Episode 19: Sober Guide to Los Angeles


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Los Angeles is a sober destination?That’s right! Beyond the nightlife, bars, and clubs lies a vast world of extremely exciting things to do that doesn’t include a hangover. Though famous for its notorious Sunset Strip, LA is a place of wellness, health, and creativity. You can discover some of the best wellness excursions, hidden gems, and fitness locations that will keep you sound of mind and spirit.Kaila and Kiki spent most of their party days in Los Angeles but also rediscovered the remarkable sober scene LA has to offer. They discuss some of their wildest stories on the strip and also some of their favorite places to go in their recovery journey.In this episode, they’ll discuss:

  • the best spas to get rest and relaxation
  • fun places to stay fit
  • the tastiest place to grab a delicious meal


Links to items that we talked about in the show!

Echo Park Lake – 19:00

Bouldering at Hollywood Boulders – 23:00

Massage lady name at Burke Williams – 32:34

V Spa Korean JimJilBang

L’antica Pizzeria La Michele 40:32

Chef Michele of L’antica Pizzeria La Michele


Kiki: Hey you guys its Kiki and Kaila and we are here on From Hell to Wellness. Today we are going to be talking about sober travel destinations in Los Angeles, or just being sober in LA.

Kaila: So I am Los Angelino I guess but really I am a native, which I think we are a little bit rare here in LA Central. But yes I grew up here I guess not really in LA but in the San Bernardino, you know I lived all over LA. So this one time I went on a date with this guy and he’s from here, like he’s also a native. So we went on a date that went well and then.

Okay I am going to change, you know the chances of him listening to this podcast are slim because he doesn’t, I didn’t give him my social media or anything like that. Although I do have an unusual name – but I don’t know guys aren’t stalkers like girls are. I will definitely do my research on that. So anyway I am going to change the name of the Cities, so that’s like how far I am going to protect his identity.

Because none of you guys, I mean if you ask to see a photo of him I wouldn’t even show you. So just say I am not going to call anyone out on this podcast, and I doubt he listens to it but I change the city. So basically this guy told me he lives in San Marino. So if you know San Marino – probably don’t very rich area of the San Gabriel Valley, and I was like cool I used to live in San Marino, I didn’t but for the sake of the story.

I said I used to live in San Marino for a year because I did live in the city he had mentioned for a year. I don’t think he caught that he was like talking about something else. So anyway we went out on this date and then the next week I was like oh wow I am going to this media event and it’s taking place in San Marino. I mean I never go to San Marino, ever, ever, ever. But I was like I am going to be in your area of town and he was like cool you should stop by, and I was like yes okay.

So this is like 1 p.m. in the day, and so you know I let him know earlier on, and I was like okay maybe let’s play by air, I know these events gets out at 9 but sometimes these run over so we will kind of play it by the air, I will let you know when I am getting out. So at 6 p.m. I get to the location and I was like hey I’m at so and so location is it nearby you. And he’s like it’s about 15 minutes away.

I thought it was a little bit strange being that it was in the same city I said, but whatever he could be living on the outskirts or something. So I go into this event blah, blah, blah and then about 30 minutes before I get out. I am like hey this thing actually looks like it’s going to be on time so I will be there, you know I will be just out of here just at 9.

And he’s like okay cool I have got to take a shower because I have been working. So owns his house and he’s like – it’s a fixer upper. He also Airbnb this, which I don’t have a problem with it because as I might have mentioned before I Airbnb a room at my place on occasion. So cool you know I take a little while to get out there. So I am talking to people and like exchanging business cards and networking.

It’s like Convention Center so it’s not like I am park right out the door I have to walk out to the parking lot. So I am taking my time and then it’s another 15 to 20 minutes until I find my way over there. So I am driving over there to San Marino, and I am like you know my GPS is getting closer and closer to his house and I am like strange I don’t really recognize any of these streets or anything.

But you know it doesn’t mean I know the whole entire city just because I live there. So I start approaching and it’s a little weird because you know when you get into like, when you get into like more [4:17] and there’s like weird gates and like bars across the windows – and its just kind of sketchy people walking around – so I am a little sketched out.

And then I get to his place and his place is right in this neighbourhood. So let’s call it El Monte because El Monte is a not so nice area of San Gabriel, so it’s clear we are in El Monte. So I text him and I am like I am here, and he’s like I need another 10 minutes. I am like what, I told you at like 2 p.m. So how long does it take you to take a shower, you know because I let them know 30 minutes before you know it’s been like 40 minutes at this point.

So I am like I am going to drive around because, I just said I am going to drive around because I didn’t want to sit there in this sketchy neighbourhood. So he’s like no I will come right out. So he comes out 5 minutes later and it’s already a little weird, I’m sketched out and I am annoyed that he made me wait for no reason. We kind of had an awkward hello as we get out of the car. And the first thing he says to me is oh yes that street right over there that’s where San Marino starts, and I was like I didn’t fucking ask.

Kiki: Are you serious?

Kaila: Yes, he knows, but here is the thing, if you say you live in San Marino and really live in El Monte – why invite me over.

Kiki: Because you are literally going to find out, so like you like I don’t know where I am right now.

Kaila: Or invite me over like later when you really start to get to know the guy and really liking. We are still pretty early on dating. And here is my theory, maybe he dates a lot of girls that are not from here, so they are like San Marino what like I don’t know what San Marino is. But he knows I am native, I know the difference between San Marino and El Monte.

And again no judgment if you live in El Monte just tell me you live in El Monte, don’t try to pretend you live at San Marino, like why even lie about it. All you have to say is hey I live in El Monte and I’ve got a fixer-upper blah, blah, blah and it would have been totally fine, but I am sketched out at this point because I thought I was going to San Marino. So I still go in the house and then he’s like showing me around, it has a backyard and there’s like a bunch of fruit trees and he’s showing me.

And it’s weird because he shows me the fruit trees in the front yard, and then he takes me back to the fruit trees in the back, and I was just walking around and it’s not very clean. And I am like didn’t you know that I was coming like couldn’t you have tidy up a little bit. Okay I Airbnb my place and all of the public areas are pristine. And he’s like I am a super-host and I am like how. So he must like rent his place so cheap or something.

Kiki: Did you see his Airbnb profile?

Kaila: I didn’t, I should have asked him before. It’s hard to search for Airbnb profiles. Then he’s like do you want some juice or something to drink, and I am like no I am good I’m not intending to stay very long – and he’s like no really do you want some juice, and I was like okay. So he goes into his backyard and picks a bunch of fruits, like passion fruit and orange juice so that’s cool. And he proceeded to hand squeeze this juice.

Kiki: Wait like this?

Kaila: Like it was canned juice or something, but it took 20 minutes for him to do one cup, and halfway through and I was like do you have a blender? So he finished the first cup and he goes for the second cup, and I am like no we can just share.

Kiki: This day and age with all of the freaking health nuts in LA he doesn’t have a God damn juicer.

Kaila: Or like he should have juiced it before, like why isn’t he prepared for this situation. Just to let you know, I was like I am going to wear a pretty dress, you know I am going to like dress up a little bit. I mean this event was a little bit dressy but I dressed up a little bit extra because I wouldn’t get to like, on a regular date I wouldn’t dress up like that. So I fucking prepare for this you know.

So anyway he’s done making this drink and he starts to walk towards the bedroom and I’m like no, no listen it’s already off. So he goes into the living room and I am like you don’t have an Airbnb guest right now. And he’s like oh no I do, and I was like oh. Okay here is another thing, I would never bring anyone over when I had an Airbnb guests over never.

And by the way my place is set up totally different. So I live in a condo and its two stories, so even if I brought someone over, you know there’s like three bedrooms so you can go into a different room that’s not the bedroom, or you can go downstairs to the living room and it wouldn’t be like super obtrusive to the guest who would be upstairs in their bedroom, but I would still never do that never ever, ever.

Okay so there’s an Airbnb guest there and I guess she’s like a long-term like a 2 months Airbnb guest, which again I would never do because I don’t want a roommate. So like the longest I would possibly do is like 2 weeks or probably not, I really only open it up for a week. That way if I want someone over I can schedule it to not have someone there. So anyway it turns out that the [11:24] in the living room and maybe this is my fault because I didn’t want to go into the bedroom.

The living room is right in front of her room, and then there is a yappy dog yapping the whole time. It’s about 10:00 at night and he had dimension before that she was like a traveling nurse or something. So I am like is it okay that I am here, doesn’t she need to sleep or wake up early, like I don’t know her schedule, but it seems a nurse may have to wake up early. And he’s like no it’s fine, so we sit on the couch and he’s like do you want to watch a movie, and I’m like why don’t we watch a TV show perhaps. And then this girl proceeds to keep coming out of her room and it’s awkward as hell.

Kiki: What was she doing?

Kaila: She was like looking for her dog’s toy or something, and it was just like awkward all over the place. So anyway about 15 minutes into the show I was like I have got to go. The guy still texts me the next day and I am like did you think in any way that this went well.

Kiki: What did he say?

Kaila: I mean he was just talking about how he was like making this door to separate the living room from the other side so it has more privacy, and I was like do you fucking [13:12] about your door.

Kiki: Oh my God what a weirdo, I wonder what was going through his head.

Kaila: And it’s just crazy because I don’t know, and not to judge but like I Airbnb my place and it’s really a nice place and his place.

Kiki: Was it garbage?

Kaila: It wasn’t garbage but it wasn’t nice, like I can imagine what it looks like in the photos.

Kiki: What if someone came and they are like I am coming all the way from Germany and we want to stay somewhere so we can have access to this place. And they go to that place and they are like what the fuck is going on.

Kaila: I think my theory, and of course I have never seen this listing, is that it must just be really affordable so people are just like well it’s a really good. It was very spacious and I feel like he wanted maybe me to come over and see his big spacious place, but I was like dude I’ve got a lot of space too. I am in the heart of Hollywood in a desirable neighbourhood not in El Monte. No judgement on El Monte I had a place in Temple City for the longest time, but I did not lie and say I live in Arcadia, which is like the very fancy City next door.

Kiki: Don’t fuck with Los Angelino’s that’s what he probably was saying.

Kaila: But it doesn’t make sense because he knew I was from LA.

Kiki: I just want to understand why was he not ready, what was not to be ready, like what was he doing that made him not ready?

Kaila: I mean it does not take that much energy to clean your house and like take a shower.

Kiki: Maybe he was freaking out because he didn’t clean up his house and that’s why he needed 10 minutes, but what was he doing that was so late.

Kaila: Okay I told this story too, it was like he just didn’t start getting ready when he told you he was going to hit the shower, and I was like that’s just fucking inconsiderate.

Kiki: Yes, that’s inconsiderate. What are you supposed to do, sit outside in the fucking ghetto?

Kaila: Weird.

Kiki: Well the good thing is Los Angeles, you know Los Angeles much more than I do.

Kaila: I know Los Angeles so well.

Kiki: It’s like the back of your hand. I am still pretty new I’m like 12 or 13 years now. It’s been a while but I am still learning like the nooks and cranny of it. And honestly we discovered a couple of really interesting place in Los Angeles.

Kaila: Yes, I mean Los Angeles is such a huge big city with so much to do. We forget that it is one of the top travel destinations in the world, and we are always like well let’s try to go to somewhere International but everyone is trying to come to LA. And we are you know probably a little bit jaded because we are like we live here and whatever. But it’s one of the best travel cities in the world. It’s one of the best party cities in the world, but you may not know that it’s also one of the best sober cities in the world, like really, really tipped off.

Kiki: Definitely, like I used to think. Okay so for me I had a perspective that LA was Party, Party, Party City. And with that perspective I literally thought that like 90% of people drink. It’s so funny like it’s all about who you surround yourself with. So I knew a ton of the party places and especially like the rock bars. So I hit up places like Velvet Margarita, Loaded and most of these places are closed down – or like obviously the rainbow room.

Those are some crazy times. I know when I broke up for a year I was partying probably the hardest of my life. I would basically work in a bar, drink at the bar come home and the days that I didn’t have off I would just party like straight. And I spend most of my time on the Sunset Strip. And I remember there’s one time where I was drinking – we went bar hopping from like Margarita to Loaded to here and there and with all of these Rock people.

And then I got so fucking hammered, it went all the way – this is so embarrassing until like 5 p.m. the next day. We started it 8 p.m. and it went all the way to 5 p.m. And I remember I was trying to get back to my room. This is pre Uber. And I found myself, because I didn’t even know how I got there, but I found myself 3 miles away from where I park my car and can’t Uber.

I remember being so frenetic and insane that like I was crying and just being crazy. Even homeless people weren’t even fucking with me. It was bad and I was like still dressed in like the day before or the night, it was almost 24 hours before outfit with all of my rock gear and I am walking and crying, and trying to call Martin and he’s thinking I am like crazy.

And I just walked to my car and I took a nap because I couldn’t drive. Oh my God it was so bad. So that was my perspective of Sunset Strip – like the Walk of Shame strip of Tears, mascara like an eyelash hanging off mascara – it was a fucking shitshow. So that’s how I used to see LA. But you realize that once you become sober, I looked up the statistics that 54% of LA’s population drinks.

Kaila: Yes, LA has a really huge – well here’s the thing, it’s a party destination but people are also heavily invested in wellness. So we’ve got tons of amazing vegan places and all kinds of Wellness treatments. And a really huge sobriety community on top of that. There is definitely a huge population who doesn’t drink.

Kiki: Which is shocking, and then that makes it very, very cool to live here as a sober person, because I was like it’s only cool to live as a drunk person. I couldn’t even imagine anybody that was sober like what did they do. But now that I am sober I’m like what would you do [19:34] have a conversation. And now that I am sober I’m like there is so much fucking to do. I’m like how did I block myself from it for so many years.

Kaila: Yes, there is so much to do. So we just want to go over some of our favourite things to do sober. Something you might not have heard of, some that everybody knows about. One of our favourite is Echo Park Lake which nobody knows, I mean I didn’t know about it.

Kiki: Lots of people don’t go there; I am so shocked it’s like literally Disneyland.

Kaila: I’ve driven by it and seen it too and I’m kind of like what’s that.

Kiki: You don’t really think to go into it but once you do you are like wait a second this is like a little Oasis of Los Angeles.

Kaila: It’s crazy, it’s not packed and there is people laying on their blanket feeding squirrels, and there are ducks walking around – really friendly ducks that live there by the way. And then there is like people fishing, and most people don’t know this Delicious Restaurant that we have eaten at several times called the Beacon, and they serve really seasonal Cuisine. I feel like they had 10 different avocado toast when I was looking at the menu like just a ton. And then they have an award-winning burger that was so delicious.

Kiki: Yes, it was like a truffle cheese something, I remember eating it and I was like I need to eat this again, and again and again it’s so good. Did you know that there’s turtles in there too.

Kaila: That you can see?

Kiki: You can see them and there is like a whole Squad and they swim around. I did like one shoot there once doing like boxing and stuff. And then I saw this whole freaking crew of turtles and they all just hang out on the other side, like if you look to the right.

Kaila: I love Turtles. So you could just go and see all kinds of animals and interact with them pretty naturally?

Kiki: Exactly.

Kaila: And then a really cool activity, which I thought was easier [21:42] was that they have these swans, these gorgeous swans and also a great Instagram app, which I am not seeing a lot of people shoot. So you can rent I think it’s $11 per person, rent a swan boat and just boat around the lake, and the lake is quite sizable. It’s a little bit of a workout.

Kiki: Honestly I didn’t even know what to expect, I have never really been on a paddle-boat before. I know you kind of move your legs like a bicycle or something, but when we got on to it I was like okay, it’s a decent workout and you are moving but it was a little tricky to me at first. But you are moving around and you get to see LA with a different perspective. It was almost like we weren’t in LA, it was like we were in some Countryside area and like experiencing something completely new within our own City.

Kaila: As a local person you should definitely do that – traveling to LA is definitely something you should see too so two fold.

Kiki: Absolutely, and I know for people that knows that area well, I know maybe 20 years ago it was a little bit ghetto. It’s completely gentrify it’s like completely different, you know you’ll see occasional here and there but nothing crazy, you can walk around and people have their kids there, lots of dogs being walked around it’s just a great place.

Kaila: Yes, great place for dogs, and to just walk the parameters is a great workout for yourself running I saw runners there too for your dogs. Next up which is the rage taking over the land is indoor rock climbing, which I think is called bouldering.

Kiki: I think the difference with rock climbing is you get in the harness and stuff like that. But yes oh my God Kaila what the hell [23:38] should we talk about climbing, Kaila definitely proved that she is an excellent climber what the fuck.

Kaila: Here is the thing, so we went to Hollywood Boulder which I think is probably the main one in the area, and I really recommend go indoor off hours, we had really the free time to roam around, you know it has a discounted price I guess it’s called happy hour. And you can roam around pretty freely and climb everything – I don’t know how crowded it gets at its peak time but it wasn’t too crowded.

Kiki: It was like around 11 a.m. or 12 noon.

Kaila: But here I have got to give a disclaimer. We were really cocky and we were like we don’t need the intro class; like what do you need to know. All you do is put one hand and like grab the rock and climate it, which I mean essentially it is but they were like. And we went with a friend who had some knowledge of it but I don’t feel like he filled us in.

Kiki: Definitely no.

Kaila: I think he told me after I fell. Okay so there are a couple things that we didn’t know, which was and he told us that you’re only technically supposed to go on the same color rocks. And then also you are supposed to keep your body really close to the wall, which I was totally not doing naturally like maybe it’s counterintuitive, but that makes it easier to climb for whatever reason, from a physics angle.

But also when you fall don’t fall on your feet – but anyway I think rock climbing or bouldering is a lot of fun because you go and take your intro class, it’s a great workout and it’s not like super hard. And its super patent so if you fall it’s fine and you would have learned how to fall. But my whole thing was that I went really high up and then I just jumped down because I was like its patent. And I just landed on my feet and I was like oh for a minute and then I was like okay and I forgot about it.

And then I walked around and we went to eat and we went to all of these places. And then I got to this spa and then I got in the Jacuzzi, and I was like what the hell it’s throbbing like crazy and then I couldn’t walk on that foot at all. So I have never experienced anything like that before and I was terrified, because people were like oh yeah I sprained my foot and I couldn’t walk for 8 weeks and blah, blah, blah. And you had to carry me to the car obviously, and I got home and I crawled into my house and stuff, but luckily all that happened was I elevate my foot and I iced it and it was fine.

Kiki: Oh it was okay?

Kaila: Yes, so something about the swelling but here is why I bring this up. If you are going to do rock climbing, go to the intro class. But it’s a great sober activity, I mean obviously you are not going to do it very well drunk or high. And it’s not a one-time thing, like a lot of people are bouldering I mean it’s a huge Trend right now. So it’s something that you can add too as a part of your life, and as Kiki has shown too with her Muay Thai, it’s good to have a passionate activity.

Kiki: They also have monthly membership too. So if you want a monthly membership and you are living in the area you can go, I think it’s quite affordable, I think it’s like 80 bucks or something like that. So it’s like pretty good and most gyms in this area are just as expensive, so if you really love it you can crew up and go on the regular.

Kaila: Next up we have Runyon Canyon, which everybody in LA knows but obviously you might not know if you are not from LA. But it is a really popular hike right in the center of Hollywood, and there is a number of different trails so you can kind of choose your level of difficulty. But really it’s a good experience of LA because it’s a people watching experience. And there are some people who are dressed up like they are going to a shoot.

Kiki: It’s funny I actually did do a shoot there. But I remember one time like when Martin and I first started, it was early in the day and we were just drinking heavily but we wanted to go and do something like hiking. And this is way long ago in like 2012, and we were like yes we can hike let’s do it. And we went hiking at Runyon, and the trail itself was so difficult.

Kaila: You choose the hard one.

Kiki: Because we didn’t know we had no idea, we were like well let go with this weird side thing. And it was like literally like each foot was like a 3 feet stand up and you are like climbing this wall. And I just remember feeling so out of shape and just so lethargic, because we probably drink the night before and just felt like crap.

Kaila: How was he doing?

Kiki: I think he was okay, I mean he is pretty weirdly strong even though he didn’t work out at the time, but I was just like oh my God this is a nightmare. But if you are sober and you wanted to go it is so much fun, like I went back after I got sober and I was like this is great you can run and you can walk. There are different levels and there’s even just a cement one if you want to walk around the cement trail. And then also you can really get close to the Hollywood sign which is like great.

Kaila: Is that where people go to take the photos?

Kiki: Yes, that’s where they go.

Kaila: Like behind signs and stuff?

Kiki: I don’t know if you can get up to there anymore, but I know that you can get pretty close and get like a nice photo up there. So for those of you who are traveling into LA and want to get that cool tourist shot, Runyon Canyon is a great way to access that.

Kaila: So next up, LA has just amazing Spa scene, and I have a couple favourite kind of spas. My favourite at the moment just for its awesomeness and proximity is Burke Williams, because it’s in walking distance of my house and I have a monthly membership there, and it’s my favourite place in the world and you should definitely go. And some days I go on like a Tuesday at like 11 or something and it’s just like I have it to myself.

Kiki: What’s it like tell me about like when you go inside, like is it a big area or is it kind of like a Korean spa?

Kaila: No, it’s different from a Korean spa because it’s very luxurious, but you go in and it’s beautiful and you know there is all of these expensive products around, and you get greeted and they check you in – then you walk through the waiting area and there is always like a plate of fruits, so I’ll like eat a banana because I don’t want to be hungry during my massage.

And then there is all of these fancy waters with all of the fruit slices in them and everything, and lemonade and tea. And then you go into the spa and then you have your own locker, you know some people wear bathing suits. It’s not like a Korean spa where you have to be naked, but I don’t know I have this thing where I am much more comfortable naked around strangers than people I know – because I am like I’m never going to see you again.

So most people are nude and its woman only obviously. I mean it’s woman and man but there is a side. So you get your robe and you go and get a shower and everything and the robes are like fluffy and super nice. And then you go and there is a gorgeous Jacuzzi. And what I really like is that they have these ice towels right next to you, like a bucket of ice towels.

So you can put that on your forehead or whatever and soak in the Jacuzzi – usually it’s just me and one other person because I purposely choose the hours you know not like a Saturday or something. And then I’ll go into the steam room for about 10 minutes also usually empty, and then I’ll go into the sauna for 10 minutes, then you go off to your massage.

And I have the monthly membership for 80 minutes. So you know I travel a lot so I’ll load up on two credits in one month and I will get a massage and then a facial afterwards, so it’s like a long spa day but really amazing. But I have got to talk about their facials in a minute they are next level. The massage, there is nothing that much to say about it it’s just amazing massage.

And I will put my lady’s name in the show notes I forgot her name. I mean I have went to a lot of ladies, but this lady is like Beyond because one day I wasn’t there and I had another lady and I was like this is good but it’s not Beyond. And it’s just really all of the details, when you get in there there’s usually like a [32:56] and you can get it as a member so you can get a [33:00] therapy upgrade for the fragrances or oils that they put on you.

And then super warm and cosy in the room and then when you lay in your bath they will put like a heated, but you probably wouldn’t like this. They’ll put a heated pod on you so you never get cold it’s just very luxurious. The facials though – so I have had facial before and sometimes they are just like clinical and kind of painful. But this facial, so you get down in the chair and they have this Mister on you the entire time, so I think like before they do.

They do extraction but they are not anything extreme, and then they wash your face or like scrub it a million times with all of these wonderful smelling things. You also get masks put on several times, and then they put your hands into these little lotion gloves things that are heated with an extra glove over it. And they even give you a foot massage and a neck massage – then they will do some extractions and put some more masks on you. It’s the best facial I have ever had in my life go there. I am not sponsored by them I am just a regular paying customer.

But next up is a whole other world of, if you are looking more for a bargain, or more of just like a get to the point experience, Korean spas. There is one that we love in Pasadena but I also have to say that if you are wanting to stay closer to LA there’s a million of them in Cathan, super authentic super amazing and you can eat legit Korean food on the premises that’s why it’s awesome. And also my personal favourite is Crystal, but they are all pretty good.

Kiki: These Spas was really, really fun. Well I hate massages but I actually sort of overcame my fear of these massage. I remember getting a massage when we were with the Misfits and he was like okay all of the girls are going to get massages and I was like no it’s totally fine I am really good. He said no you are going to get the massage and I am like no it’s okay – he’s no you’re going to get it and I’m like okay fuck I am getting the massage.

And so I just remember like the lady was so nice and she was like, I am sure she was great at what she did, but I couldn’t enjoy it because I was like ticklish and I was like [35:41] she kept telling me to relax. That was my one massage experience I had and I was like I don’t want a massage ever again.

Kaila: That’s the only one massage experience you’ve had?

Kiki: Yes. In high school I remember my boyfriend at the time had massage oils and it really freaks me out I was like this is so creepy. So those are my two massages and I was like I don’t want this anymore. And then we went to the V Spa. It’s a small place but it’s private that’s what I really like about it.

Kaila: And they still had a Himalayan sea salt room.

Kiki: That was a gorgeous room, and something about that I don’t like hot so much but being in there was very comforting and very peaceful, and they really get the lighting right so that really made a huge impact. But I love that massage I am not even going to lie, it was kind of weird.

Kaila: Weird because we are all naked.

Kiki: We are all naked and just hanging out and chatting, and there are these ladies that are kind of like my mom.

Kaila: [36:49] they are like the Korean spa uniform because I have seen these same uniforms [36:56].

Kiki: It was amazing, they were like the scrub is going to hurt and I got really nervous and then I was like wait this is freaking incredible – like the full body scrub had made my skin feel so good. I have never felt that in my entire life before, I was like this is life-changing. [37:15] because I am not pressured to feel comfortable.

Kaila: Did it help that you’re able to have conversations the whole time?

Kiki: 100%, because I was like I need to say something and not be fully focused [37:33] maybe something like that but it was great, I actually really enjoy that.

Kaila: Yes, it kind of helped me get over I guess being weird and naked around people I know is kind of awkward to me, but yes it was a very good massage, even though my foot was throbbing by that time it was still good.

Kiki: Oh my gosh, did you say both of your feet?

Kaila: No, it’s one and I told her to avoid it but she kept forgetting.

Kiki: She probably didn’t even know like how bad it hurt.

Kaila: Yes, because it wasn’t swollen or it didn’t look Injured whatsoever, but I could not walk on it it’s the strangest thing.

Kiki: Oh my God and it went away completely the next day?

Kaila: No, it’s still like slightly sore but it was totally walk-able.

Kiki: That’s amazing, it must have just been I think heat made it swell up because heat is like really bad.

Kaila: Well I guess because they tell you to ice it.

Kiki: Yes, ice will make your blood vessels constrict and so it makes less swell. So heat will make them get big and then everything just kind of flows down to this area.

Kaila: Well I guess like when people have pain in their back or whatever different areas, it’s from inflammation if that make sense.

Kiki: Yes, exactly. Another place that we just went to is [38:52] oh my gosh that place can we just relive that right now.

Kaila: So you know a lot of being sober I feel like it’s enjoying food. Because I used to do a lot of coke and damn I was skinny, I do miss that, but there was a lot of eating not happening obviously.

Kiki: Oh my gosh, so did you not enjoy food as much, or like you just never craved eating it?

Kaila: When I was on coke I didn’t crave eating at all. And I didn’t even miss it that much because that was not what I was thinking about.

Kiki: You’re like let me get my next fix.

Kaila: Yes. So now I can fully experience all different. And I used to smoke too, so then that numbs your taste buds and stuff so food just right now. I’m a travel writer right, but now I say that technically I am a food writer that travels.

Kiki: Of course you are, and there is something about food like the experience is more appreciated. I think also for me I used to drink when I ate and that was a nightmare because you drink and then all of a sudden – like you can be eating a delicious $100 meal but you are only focus on drinking, and then you lose senses of how everything tastes and you are just focused on getting that alcohol. So now like eating delicious food without drinking has been like all the focus on food too.

Kaila: Yes, and this place I didn’t even know when we got there. I looked up the photos and I was like this is going to be delicious. But when we got there they were like this is the place from Eat Pray Love. Have you seen it?

Kiki: No.

Kaila: I assigned you to watch that movie tonight.

Kiki: I don’t know if I can get through it.

Kaila: Why, it’s such a great movie?

Kiki: For some reason I am so bad I don’t like romantic comedies.

Kaila: I think the movie is not romantic because she discovers that she doesn’t need to be in a relationship.

Kiki: Okay I will watch it, you know what I am going to try and watch it today.

Kaila: I mean even if not paying attention to the story-line just the travel aspect. I mean it has inspired a whole generation of women to solo travel. So just from a factual basis it’s really influence to travel initially. So in this movie she has like this life-changing food in Italy and the pizza is from here, and that pizza was life changing.

Kiki: So the movie was actually shot in the Naples location right?

Kaila: I believe so yes, and I don’t know if I heard this correctly, but I think the waitress was telling us that at the original location they only serve these two Pizza.

Kiki: That’s right and those pizzas are really, really good, I mean they had the standard margarita.

Kaila: So here’s the thing, so we went there with off the menu which by the way it’s an awesome app that I want to tell you about it in a second, I’m not sponsored by them either just a paying customer. But we are working with them separately on influential situation, and they had sent over the menu before and they are like we are going to get these two Pizzas and I was like those pizzas sound boring why those pizzas. But those were the pizzas from the movie and like the ones that they are best known for.

Kiki: And honestly that garlic pizza.

Kaila: It was covered in garlic which is my dream.

Kiki: I was so impressed like I didn’t think it was going to be that good and it was phenomenal.

Kaila: I had it the day afterwards, I didn’t heat it up or anything I just eat it straight out of the box it didn’t needed anything.

Kiki: Oh my gosh it was so cool, we even got to go back and see how the pizzas was made. They have an open Kitchen where you can watch too. I tried to make pizza at home a lot, I actually roll the dough I will make the dough, and there is an art to it it’s really difficult to do. It is hard and I couldn’t believe. The wood-fire oven is like the icing on the cake, I mean it’s the cake actually let’s be real. But watching the chef make that pizza dough, just the dough alone.

Kaila: It’s so relaxing and he’s so passionate I love that chef. Chef Michelini Roubini.

Kiki: Maybe that’s him because the owner is Francis Cosimoni [43:43] oh my gosh wait that’s cool.

Kaila: Yes, he was very passionate for sure. And then we had other amazing things, so the pizza was so amazing. And another thing I wasn’t excited about was the [44:07] because it was like little Hot Pockets, it was not that but I do love Hot Pocket but it was not that. But I don’t think I have ever had a good one before.

Kiki: It’s just like a pizza folded over I thought.

Kaila: It was exploding with cheese.

Kiki: It was so good, and they use like ricotta or something it was just so delicious and fresh, like there was a freshness aspect to it that shocked me.

Kaila: Yes, it’s the pizza sauce or the tomatoes that they are using, there is something about it that’s so fresh. And then next we had a truffle risotto with a fried egg on top, which fried egg everything. And then I think also.

Kiki: Carbonara right that bowl of pasta oh my gosh?

Kaila: Yes, so both the pizza and the pasta they were awesome. And on top of that why it’s a super amazing sober destination, and also really any restaurant they can really do this. But they can make most of their drinks non-alcoholic which we requested.

Kiki: Oh my gosh they were so good. We tried two different drinks, one of them was a cranberry Sprite kind of like cranberry based drink.

Kaila: Oh my God that coffee was amazing, I didn’t expect to like that.

Kiki: I had no idea what it was, I thought it was going to be weird because I used to be a bartender so I am used to making drinks. It’s hard to make a really good mocktail, like you have to have.

Kaila: Really?

Kiki: Yes.

Kaila: I thought you just take out the alcohol.

Kiki: No, it’s actually tricky because alcohol is a big bulk of the flavour when it comes to mocktail – and especially, I’ve never got that fancy those are like really fancy, but they nailed it, she was really creative and that coffee drink I was like I need this every day in my life it was so good.

Kaila: Yes, I would just go there and just order that. But just as a tip what’s really good as a mocktail – Pina colada is pretty easy to me, or every bartender I have encounter have made that pretty easily. I think the Bloody Mary can be made pretty well. I just love Shirley Temple that’s just delicious and mojito are so good.

Kiki: Oh my gosh, didn’t we have a virgin mojito in.

Kaila: I don’t know we have them all of the time.

Kiki: We had one with – oh my gosh where was that Puerto Rico or something. I don’t know where we were but it was so good.

Kaila: Yes, the Virgin mojito are really good. Last we have pause float Studio.

Kiki: I love pause float Studio. First off I have never even heard of anything like that before but once we went in, they’re basically these gigantic pods that look sort of like.

Kaila: They are so futuristic and fancy.

Kiki: Exactly, looking like we are going to be blasted off into space, and it probably cost like 50 Grand to make one. But you float in like extremely high concentrated Epsom salt bath. So it’s like 15 thousand times concentrated than the regular like seawater.

Kaila: And he said there is no way you can drown. I don’t know how is that works, I don’t know the mechanics behind that but he said like – because you can fall asleep in there.

Kiki: But I guess if you are on your back there is just no way you can flip over I guess.

Kaila: Yes, but it’s really cool because I think once they turn it on it talks to you and then you get inside. What does it feel like in there?

Kiki: Oh my gosh it was really, really interesting. Basically it’s like full submersion of your senses. So they are trying to emulate something like being in space where there are no sounds or any type of destruction’s. And you put these earplugs in and you take a shower before you go in and clean yourself off and put your earpiece -like super high quality earplugs that plug everything and then you just go underwater.

And what happens is that sound can still travel. It travels actually faster in water because it’s more dance. So you can hear all of the music and stuff and it’s really loud in your mind when you are underneath the water. And then they just play this beautiful strange music. You can choose to have no music if you want and they walk you through like a guided meditation. It was truly phenomenal I didn’t realize how amazing the experience would be, like how being away from sounds like it was just really, really cool.

Kaila: And it’s supposed to be really great for jet lag, like taking a pod session as opposed to replace x amount of sleep [48:58] 4 hours or something. So if you are having sleep problem, it’s a good way to go and rejuvenate and just get yourself back in order. These are just the tip of the iceberg of some of the wellness treatment you can do in LA. There are literally thousands, those are some of our favourites.

So get out there and explore sober Los Angeles and let us know your favourite sober destinations or places in LA. And make sure to subscribe and share if you know anyone who is coming to LA and looking for -even if they are not a sober Wellness destination peeps.

Kiki: Alright we’ll catch you later, bye.



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