds too, so we are spending about 400 to $500.

And the reason why weed this it’s because there is an app called Nomo, but basically it’s an app that tracks your sobriety. You should download it, it’s free I mean there is ads on it I guess a little bit but it’s totally free. It tracks your sobriety and it also tracks how much money you save. So you can enter in what’s the typical night that you spend and then it will calculate it, and then each day it just kind of keeps – it’s just a little timer a little clock. And we didn’t know how much we were spending we had no idea, but all I know is that at the end of the year when we did all of this balance he basically had no savings and we were like why, we didn’t know why – it was like there should have been at least half saved, but it all went booze.

Kaila: It’s pretty interesting because like I didn’t spend that much money on drugs. I feel like we are always friends with the club owner or the dealer. Whoever is holding the coke usually is generous to their close circle of friends only. And I remember 8-ball was maybe 50 bucks, so that could last a day or two. But I only spend that like a handful of times, and then I really like pills and those were covered by insurance. So money wasn’t so much the issue for me.

Kiki: That’s pretty good because I don’t know why I have never gotten to the point to like ask people to buy me drinks. I never got a lot of free drinks per say.

Kaila: You never did that, like I would go out with my girlfriends but I never really like was the heaviest drinkers. Maybe just in the Korean club culture, like outside of Korean club’s girls get drinks from guys anyways. But at a Korean Club the waiter comes and grabs you and takes you to the table of a guy, and the first thing they do is offer you drinks. So you take you shots and if you like them you stay and if you don’t, you know which is like 75% of the time you off. You should go at a Korean Club; you could have gotten Crown but Crown is like expensive right?

Kiki: Crown Royal for sure.

Kaila: But that’s what the shots are given, it’s always Crown.

Kiki: You know what, Asians love Crown and they love Hennessy. Did you ever drink Hennessy?

Kaila: No, but a lot of Crown.

Kiki: I remember working at an Asian bar, it was a Vietnamese bar – that place was crazy by the way. It was apparently like 4 years before I start working there, there was five guys that were shot outside of that bar, execution style like they were on their knees with their backs to their head and went boom, boom, boom.

Kaila: Vietnamese Club, but that doesn’t really happen at the Korean clubs. But one time I was like in Houston like making an appearance back when I did car shows. And like somebody got shot or somebody shot at someone or something and we had to all evacuate.

Kiki: I didn’t know about that culture, I think it’s because I grew up like not around a lot of Asian people, so I missed out in like the Asian party scene.

Kaila: I mean use to only exclusively go to Asian clubs, and I am sure shooting has happened at a Korean Club at some point somewhere, because there’s definitely Korean gangs, but I don’t think the Korean gangs are that prevalent I can’t even name one right now. There is a ton of Chinese one like WC and whatever.

Kiki: Wait, WC is like water closet.

Kaila: It’s what?

Kiki: It’s water closet in Canada for bathroom – it’s like the bathroom that’s amazing.

Kaila: But you should let them know that it actually means water closet. Yes, Vietnamese gangsters are known to be the craziest like they don’t give a fuck.

Kiki: When I used to work at that Vietnamese bar I had to chase out this group of people, they had a bar top of $600 and they started walking out. The problem with that is at those bar it was a little sketchy it was all under the table so it wasn’t really like on the grid, but the owner was like if anybody walk out you owe.

Kaila: So you’re telling me that you do this at a place where people shoot people?

Kiki: Yes, and in the meanwhile it was just me and one girl and she went out for the day she was getting a massage down the street, and I was like okay well what the fuck. And then these guys just start walking out and they are all tatted up and they are like this big Husky dudes, like sleeves down to the risk. So I run out and I just put on my toughest face, and I was like if you don’t pay I am calling the fucking cops. And then they went like halfway to their cars, and they were like just okay and then finally they paid. But I was like oh God if they shoot me I am dead.

Kaila: Like just randomly shoot a girl but yes. But I am surprised they didn’t at least give you some lip about it or like say something.

Kiki: I was actually shocked too, maybe they were caught off guard, like I got really scared.

Kaila: Could it be legitimately that they forgot?

Kiki: No I asked them like three times and they were shifting and slowly, it was like an on-purpose thing for sure. So I kept putting it out, I kept putting it out and I kept putting it out and then they just left and I was like fuck – it’s just us two little Asian girls and we are alike what do we do? And it’s crazy because when you work at a bar you see people can rack up tabs, and especially depending on how high roller they are, I mean they will just spend money and money and money it’s crazy.

Kaila: I feel like most of my clubbing days were at Le Prive, which was at the screen club, and you can definitely rock a block because they are buying bottles of crown, and then it cost you just for the table in general.

Kiki: How much?

Kaila: I don’t even know but like it’s not cheap. So usually like a group of four guys would get together and like slit the table, and then I mean the big benefit of it which I am sure all guys would enjoy, is that a waiter would go and pull girls for you – that’s like the whole point of a Korean Club. So you could be like that girl over there or pull out any cute girl that you see. But sometimes like if they pulled them over and the guys don’t like them they just won’t offer them any drink, so it can happen both ways.

Kiki: That’s funny, can you imagine when you are like hey I’m ready and they are like what.

Kaila: So do you have any New Year’s resolution this year?

Kiki: Well I’ve just got a drum set.

Kaila: What is the story about it?

Kiki: Actually honestly the New Year’s resolution was actually hat saved me from my sobriety. My initial New Year’s resolution for trying Muay Thai, because I had zero intention of being sober ever. I genuinely thought that I would be drinking until the day I died and I did not think I had a serious issue. I knew I had an issue and I was aware but I was like screw it I am just going to keep drinking. But I have got a drum set so that’s my New Year’s resolution.

Kaila: Just that you want to learn drums?

Kiki: I have played them before, I am like medium okay but I just wanted to get better at it, I don’t know.

Kaila: Just for fun?

Kiki: Yes, I think if you are actively doing something to like train your body or train your mind or train whatever like learning something new. It can help you focus your energy on that and keep you busy rather than trying to focus on alcohol or focusing on drinking.

Kaila: Interesting, I don’t think I have a hobby like that.

Kiki: Well you do you’ve got something.

Kaila: I’ve got cats. Oh my God so it’s like the winter time and the best thing in the world is when hammy sleeps on my chest. He does it every morning right now because it’s freezing cold and I don’t put to the heater on on-purpose. But I actually feel like in the summer time because I never use air conditioning, but if I turn on the air-conditioning I could continue this to the summertime. Because the thing is like my cat stop snuggling with me in the summertime because it’s like too hot and he’s a super furry cat.

Kiki: He’s so fluffy, do you have pictures of him?

Kaila: Yes, I will post some photos of this adorable fluffy little monster. But I never really did a New Year’s resolutions, but for the first time last year I did which was the Marie Kondo thing. I’m not a hoarder at all like I am not sentimental; I don’t keep anything I throw everything away. But even then I went and searched and I went through a book and there was stuff to throw away.

So I did that and I will say during the end of the year got us a little messy again, but not as in the amount of stuff. So I am kind of naturally a messy person, and I started Airbnbing my place, which is interesting because I have always thought okay well cleaning is not my thing I am just not going to be able to do it, I will just be like rich enough to hire a housekeeper every single week.

But this thing like I have actually started enjoying cleaning and taking cleaning to a whole other level. Because you know you like clean every surface you can see but what about under the chair, what about I noticed on my staircase banisters in the corners that nobody can see, like there is all of these Corners behind the refrigerator, not behind the refrigerator but the sides. Because a Marie kondo thing it’s a magical art of tidying up.

So getting rid of these things open like something spiritually. But it also be like, so I have done that but cleaning every Corners like cleaning out, you know getting deeper and really. So I did the surface-level with Marie kondo and now we are getting into the crevices and corner.

Kiki: That’s actually a really good point. When I go home to my parents’ house their place are so damn clean.

Kaila: Do they not use a housekeeper?

Kiki: They do have a housekeeper but she’s so good. And she gets in and every time I go there I realize and I’m like I need to clean my house.

Kaila: Are you sure, because my housekeeper makes my house pristine but I will still, but you know she spends a whole day cleaning and maybe like she just doesn’t have time because there is so much other stuff to do. She’s like deep cleaning the kitchen countertop or something. But I still notice like deep in that window sill in the upper left corner you know there is a little bit of the white gloves test.

Kiki: Wow you are good because I am bad. I am a relatively clean person but in terms of organization game over. I mean you can see stuff in this apartment everywhere and it drives Martin crazy like he can’t stand it.

Kaila: He’s clean and organized?

Kiki: He is organized but he’s not as clean and I am cleaner, but every time I go back to my parents’ house I realize and I am like I need to get into the crevices. One thing I have been trying to do specifically is like the grout, you know the grout in between your tiles, and it starts like turning brown. Get a toothbrush and baking soda and just scrub, scrub, scrub and it goes away.

Kaila: Okay what do you do about, because I am having this problem with the streaky windows and mirrors?

Kiki: Foam glass cleaner and a microfiber towel, no joke and you can get those both at Costco. If you need it, I have got a Costco card I’ve got you girl just let me know. Microfiber towels specifically and then there’s like a specific foaming cleaner, because Windex is like good but it still kind of streaks. But cleaning you are right, like I watch my kondo, and when you are actively doing something like cleaning.

Kaila: Plus, meditative first of all with just the active cleaning.

Kiki: Also can see the results of what you are doing, so it’s an almost instant gratification for what you are doing and accomplishing, and those types of steps can really help you to get your mind right, and make you feel sort of more one with yourself and not need something, you know you gain more confidence and you don’t need that booze or something to hide away some of your feelings of negativity.

Kaila: Yes, it’s a big change because I knew back when I took physics in college I only retain one piece of information. And I think it’s Newton’s second or third law of thermodynamics, which is entropy which means that everything can [20:48]. So I was like why the fuck am I cleaning if everything is just going to go to disorder, then you are just like constantly cleaning and cleaning, so that’s when I gave up on cleaning. But if you just look at it as a constant opportunity to meditate, or get closer to your higher power because that’s like meditation is what that is then that’s a different frame of mind to look at it.

Kiki: I noticed that when I was drinking like cleaning in itself was burdensome. My old apartment, a part of the reason why we moved out of that old apartment was one it was bad area, but two it was the party house and that’s where all of those feelings of like bad energy of partying and just weird disgustingness. And it was also really dirty like impossibly dirty but coming here.

Kaila: I don’t remember it being particularly dirty.

Kiki: It’s hard to tell because the floors they were cement and they were dark. But I remember I would like mop and it was like black, and then here I mop the whole place and it’s like great and I am like how is this place so much cleaner. I think it’s because like we used to smoke in the house like smoke cigarettes when you are drunk, and you just have this feeling of like I don’t want to do anything when you are hungover you know. Cleaning your house is like one really, really great way to overcome that feeling of anxiety that you get and especially when you are getting sober.

Kaila: Yes, and it’s a new way to start the fresh year, so I like cleaning as a New Year’s resolution. And its kind of a good time to talk about it because dry January is trending in January, and a lot of people besides those who are suffering from alcoholism are looking at sobriety as a trained. You can even look at a lot of magazines and different publications and they are talking about this. So if you are thinking of doing a dry January reach out to us and we will help you with tips and trick.

So yes I was just recently in Croatia, and it’s funny there was one other sober person on the trip, but she wasn’t sober she was just like Asian and allergic to alcohol, but legitimately like she would have serious issues, like I had some allergies of alcohol but it just meant I would get a migraine and like feel really awful, but it wouldn’t be like any kind of medical issue.

And then the trip I went on before that there was another sober person so it was kind of interesting, I like lookout for coincidences. But basically Croatia was really amazing because I went to Dubrovnik, and it’s one of those places that is suffering from over-tourism, and we kind of want to keep always sharing about over-tourism as travel writers so that everyone will be more aware to go off the beaten path destination.

So Dubrovnik I don’t even think sound Fun in the Summertime, like if you search Dubrovnik in the summer, in fact I will post a photo of Dubrovnik in the summer. It’s literally shoulder-to-shoulder mounds of thousands of thousands of people. You can’t even get a shot like I will show some shots that I’ve got in Croatia – impossible to get in the summertime. But when I was there it was literally like we had like this sites the walls to ourselves.

Kiki: How was the weather?

Kaila: The weather was about like the same as here in California, so like 50 or 40. So it’s definitely cold like if you are a beach person and looking to dip in the beach it’s not going to be for you. But if you are a Game of Thrones fans this is the perfect time. Or if you are someone who is interested in historical sites, perfect-perfect time, and they get really festive with Christmas too so you can really get into the holiday spirit.

Kiki: And the good thing about Croatia too is it’s almost like – I thought of it like Italy but more affordable.

Kaila: Yes, it’s totally like Italy its bordering on Italy.

Kiki: Exactly and I mean most of them speak Italian and a lot of the shared cultures, but everything was so affordable. And if you are saving your money you can apply that to go on a fantastic trip too.

Kaila: Yes, Croatia in the wintertime you have plenty of time to save up.

Kiki: I wanted to talk about too when I spend time in San Francisco. The thing about it is, and I don’t know if you have ever felt the pressure, you know there is peer pressure that’s involved with purchases and buying perhaps drugs and alcohol. And like when you are trying to make a deal, like I know we have talked about business deals with Dom and Neil, but there is a significant amount of pressure to buy alcohol when you are making a business deal.

I have actually met a ton of people while drunk when I was in San Francisco, which is a benefit because you end up making and building relationships, but it’s tough because you end up going out and spending hundreds of hundreds of dollars on alcohol, and you get the deal but was it really worth it and you end up coming home regretful. Have you ever thought of ways that you could actually like make deals without booze?

Kaila: I think if you are charming and engaging enough you can get around it, but I think you have to be really like a great listener and really be focused on the other person, and like trying to discuss the topics that will entertain them, or your deal is so fucking good that they can’t ignore it.

Kiki: Right, and that’s the tricky part I think like transitioning in between you know using alcohol or partying as a backbone, but now these days you’ve got to really be on your game, I feel like working extra, extra hard to make sure that you are on top of your shit has kind of been the thing these days. I know we have discussed this before, but that pressure the social pressure of drinking can also have been on the road.

And I know that especially when you are on tour in a band, you end up having to be pressured to make sales at the bar. Remember when we were on tour and the bar, you know the bar makes money by people buying drinks. So it was always someone that was like okay buy me shots buy me shots. Do you remember that one place that loved us, it was like out in the middle of the boons but we went back there twice?

Kaila: Was it in California?

Kiki: No it in Ohio. It was like some weird strip mall but we went there when we were all together. It was like slims or something – I don’t know but I remember the first time we went there they absolutely loved us because we sold so much alcohol.

Kaila: Because of you because I wasn’t paying attention to it whatsoever?

Kiki: Yes, it was me and Kath, and I think Christina drink too that night.

Kaila: I think it really works in our favour that we are a bunch of cute Asian girls at the bar trying to solicit, rather than an all guy band for example.

Kiki: Right, and I remember them being so happy they gave us all this free alcohol too at the end of the night, and then they gave us like all of this food they were just so strict and then they called us back the next year, which we ended up going and playing again.

Kaila: Okay and we had to go the second time – or I wasn’t there?

Kiki: No you weren’t there for the second time but it went well not nearly as well as the first but I just remember them being so elated, they were like this is the greatest thing, we must have sold thousands of dollars, but like there is that pressure you know.

Kaila: Were there a lot of people at the show?

Kiki: I think tens of people ended up showing up and I remember the response was like really good it was like such a weird little bar, you know none of those people you would expect like our music but they were totally digging it [29:03] it was like this crazy bar in a strip mall in the middle of nowhere.

Kaila: I mean there is some value to touring these smaller venues.

Kiki: Absolutely, and the problem is you know I just went on that tour with [29:22] in the UK, and that was the first tour that I went on that I didn’t have that power to be able to sell alcohol. And there is this sort of feeling of being powerless. The fortunate part about it was that the band, Alicia’s band was so powerful that they can just sell [29:39] because they loved her and they loved the music and stuff, but I kind of felt like I was so used to being able to sell booze, like I felt like almost empty inside.

Kaila: I never even knew you are selling booze it’s crazy.

Kiki: Anyways what happened was eventually as the band ended and I kept up that drinking habit. I ended up getting myself pretty much in $12,000 worth of debt. I couldn’t keep up and Martin was making a significant more.

Kaila: From drinking?

Kiki: From drinking and all kind of stuff and you know after the band I ended up getting, you know they cancel the band randomly and I was out of a job for about three or four months, and that put me into massive, massive amount of debt and then you know it tumbles from there – and trying to maintain that lifestyle was completely unsustainable. So what’s it like for you saving money these days when you are sober?

Kaila: Well my parents always taught me and I am a freelancer so I really take this to Heart. They always taught me to save 30% of everything I earn so I have always done that and I still do that now, which I really love because as a freelancer I save 30% and that’s actually more than I need to save. So at the end of the year there is always a surplus and I just deposited that into my savings so that’s how I built my savings, and yes it’s been working pretty well.

Kiki: You taught me that like way long ago, because like you know my parent’s kind of like tell you stuff but you don’t listen to your parents.

Kaila: But it’s stupid it should be taught in school.

Kiki: Absolutely, I would have never known that and I think once I started getting really bad in debt and I started realizing that there are different ways that you can save money, like I have this incredible app and especially for those that are kind of like having trouble with money – especially if you are going through recovery or you are still drinking and you need a way to manage your finances.

Two apps I recommend. Nomo is the best because that shows how much money you actually are spending while you are drinking because while you are drinking you have no idea what you are doing so you don’t even really know how you are spending. Like I would wake up and see $150 on my credit card and didn’t even know how happened it’s crazy.

Kaila: Blackout spending.

Kiki: Blackout spending straight up, and the next one is something called Albert. It’s a very basic savings app but I really, really like it because you don’t have to think about saving it, and what happens is Albert uses a smart algorithm and it calculate how much income you are getting, and takes out a small amount like $8 a week or $8 every 3 days and that way you don’t really know that it’s happening.

And I just checked my Albert account and I am like oh my gosh I have a bunch of money that I didn’t even realize that I had saved. So it’s a really, really great way and especially if you are wanting to save up for a trip or anything like that, it’s a good way to start a savings account.

Kaila: I guess I do something similar, which is I have I love to use Mint to do all of my expenses because I feel like that does it automatically. And I also like to use Capital One as my savings. So the good thing about this is like I will set different savings account. My big savings account and then my taxes account, and then I will have my travel and like beauty and my Louis Vuitton.

And then I will set like okay $100 a month automatically goes into my travel account or whatever. And when you look at it suddenly you are like wow suddenly there is like a bunch of money in there, and it does it automatically. And I think the really good thing about that savings account is that you can’t withdraw it like instantly. So when I withdraw it still takes a day or two to go back into my account, so there are no impulse purchases using that account.

Kiki: Smart, and there is a lot of money management apps and like little tricks out there and it’s really good to test them out for yourself – they can really make a huge difference on your bunk, I am telling you I went from $12,000 debt to a little bit of debt, but you can really, really do it and the best way is to be aware of your finances, and sobriety helps so much because you are making a conscious decision and a conscious effort to have money saved your bank.

Kaila: So I think those are some helpful apps and tools definitely to help you save money in your sobriety, and that’s a good New Year’s resolution just to save more money. I mean everyone can save more money even people who are saving 50% of their money can save more and build for – you know retirement cost are a lot in this day and age. So now we have some Wellness tips to share that helps you save money.

Kiki: So some of these Wellness tips are actually just ways that you can improve you know kind of cost in little areas of your life. So if you are a really, really big promoter of exercise, which I highly recommended especially if you are going through recovery. You can save money on a gym; I personally pay for a gym because I am obsessed with the gym.

However, if you are willing to do a gym workout at home you can save tons of money. For example, my gym membership is fifty bucks a month it’s expensive. And like if you say 50 bucks a month – that’s what 500 or $600 a year, that’s a ton of money that can go into your savings.

Kaila: Do you remember this one time we were in Immokalee, P90X by the way?

Kiki: Yes.

Kaila: P90X still a very, very awesome program, but we were doing insanity or something.

Kiki: That was so funny.

Kaila: And we only did it once, but I brought the whole collection so we could have done it all. But yes I remember we were doing it and it was fucking crazy.

Kiki: Yes, I was like about to throw up do you remember that. I had the water in the corner on the table and I was like dude I can’t.

Kaila: And like Jamie was just watching us. But I don’t know what happened, we like did that and then did we decided that it was too much?

Kiki: I remember it being hard like ridiculous, like I was out of breath.

Kaila: It’s called The Insanity for some reason.

Kiki: Yes, it lived up to his name. There are also ways, we have done that actually at DIY scrub, do you remember the body scrub we did on the news?

Kaila: Yes, DIY scrub are so cheap and easy to make, and I remember for that new segment we will post it below to show you how you can do it, but it was from curacel and you use aloe.

Kiki: It was so good and it smelled good and even when we gave the.

Kaila: Yes, the news lady kept it.

Kiki: Yes, she was like I am going to take this. But another thing that’s amazing that everyone should have in their home is a foam roller, whether you are doing exercise or not. Basically foam roller is a tube, it’s nothing really to it it’s just a soft with a little bit of density – a tube thing that you roll. And you roll your back on it and you can roll your legs on it, anywhere there is soreness or even if you just have like bad juju, or sometimes a lot of people get tension and in their shoulders. It’s really good to just roll your shoulders out, roll those areas out. And I can really you know relief and rejuvenation.

Kaila: I have never used one of those, does it really works?

Kiki: Yes, I use them and especially for Muay Thai because there is a lot of injuries that happened and it works so well. And most of the people think about stretching before but the most important thing is really, really stretching after you work out, because you are body, all of the lactic acid that build up is centering a certain area, and you want to push that lactic acid out of your body and move it out so your body can get rid of it faster.

One of the reasons, and maybe you can agree to it too. One of the reasons why I think I was so heavily addicted to alcohol was because I have a very intense personality. I am friendly and nice but I get like really into something, like I could [38:01] a website and look up 8 hours later and the sun’s gone down and I haven’t eaten or peed. But brewing coffee has now been my obsession. I have turned into a full blast coffee nerd Mickey. I am not like obviously one day when I am rich and famous I am going to be able to buy these super expensive machines, but I am working with what I have got.

Kaila: I feel like a true Master could make it work with less than a fancy machine.

Kiki: I agree and I fully support that notion that’s what I am trying to do right now. But brewing your own coffee, one it needs terapedic. Coffee is the Jammy Jam I drink way too much of it, and also you can save tons of money. When I was drinking heavily in alcohol, I used to drink Starbucks almost every single day on tour.

And if you think about that Starbucks is like $6 for a coffee cup, so if you multiply 6 times 30 that’s $180 a month on Starbucks. $180 times 12 that’s almost $2,000 on coffee so you are spending tons. And when you buy a bag of coffee it’s like 12 bucks and it will last you for 3 months. So are you are saving tons and tons of money just by brewing your coffee at home, and then plus it’s super, super fun.

Kaila: Does it taste the same as Starbucks, I am not a Starbucks. Okay I used to have this ex-boyfriend who is obsessed with coffee, and he took me to this place but I forgot what it was called. And he was like this place like I make the extra 10-minute drive to come out here, the coffee is 10 bucks a cup and like it’s just amazing. I think it’s on like Melrose or Sunset.

Kiki: [39:52].

Kaila: Maybe I think so very familiar. But anyway I tasted it and I was like this tastes like coffee I don’t really get the difference.

Kiki: Sometimes I never understood it but now that I am getting more obsessed with it, I can slowly taste the difference. But I think that there is more gratification with drinking your own coffee – you know kind of like when you make your own food and you are like this is so good. You know it’s like you get the gratification for going through the process and it’s customized to how you like it.

Kaila: Yes, because literally sometimes I am cooking and I am like this is the most amazing thing ever. But it’s just because you like slaved over it, and also because it’s super-hot that makes a big difference, you know super-hot food taste really good.

Kiki: Yes, it does and plus you make it the way that you like it. If you go to a restaurant they make it the way that they like it and you are like well I guess, I like it.

Kaila: Yes, that makes a huge difference. Okay so hopefully you have found something helpful to start dry January, and always it helps us so much if you subscribe and rate us five-star hopefully. And share the episode with your friends if you feel like it’s something that’s going to be helpful to them.

Kiki: Alright and we will catch you next time bye.



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