Episode 7: How to Travel Sober


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As a newly sober person, you may be thinking of a vacation or break from the stress of sobriety is a great idea to ease your mind body and spirit. However, traveling sober can be tricky since it’s easy to fall into old habits.Kaila and Kiki dive into the details of what it was like traveling and touring in a rock band all across the world. From long international drunken flights to surviving the stresses of travel on the worst hangovers, they dive into what it was like before, what it was like recovering, and what it’s like now to travel sober. The girls will cover in this episode:

  • Touring in vans and flights during the rock days
  • How to choose the perfect destination that will keep you on track
  • Tips and tricks on how to survive flights newly sober


Kaila: What’s up, it’s Kaila and Kiki and you are listening From Hell Wellness. All about how we got sober and seeking Wellness around the world. So today we are going to talk about traveling sober and traveling drunk and the differences between both of those. And at the end we will give you some tips on how to travel sober because it can be hard traveling sober for the first time. So we were newly, or I were newly sober when we first went on tour in Ohio.

Kiki: I was not; I have to apologize to you for all of those times I was fucked up.

Kaila: I don’t really remember you being particularly fucked up. Like I don’t ever remember thinking like well she’s so wasted.

Kiki: Wow that’s amazing.

Kaila: Yes, you are pretty highly functioning drunk.

Kiki: It’s a good and a bad thing.

Kaila: But I mean we were really excited about that tour at first right?

Kiki: Oh yes.

Kaila: Well it was a mixture of fear and excitement.

Kiki: I had like the best times and some of the scariest times too – actually no that first tour was really good I think but the second tour was terrible, the one that you didn’t go on.

Kaila: The first tour is pretty hard, oh my God. I just remembered we got fired of our first show.

Kiki: That is an amazing story.

Kaila: Okay here is the deal like we were a pretty new band but we had gained some notoriety with some hip-hop covers that we had done on YouTube, which by the way I thought were pretty awesome. But anyways we had to play all of our original songs and some of our covers but that wasn’t enough. So then we had to fill in like how long was it, a half hour and a half set I think.

Kiki: We had to have 90 minutes of content.

Kaila: So yes we had to do a lot of cover songs and we simply didn’t have enough originals to cover 90 minutes’ worth of content.

Kiki: Which was like 45 songs by the way – it was fucking nuts.

Kaila: Wow 90 minutes doesn’t sound that crazy, but when you say 45 songs.

Kiki: Because they ask for different variations of those trucks or of the songs as well, or like different options of those sets. You can’t play the same set over again. It was bad-bad-bad.

Kaila: Okay so the first show that we booked was paying us a lot of money, and it was at like some gig where a bunch of other well-known bands had played before.

Kiki: It was an island, what was that place. It was some island in Ohio?

Kaila: I don’t remember.

Kiki: It was like some crazy party destination that people go to in Ohio it’s like an island beach or something.

Kaila: But we had this brilliant idea. So we got fired [2:56] didn’t we go on to do a test show like a practice like a sound check or something?

Kiki: No, we played the whole show that night.

Kaila: Oh we were supposed to do several nights?

Kiki: Yes, three nights.

Kaila: Three nights, and we had this brilliant idea that we were going to play the songs we didn’t know as well first, because we had two sets of songs. The songs that we know really, really well and the songs we didn’t have. And why was the idea to play the songs that we didn’t know well first?

Kiki: So we could end probably with a big hora, which is terrible because you lose people’s attention.

Kaila: Plus, you lose your confidence. That was the stupidest idea and all eight of us, or however many there were agreed to this idea, like great this is a good idea.

Kiki: I remember I got to that bar the second we landed, and it was like 2 in the afternoon and they said unlimited drink so we were drinking. There is a picture of me and I never get red, and I was bright fucking red.

Kaila: Oh I didn’t know there was unlimited drinks.

Kiki: Yes, we just drink, drink, drink and I am like this is the first time I am on tour. But that was terrifying and I remember looking out into the crowd and feeling like just stares of anguish.

Kaila: If you have never been on stage bombing a show, there is no feeling quite like that.

Kiki: Let me just like [4:21] this we have played tons of terrible shows, but I am so grateful for every single one of them because if you have never played bad show you don’t appreciate the good ones. And the good ones come from anywhere, they can be anywhere, they can be in the smallest fucking venue ever, but like having terrible shows will make you understand how great the good ones are.

Kaila: Definitely, and my gosh, Road Tripping, they call it Road Tripping Tour. Newly sober and drunk is uncomfortable to say the least.

Kiki: Oh my God, okay I don’t talk about this a million times – but so Kaila slept on the floor of the van by people’s feet, by Kath’s feet which she had propped up on the back of the driver seat head so you could lay down on the floor. Me Jamie and Christina were in the back sleeping like sausages in the trunk. We had eight people in a 7-seater van.

Kaila: Yes, and as an introvert I actually really liked my space because I was very like personal. I was in my own little home and my little world.

Kiki: That’s true actually. You did pretty good I thought it was going to be uncomfortable for you but then technically you did have your – and you are pretty small so you could fit, I don’t think I could have fit in there.

Kaila: But yes I mean that was the worst way to start off a tour with a boom.

Kiki: And then do you remember the place we slept in.?

Kaila: Oh it wasn’t weird right?

Kiki: It was fucking basement bunk bed place with mayflies, and Jamie is like a dermatologist she was freaking out. I was trying to be like strong but it was bad. It was bad there was mayflies – mayflies like they live for a day and then they die. So there was like a million of them and then they lived and then they died in the morning in the bed.

Kaila: In the bed?

Kiki: In the bed, they were all over and they were about like two inches long.

Kaila: I don’t remember this at all.

Kiki: They were swarming and then they were like 2 inches long, they looked like little dragonflies but just like ugly, like the ugly step brother of the dragonfly and they are just like dead all over like wedged in between, like armless but just disgusting you know.

Kaila: So we got out of that show with our Tails between our legs because we got fired essentially on our first show, and that was like an important show because it was going to fund our show.

Kiki: I think it was like 3 Grand or something.

Kaila: Like that was our big money maker of all the shows. Anyway needlessly to say Bucky our manager was very disappointed, and then I think the next time Mickey was like oh I have got some friends so we went to like stay at his friends. Do you remember that?

Kiki: Yes, Cornhole.

Kaila: Yes, I remember playing cornhole for the first time and I saw fireflies it was kind of good, but at first I got to this place I was like what the hell we are staying in someone’s bedroom.

Kiki: Yes, but it was an Attic – you stayed in the bedroom but I stayed in the Attic I think.

Kaila: And it was just really awkward we didn’t want to stay there but it really helped us rejuvenate, like they had a barbecue and we’re playing cornhole for the first time – I saw fireflies for the first time.

Kiki: It was magical.

Kaila: They are magical, like who knew in California we don’t get fireflies at all but they don’t seem real. So that was just what we needed for the rest of the tour.

Kiki: That’s right I forgot about that, there was a shitload of alcohol.

Kaila: Everywhere we went there was a shitload of alcohol.

Kiki: I love that place because it kind of reminded me of college but it was still pretty cool, like you know meeting people that are local it’s like one of the best things you can do while you are traveling you know like you meet somebody that’s local and they show you around – it’s honestly the greatest part about traveling. I think when you travel by yourself it can be fun, but there is nothing like someone who knows the area.

Kaila: Yes, I don’t remember – I guess I remember the tour being awful kind of the traveling conditions but we definitely bonded like as a group on that certainly. And wow it sure made the Immokalee tour our first International tour easier after that, because even though that was a very hard tour, we had been through way worse traveling conditions.

Kiki: And supposed with like, our king suite each of us had or own suite.

Kaila: With views.

Kiki: Oh my gosh, what a crazy time that was. Like gosh now when I think about it like it was just happening and you don’t really think and then you look back and like wow.

Kaila: That was my first year sober. We went on tour in Ohio and then we went on tour, our first four in Ohio and then we went on our first International tour in Asia.

Kiki: Yes, but months after.

Kaila: Oh my God but it was such a disaster afterwards I was like a hot mess. I remember we got back from the Asia tour and then we all sat down for a meeting, it was basically a meeting to say that I should no longer be the lead singer. Do you remember this meeting?

Kiki: No, where was it at your house?

Kaila: No, it was at that studio I think that we shared with [9:32]. I remember it was like Hugo and Bucky leading it and no one stood up for me, you guys were probably so drunk, but I didn’t remember what happened night, but I think after that we got rid of both Bucky and Hugo.

Kiki: But Bucky came back though right.

Kaila: Later.

Kiki: Yes, we didn’t work with him anymore.

Kaila: And then we had a really good year after that – we toured Japan. But yes that was an amazing and really hard year for me that first year sober, just with all of the stuff that was happening.

Kiki: Yes, I was always fucking wasted. I was always wasted so a lot of this stuff I don’t remember – I love this podcast because it’s like banging the brains it’s so crazy. But playing and traveling and especially playing in a band, like the stress of traveling and the band people they travel. Real professional musician travel nine months out of the year.

Kaila: That’s the thing, we have so many traveling [10:43]. I am like I want to do 10 days a month at the very most, and I love my home in LA.

Kiki: Yes, I love having home with a [10:51] I love traveling but I am not like I must be always gone like that makes me have anxiety a little bit.

Kaila: That’s the thing I don’t think I could ever move anywhere else, I can have a second home somewhere maybe, and then maybe Airbnb it out for the rest of the time or something, but LA is always my home base for life. So the only time I have been really kind of tempted to drink was on my first press-trip in Croatia – well the first International press-trip. And some of you guys you know this is like – when did we start maybe 2 years ago, my first trip to Croatia and we are travel writers.

So after we finish doing our band stuff we became travel writers, and we go on these things call Press Trips, where basically different tours and boards or hotel groups want journalists or Bloggers to write more about their destination. So they all sponsored these writers on a trip to their destination to just give them a taste of what’s new for the next year.

So I went on a Croatia press trip for the first time and I was super intimidated, because this was like my first year writing I think I had like written for Vice that year but not too many others. Vice and Skyscanner I was writing for so those are my writing outlet, but on the trip was like a New York Times published writer a vogue writer and like somebody who wrote for some Canadian newspaper, so these are all high-level journalist so I was like what am I doing here.

Not that Vice isn’t but you know the thing with Vice as a publication is like generally a millennial publication. So when you say it to any older person they have no idea what Vice is. But anyways I was on this trip and I didn’t mention that I didn’t drink because I just didn’t want to stand out you know I just wanted to kind of blend in and not be noticed.

So I just like pretended like I drink the whole time, not that anyone is paying attention because everybody drinks like adults they say – like nobody was getting drunk, but like every meal there was like being paired alcohol, and they would be like this is the alcohol from the best place in [13:17] and like their famous award-winning wine.

And I was never a Wine Drinker I don’t really like the taste of it, but when they’re announcing that they are giving you the best wine that’s been paired, especially with this next course and every course is paired with the wine, then you’ll get curious but luckily I wasn’t that curious but now it’s better like sometimes I just don’t say I drink because it’s like sometimes people get offended when you are at a restaurant and you say no alcohol they are like oh – so I just let them pour whatever and don’t say anything but that’s the one time I was tempted.

Kiki: Yes, and I had this experience because I went to Croatia soon after you. Although I did tell them that I was worried too because I know that was a really important part of the food, and there was one point where I felt pressured as well actually the very first day when nobody knew me that well we just kind of got to know each other.

And there was a bottle that was like from the 1800s. They said it was probably like $8,000 for the bottle. And they fucking cracked it open and they poured it. And then the waiter was like no you should try this, no you should try this you have to try this. And I was like I can’t like I can’t like I had to say no, and they are like no you really need to try this, this is the one opportunity you have and I am like I am not going to do it. That was so hard.

Kaila: Oh my God that totally reminded me of something, you are stronger than me. So there was this time in Croatia where I didn’t tell anyone I wasn’t drinking. And our awesome host Marco. Marco was also my host so shout out to Marco, he is like a crazy marathon runner for 20 hours throughout the night. But anyway I was coughing like oh my God I was so sick on that trip.

I literally was fine and I took a plane ride and got off and I was so sick and coughing the whole time. The journalists must have hated me because I was like I can’t like this is my first press trip I can’t like say I want to stay in the hotel and rest even though I could have use it, but anyway Marco was like Hey there is this Croatian alcoholic drink and if you drink it you will feel so much better and I was like no I am okay. And then finally the whole table was staring at me and I literally swallowed it and I ran to the bathroom and spit it out – like yeah I am a hard-core faker.

Kiki: Wow that’s amazing. But you see like the thing is like alcohol is not your jam so it’s okay – but it would be different if it was like – do this line. I have never heard of people like actually saying they do the line and then they just blow it out or something like that.

Kaila: Well that’s a party fowl doesn’t everybody get mad.

Kiki: No, I have actually heard of people that will do it when nobody can tell because they are so fucked up anyways, but I am like you never know. But yes like drinking on press trips is really-really gnarly, and traveling man I’m telling you as an alcoholic it is so ridiculously hard. I remember when we made our travel plans it was all based around booze. Like we made sure that we would go to this place because it had the best walking distance to alcohol or to bars or to like a nightlife, or I would look forward to going to the airport and I would go there early so I could sit at the airport bar and drink, or like made sure you get the alcohol inside.

Kaila: But you have alcohol on the plane so why do you need to pregame?

Kiki: Well I guess it’s only international flight, international flight is free but not domestic flight. So on domestic no matter where I went I was like oh yes now I can like get their drink, and that actually happened to me. I was flying back from the Misfit and we weren’t allowed to drink on that entire recording – it was just in Jersey.

And then we finally were allowed to drink and I had been trapped in a house for 13 days it was terrible, I mean it was cool but it was like really, really long. And so I got to the airport and I we’re like yes we can finally drink. So I drink five shots of Jameson before I got on the plane, and I was like yeah I am okay and then like I get in and I am sitting in the middle seat between the two girls and I got sick and immediately I had to use the barf bag – straight up and like the lady came over it was bad-bad-bad.

Kaila: Well here is the thing, when you are using a barf bag can you be quiet, because it’s hard to be quiet when you are throwing up?

Kiki: Well I think it’s because I have thrown up so many times – and like Kath is too.

Kaila: Oh my God one time Kath, and you can tell this because I wasn’t actually there but I have heard this story a million times.

Kiki: This is so funny. So one time we travelled and we were on tour in Japan. Remember we did the patron?

Kaila: Yes, we did patron to tour in Japan.

Kiki: Yes, that was a very successful campaign, like we thought we would only get by $2,000 and they sent like 6 Grand, like thank you followers for all of that it was amazing. It was so helpful that we got that money. But anyways we went on this long trip and we’re like waiting to go out the second we landed, do you remember that it was like the second we landed – you went to a different Hotel.

So it was me Jamie Kath and Christina, or I think she went off I don’t know who else. But Kath and I were like let’s go, so we get into the car and bars and like clubs stay open all night in Tokyo. So we go to this fucking weird-ass place where someone was DJing, it was like this underground place. And there’s all of these like weird Russian models.

Kaila: Wait, why are there Russian models in every Club in Japan?

Kiki: Very weird I am not sure I don’t know; my guess is that like maybe it’s something like weird. I don’t know what the fuck is going on. But they are like gorgeous they are like very [19:31] and I go in and like all of these Russian models and I am like what is this place, we are in this basement and someone is DJing and I drink so much Jägermeister, so much and the reason why I know that is because when I throw up my stomach was throwing up black. And you guys went to the Cat Cafe remember?

Kaila: Yes, you missed it. The Cat Cafe was amazing.

Kiki: And that’s one of the few times where I bailed in life.

Kaila: Actually you had, you really tried to go.

Kiki: I tried wanted, like I never bailed on anything.

Kaila: [20:01].

Kiki: Oh my God I am going to cry, but you guys were so sweet you brought me back a book that was so nice do you remember that, I was like this is so thoughtful – but anyways Kath, so we partied all night until 7 a.m. and Kath so she has two bags, she has her bag and then she has a makeup bag. And then like all of a sudden she passed out on the couch but she was behind her friend who was DJing.

So I was just like talking and drinking and just being fucking crazy, and then all of a sudden I see Kath go – and I was like what I don’t know but she liked gave a bag to the bartender. Later on I found out that she threw up in her makeup bag and zipped it up – and there were no trash cans in this bar.

Kaila: Can you imagine opening that up?

Kiki: And she’s like hey guys so she just threw away her makeup bag, but I have to commend her for not getting any mess anywhere, like you know keeping it in a makeup bag.

Kaila: That was very, very professional. Luckily for me I never really got high overseas because once I watched Brokedown Palace, by the way a horror movie. Have you ever watch that movie – you’ve got to watch it I mean it’s entertaining it’s a well-made movie either way? But I watched it once when I was high?

Kiki: What’s it called.

Kaila: Brokedown Palace. Brokedown Palace it has Claire Danes and a young Kate Beckinsale.

Kiki: What year was this?

Kaila: I don’t know it was a long time ago. But basically they go to Thailand and they get some drugs planted on them and they go to Thai prison which is horrifying, and one girl never comes out and this is like based on a true story. So I was like I’m never touching drugs overseas because in Asia it’s punishable by Death, so luckily that kept me. So I never had that issue there.

Kiki: In my adventure on sobriety a lot of the alcoholism had happened – well it happened all of the time but it escalated on tour or traveling on trips, because you want to experience the local whatever and you have free time and there is no commitment so you feel like you can drink every single day on those trips. And most of the trips that I planned on my own like just me and Martin we would just spend drinking and drinking and drinking. So towards the end we went to Hawaii with my family, and it was sort of like tapering off on the alcohol because things just got really bad. It got bad like I was losing my mind.

Kaila: Well you did some weird things, like you would call and tell me some crazy things.

Kiki: Yes, I was legitimately losing my mind. I did some stuff that I regretted massively or like saying stupid shit. So we were slowly like leaning of the booze or trying to at least. And we ended up go on this trip in Hawaii, we went to a bar and got drunk and pretty hammered and after that. It wasn’t like terrible but it was bad enough to be like this sucks I don’t want to do this again. So Martin stops drinking and I said I am stopping drinking. I can’t remember who were there, were you there I can’t remember if you were there. Were you there you had to been there and we went bowling?

Kaila: With my new boyfriend at the time?

Kiki: Yes.

Kaila: But you guys seemed perfectly normal was something going on?

Kiki: No, nothing was going on everything was great, but that was the last day that I drank.

Kaila: I remember you guys said something about that.

Kiki: Yes, exactly. It was a really fun day it was super fun but the next day we shooting Tijuana remember. We shooting Tijuana with Lair, and I was so fucking hungover because I always show up but I was so hungover.

Kaila: Oh that was the last thing you drink?

Kiki: Yes, the night that we went to the bowling alley and stuff, that was the last day I drink and then the next day I was in Tijuana with you hungover dying, dying, dying.

Kaila: You didn’t seem hungover you hide it well.

Kiki: It’s years of practice. And I remember looking at those photos like edited it a little bit when I posted it on Instagram, but I looked at them and girl I will show them to you. I looked like a hot fucking mess.

Kaila: Well you have got to share some of these.

Kiki: You would be freaking out. [24:54] like I was bad, bad, bad and I edited on Instagram so they look nice, but if you see it you would be like what the fuck. I was like heavy like the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life, and I was just falling apart my skin was disgusting and I was like I can’t do this.

Kaila: I mean that’s a great reason to get sober.

Kiki: Exactly, and that was it that was my last little tribal thing and I am like no more I’m done.

Kaila: So when we were in Fiji were you newly – yes that was your first year of sobriety?

Kiki: India.

Kaila: Oh India was your first, how was that?

Kiki: Bad, oh my God I am so fucking thankful I had you here, because you remember when everyone was drinking?

Kaila: Yes, we would go to bed early and everyone would drink all night and then they did weed apparently. Somebody local had weed and they like all did weed in one of their cabin.

Kiki: Well I didn’t even know about the weed part; I was never really like super. I like weed in high school but I wasn’t super into it but the booze part was brutal.

Kaila: And you never even said anything.

Kiki: I didn’t say anything but I was like really hurting because I wanted to like. I love to go drink and be crazy, and there was a fucking bar right there the entire time.

Kaila: Oh there is a bar in our sleeping [26:17] like just a hop skip and a jump away.

Kiki: 100%, and there were times where I was like oh I can just have a beer and then no one will ever know. Oh my God it was bad, but I was like so grateful like if you weren’t there I would have fucksed up so bad.

Kaila: Was that your first press-trip?

Kiki: First press-trip, first trip sober and I was in the first month of sobriety.

Kaila: And India, India is a crazy place too it’s not like a regular travel destination, but we were a little sheltered because we were on this luxury train.

Kiki: That wasn’t our luxury train it crossed South India through the tourism border that was the most insane thing ever.

Kaila: Yes, that was the most amazing experience because we saw like all kinds of different sites, and I think India, I mean a lot of the girls on the trip were Solo Travelers and have been there before, but I am just not a Solo Traveller I am not that. I mean I certainly could do it but I prefer to travel with people to India I feel like, and seeing it on a train for the first time gives you the best entity you know and then you might want to go back a second time and explore it more on foot.

Kiki: Absolutely, and they were able to show us like, and you know India is a huge country too so by train you are able to travel across more distances and we [27:30] train wake up it’s almost like touring but faster and without the stress and having perform and all of that crazy stuff.

Kaila: And it’s a much more sustainable way of traveling.

Kiki: Exactly, remember that guys. Don’t be booking too many airplane flights if you can go about that way.

Kaila: Yes, train travel I totally recommend it. I would do it like in any country it’s totally. You wake up and you are in a totally new place and then you know you get to know everybody on the train, and then you just have this crew that you are traveling through the country with. And then on this train they had like both traditional Indian options, or more American options and you just had your food taken care of too so it was awesome in every way, but I did not really realize you were so newly sober.

Kiki: Yes, it was crazy but it actually worked out. It was like a moment when, do you remember when I think you went back to the room, but everyone was doing like this dance party.

Kaila: And you stayed?

Kiki: I stayed for it and I was like I need to test myself I don’t know why I am like mentally – I was like I am going to do this. And everybody, not one single soul in that room minus like the child that was like 2 that was sitting there. And they are like why those [28:42] was drinking and like I could smell it and I could see it, it was there and then he was dancing.

I did it, I forced myself to do it and I felt so uncomfortable, but I was like I need to do this to prove to myself to overcome, I don’t know why I was abusing my own mentality. And I’m like I am going to do this and it worked and it was good. I was glad that I did it but it felt weird I was sweating the whole time and I was like – yes it was really weird but it was like a moment for sure.

Kaila: Good, that’s a definite win right.

Kiki: And most people would be like what’s wrong with you, would you love to dance but I’m sweating.

Kaila: But luckily we went to Fiji after that and it was a far easier situation, because we stayed at this island – Wavi Island, and we had the most amazing host they are the sweetest family. And we stayed at this Resort that we had all to ourselves.

Kiki: On a private island by the way that was crazy?

Kaila: We didn’t have anything to do all day, so each day they would just be like what do you want to do, and we would spend the day like paddle boating or on the jet skies or searching for uni. It was so sad, it was the saddest thing, like uni I didn’t realize like when you lift up a rock to spear your uni, they run away from you in like the slowest possible way.

Kiki: Do you remember the mom with the babies it was really sad, but the good thing about it too is that I actually watched an environmentalist documentary. And eating uni is good for the environment because there is an overpopulation of uni right now because the coral reefs are dying and they are killing all of the coral reefs, so it’s actually good to kill them.

Kaila: But it’s so sad.

Kiki: It was pretty heart-breaking.

Kaila: But the one time I was really tempting, and I don’t know if this would be breaking sobriety, but the whole time they kept talking about kava. Kava is like some kind of drink that they drink in celebration but it’s not alcohol.

Kiki: It’s more like, if you think of it it’s like a magic mushroom I would say, but not as magic because it’s a root.

Kaila: Yes, because sometimes you would drink it and you feel nothing at all, but sometimes you drink it and you feel a lot. Well I guess lucky for me the Kava never appeared even though it was talked about [31:19] like well let’s try the kava.

Kiki: Tonight is the kava night and then there was none.

Kaila: I think that was my higher power protecting me from losing my sobriety because I was down, because I was like it’s not alcohol and it’s not drugs.

Kiki: Interesting.

Kaila: So the kind of most difficult part of sober traveling for me is not being able to take sleeping pills. So sleeping on planes it’s just so nice to take a sleeping pill and just knock out. But I have also found that I sleep easier I guess now on planes too but that’s the one thing – sober traveling that’s hard for me. But the good thing about traveling sober is that I get to experience everything, like I remember everything from these trip because I am there to experience it all.

Kiki: Exactly, and that’s a huge, huge part for me as well. All of our trips like I said before were based on getting drunk or like finding the right parties, or like located around an area that would allow us to walk back to our homes if we needed to or our hotel. But now it’s insane, like how much I remember of our trips and I am used to not remembering I’m used to blacking out.

I am used to even spending a whole day in a hotel sometimes like trying to recover which is terrible. But these days I wake up at 6 a.m. and I catch the sunrise. I go to bed late, you know I don’t sleep very much but I am experiencing and it’s like the trip almost feel longer in a good way. They are just so much more enjoyable and so much more fulfilling I think, and you get more bang for your buck when you are sober.

Kaila: I mean half of the trip when you are drunk you don’t even remember it.

Kiki: Absolutely, and you could go and walk excursions because you have energy, I mean I miss the cat girl thing with the [33:07]. We have done some stupid stuff like on traveling, and a lot of times you know when I travelled and drink we would meet random people, and like we just want to talk to them like we just want to talk.

And so you end up talking to them and then you are like okay come back to my hotel room and let’s just talk. It was never anything weird or creepy you just want to chat. And then you chat and chat and chat and then it’s like fucking 8 a.m. and you are still chatting, and obviously if it’s 8 a.m. you have no time to recover. So like that happened to us in England, we met some friends and then chatted and then drink and drink and drink and then we had a flight at 2.

Terrible we got up, we got up really late and basically it took an hour and 40 minutes to get on the train. We didn’t know it was going to take that long to get to the airport and we missed our flight. And that was one time that I regret that. But I was still hungover I threw up probably like 7 or 8 times just sending to figure out whether we had our flight or not.

Kaila: Where did you throw up?

Kiki: In the bathroom, I never miss that was one thing I never threw-up anywhere weird or like unfortunate ever in my life.

Kaila: Except when you throw up on a person.

Kiki: Yes, let’s never forget. But he caught it with his body and it wasn’t on the floor so we are good right nothing is damaged just my ego.

Kaila: And we don’t know if he was sleeping.

Kiki: That’s true. By far the best airline I have ever flown on, Aer Lingus. Aer Lingus from Ireland was the nicest.

Kaila: I have never flown them.

Kiki: Oh my God they were the friendliest and the kindness people. So we booked our tickets easy and got on a flight that was only an hour different. I mean they have a million flights between Ireland and the UK. But that flight I was so hungover beyond my mind the worse, and this lady this woman she was the nicest hostess, she let me stay in the bathroom throwing up, she was scaring for me and she brought me water and she kept checking on me.

Kaila: I mean these days’ hostess, well international flights, on domestic flights they are not that.

Kiki: They don’t give a. And I think it’s also maybe like the UK standards versus the US.

Kaila: Also the Asian flights and the Middle Eastern flights.

Kiki: I could not believe how nice she was and it made me feel so much better, and then I also told Martin and Martin was like oh yes because I Irish drink a shitload so they know they have a sympathy, they are like here we got your back kind of thing. So Aer Lingus shout out to you.

Kaila: So I guess what are some tips or best sober travel destinations. I actually travelled to Thailand again this past summer and I didn’t realize, because the first time I travel there I wasn’t sober but it is an amazing sober destination. Actually many Thai women don’t drink just because they are Asian and they can’t really and it’s just a society thing.

So all of the bars have like this amazing selection of virgin cocktail. So you are never hurting for only being able to have a Shaolin temple or something like that. And also Thailand has been a wellness destination before that was a thing. So everywhere you can find a huge yoga community. Different yoga retreats take place there all of the time. I especially love [36:58] shout out to the Four Season [37:01] my favourite hotel in the world, and by the way there is a really hot chef that works there too.

So anyway there is Yoga Retreat and massages but I hate massages. But like massages are actually like something that’s recommended for addiction recovery. So really something that can help you, it helps you get more present in your body and it helps kind of work out the [37:27]. But what people learn through yoga I am not a big yoga person, but you actually hold a lot of emotions inside of your body.

So sometimes when you are doing like an open pose, you know people cry in yoga because it’s like you are releasing emotions. So having a good chiropractor massage therapist can actually help you release some deeply held emotions without having to do yoga if that’s not what you prefer. And in Thailand there’s always amazing massages, there’s all kind of massages. They have got fire massages and they’ve got foot – even though I hate the feet, but it felt really good it was hot.

Kiki: Was it hot?

Kaila: It was a very hot, he wasn’t sexy but he did an awesome massage. It seems so obvious but they have blind massages there. So does it not make sense that the blind would give the most amazing massages because they do. So that’s a thing in Asia and it’s really helpful – perception massage in Bangkok super recommend going to them, because you know people who are blind may not have a lot of opportunities. And this place trained the blind to give massages and they’re absolutely killer because they are obviously super, super sensitive to the other senses. So massages everywhere and virgin cocktails and yoga.

Kiki: That’s amazing. I am actually trying to plan a trip to Thailand because we want to go train with some [39:09] so we are probably going to go hopefully in March I think. I am actually excited about those virgin cocktails but like it’s a hard thing to find when they are good, because I used to be a bartender too and it’s hard to make a good virgin cocktail.

Kaila: Well it’s weird because I don’t think there is a huge, there is like sober bars in New York like it’s a thing, and I don’t feel like we have it here in LA.

Kiki: There you go, that’s a business proposition right there. So actually there is a couple of destination that I found. So if you are looking to do like if you are planning a vacation and you want to do something. One of the biggest suggestions is to do something that’s active that keeps you busy. It’s those moments when you are a little bit like what am I going to do if you are bored.

That’s when you want to go to the bar and that’s when you want to go and get a six pack from your local liquor store or whatever. So one place is Orlando Florida, but I know Florida isn’t necessary like your first place to think, but it’s quite amazing what you can do in Florida. And who doesn’t love Disneyland, Disneyland is one of the best ways to rekindle your newly sober self.

As we said in our earlier podcast, you are reverting back to your young age, or your young sober age. So it’s good to relive those moments and on sobriety and kind of relive your childhood. So places like Disney World or Universal Studios are pretty exciting to go in Orlando. Another thing which I highly recommend.

This one was probably one of the best for my personality type though, was going to the Grand Canyon was really, really integrating and an eye opening experience. So I went through with a group called Escape Adventures, and they do all types of adventures travels and excursions across the United States, but there is one [40:58] for is in the Grand Canyon and it take you on a bike tour.

And I liked it a little bit in high school I love mountain biking, but we are talking pretty rugged like you are out there – you are pooping in the wilderness, and it was weird and uncomfortable and there were moments I was like I never pooped, but like you are kind of like I don’t know if I can do this. And those are like the type of excursions that push me to my ability.

Kaila: You are good at challenging yourself, I prefer not to be challenged at any time, but you like to push yourself.

Kiki: I actually love a really good challenge; I love to be uncomfortable like it’s weird but I think those are the moments where I find a lot of growth.

Kaila: Well it’s funny because I am a luxury girl. Kiki is more like Adventure.

Kiki: Yes, which works out perfectly though because I get really uncomfortable when I am in luxury mode, it’s so weird it’s like a psychological thing.

Kaila: It’s like not liking massages.

Kiki: Oh my God I am already sweating, like I am starting to sweat thinking about it because it makes me freak out so much. But yes go on something that will push yourself and challenge yourself, and then you will be focusing on overcoming those obstacles versus trying to get booze. And I had honestly the best views ever in the Grand Canyon, I highly-highly recommend the Grand Canyon.

Kaila: I mean but there is no way you could have been drinking on that bike. I mean you could have like a drink but there is no way you could be drunk.

Kiki: And for me if I went off tour like I would have been hammering down, and like trying to ride a bike in like 8,000 elevations would have been so-so bad. But check them out, Escape Adventures, you can go skiing and on a skiing trip there is always fun. Although a lot of people kind of drink to stay warm, but the skiing is kind of fun. Even like a spa destination like Kaila mention to you.

If you are into luxury, you can just totally luxury out and that will help you feeling well and rejuvenated. Road Tripping that will force you because you’ve got to drive you can’t drive drunk, that’s why I was always afraid of the tour – I’m like fuck if I have to drive I am screwed. And then there are sober Group Travel. So if you are looking, I also really don’t like to travel by myself I never really have I’ve only done it maybe once. But there is places like Sober Vacations and Sober Celebrations are two companies that you can check out, and then they will put together a group of sober traveling people and go somewhere on excursion.

Kaila: I love that and some other tips just for sober traveling in general, AA is all around the world. So it’s also a really great way to meet the locals. Because AA whenever you walk into a meeting everyone is usually pretty welcoming. So if you want to meet the locals and get to know the destination that’s a good way.

And sometimes when I go into a new destination I will even email before I say like hey I’m coming into town do you have any tips or whatever, it’s like a built-in community for me. If you are triggered by bars maybe avoid bars, there is plenty of other places to hang out while you are traveling. Definitely many people love to drink coffee around the world because it’s really different in different cultures.

And another thing is just like keep up with your rituals. So we are all about the morning routine. So get up and do your meditation, do a little bit of writing, whatever your thing is your yoga or whatever. Keep that up because if you fall way off of that as you can do while traveling, that can get you a little more off [44:32] so try to stay, you know obviously you are going to be way off your routine but try to keep some aspects of your routine regular.

I like to do things like travel with a travel humidifier. And by the way that’s really good for your allergies. I have a little mini one where you just like attached a water bottle to it so it’s like this big. So bring your little reminders of home or things that will make you feel comfortable while you are traveling, I think that’s really important. So yes I mean overall I feel like these days, traveling sober first of all is just so much better for the experiences.

And I didn’t use to be a huge nature person before, but when you are sober you are really connected to nature think. I mean it’s just like, I don’t know but when I was on coke it was like I need a room in the dark I don’t want to be outside and hearing birds chirping. So yes I just love being much more connected to nature, being much more adventurous and being able to taste everything.

Kiki: Taste is a huge one, holy crap really quick, we should probably do a podcast on like food booze because oh my God there’s a whole world, but just to touch on that a little bit – like every time I drink when traveling I would never go out to eat, I remember the food was also focus on drinking. And there were so many places we went, we went to Japan we went to the Immokalee, I do remember the ducks we have that sober. But like a lot of the food I would focus so much on drinking that I wouldn’t remember the food.

Kaila: Oh my God Japanese so amazing, and so many like what are those things that go around the moving?

Kiki: Moving [46:19]?

Kaila: Yes, that was very common in Japan, I encountered like three of them they are all over the place.

Kiki: And I think like a lot of the times I wanted to go back and revisit some of the places.

Kaila: Definitely, we have got to go back but maybe not Tokyo, although I like Tokyo but Japan it’s just so much to explore there. But the sushi in Tokyo was definitely next level, just like at an average place, if you would just have popped into an average low-key place the sushi was more amazing.

Kiki: [46:52] I won’t forget that I will never forget that because I was like this is really impressive.

Kaila: And then [47:05].

Kiki: He did and I introduced him to one night I think I don’t know you were there you were definitely there; it was the four of us at that club. And there was a girl from Disney and like they hooked up, they totally hooked up but I don’t know if they hook-hook up but they like linked up for sure and dated. So he was like well she’s so pretty I want to talk to her – but he was sober too.

Kaila: He’s always been sober I think. I have a couple of friends like Myspace Tom, Tyler and this guy Alex who are just sober.

Kiki: We have got to talk to them, because I want to know how the fuck do they stay sober.

Kaila: I guess if you have never tried it you don’t know what you miss.

Kiki: That’s true.

Kaila: So yes that’s all we have today about sober traveling. We actually much prefer it to drunk traveling, that’s like kind of waste of time.

Kiki: Yes, even though it might feel great while you are drunk traveling.

Kaila: Like what stories are you going to tell to anyone afterwards.

Kiki: Very, very little or ones that you will mostly regret and coming from me yes, there’s many of those. So we hope you guys can find some helpful information from this podcast, and always feel free to let us know what you think. We want to know what you think, whether it’s anything you want to hear in the future or any comments. Please leave them in the comments below, and also send any information that you want to us. We check all of our emails. That’s kiki@fromhelltowellness.com. So we hope you enjoy the episode and we’ll catch you next time, bye.



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