Episode 12: How to Travel Sober in Japan


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Kaila: Hey this is Kaila and Kiki, and you are listening to From Hell Wellness. All about how we transformed our lives from hard partying rock stars to a life of sobriety and wellness, and lots of travel peppered in between. So this next episode is about how to travel to Tokyo sober. Now to be onto decent drinking location right, there is literally like if you stay out at night there is salary man they call them, which are like businessman, or your average working man – passed out on benches from drinking all night and that’s just the regular.

The thing is that any destination in the world can be a sober destination, great sober destination even a heavily drinking country. You just have to do some research in advance and find out where to go. So we are going to give you our tips and tricks on one of our favourite city.

Kiki: Tokyo oh my God. I cannot say that I have been to Tokyo sober.

Kaila: Do you remember when I booked the Tokyo show it was kind of interesting. We booked it ourselves but we were on tour in Hawaii and one of my hacker friends, Jonathan I think was his name. Remember there was like Tokyo or Japan tickets for $200, and I feel like these appear every year because I see them here and there. They are never $200 anymore they are like $300 or $400. So we were just like let’s just buy a whole bunch for the whole band.

Kiki: Right, they were like $180 I feel like they were so cheap.

Kaila: So are we just scooped them up at the moment, we had no shows booked or anything and we booked it I think it was for like what 4 months in advance, and we said that we were going on tour there. Basically that’s how that happened. And I remember it’s interesting playing as a band I think it’s so much more fun, than I was a solo artist for a long time, and I would travel different places with like my dancers. Oh my God I have got to tell you this story, I don’t think any of these videos exist. I can’t dance okay guys but here is the thing. When I first was premiering Kaila [2:22] the little artist.

Kiki: I don’t know of anything about this.

Kaila: Yes, so what was that first song. I don’t remember what the first song was, but I remember I went to what is that dance millennium. By the way have you ever take a class of millennium, even the beginner’s class is for professional dancers, it’s fucking hard no joke.

So I went in there and I found the best choreographer I could find, and I was like I’m hiring you to choreograph my songs. And he came up with this amazing I couldn’t do any of it, like I tried to learn how to do it but basically I just had like these crazy dance moves, and I would like kind of walk around and do like a move here. There is a video somewhere, but it was so bad it’s the stupidest thing. I spent thousands of dollars on this choreographer. When I was an import model, back in the olden days I used to be an import model. And for those of you who aren’t Asian, it’s basically like this whole like Fast and Furious scene, where like people go to these car shows.

Kiki: She’s literally in Fast and Furious.

Kaila: Wait why was I bringing up car shows?

Kiki: Oh we are import model.

Kaila: Okay I was an import model so like I had a following with that, so I was able to like when I decided that I wanted to sing, I was immediately able to play at some Big Show’s because I had some whatever name, which is almost worse [4:15] on a really big level. But I am so glad that I became in a band and no longer had to dance.

Also like there is something very lonely about being a solo artist, because even though you have a whole crew, like I would travel with a whole like my manager and my dancers, and then sometimes the band, but they weren’t like in it with me they are like hired. So it was a little bit lonely, and then like there is always a separation when you are paying someone and then they have to respect you in way, they don’t act like themselves. So I feel like in the band I would never, I would never want to do music again, but if I were forced to do it I would only want to do it in like a band.

Kiki: I always wonder that about like DJs, like you know after the whole rock bands scenes sort of like starts to dissipate a little bit, a lot of DJ started popping up in like maybe around 2014 or 2015.

Kaila: I was an idiot I should have been a DJ instead of a singer because they make so much more money, and the bands don’t make any money. DJ our friend DJ Shy she owns properties off her DJ – like I’ve never bought any properties of my music.

Kiki: Some of those people are, well I don’t know much about the DJ scenes these days but I kind of feel like it died out so fast.

Kaila: It died out, but back then if you are a pretty girl you don’t need to fucking know how to DJ, bring a IPod and play and nobody, or you like hire some famous DJ to create your mix and you just literally. Even there is a video of, who is that Japanese DJ guy the famous one? There is a video of him where he’s pretending to DJ but he’s just playing a mix, that’s like not just him.

Kiki: It’s funny you say that because the bigger the shows get, I honestly feel like most of these DJs are just playing tracks, and they just are literally [6:25] for trucks that are pre-recorded.

Kaila: They are all pre-recorded.

Kiki: And like maybe they have the talent to create the tracks, but still DJ is, I have to say this, DJ in my opinion is in musicianship unless you’re actually doing live mixes.

Kaila: It used to be when you had two turntables and like that shit is hard.

Kiki: Right, and I actually took a DJ class because I really wanted to learn to DJ and become a DJ after the band kind of dissipated. So me and Kath took a DJ class and holy-shit our teacher DJ Dynamix. I am going to put his show notes I will tag him in it. He is a fucking fire no joke, that guy shreds and like it’s really good. I was like okay this guy is setting the bar for musicianship. And it’s like a futuristic musicianship you know, but anyways all I have got to say it must have been really hard to do.

Kaila: It’s not only that, like back in the difficulty of turntables but you had to carry all of your records with you. I don’t know how it work back then because this is a while ago, but like what if you had to tour when you have to fly around, like how would you even bring all of your records with you. They would bring boxes.

Kiki: Fucking hell that’s crazy I didn’t even think of that.

Kaila: Life is so much easier now in every way.

Kiki: Oh yes I love the 2020s.

Kaila: But anyway like we played at the Hard Rock Tokyo and that was a lot of fun.

Kiki: You know what, it’s fucking funny because I barely remember it. It’s so sad and that’s the detrimental part about being wasted all of the time throughout all of these wonderful experiences that we had.

Kaila: Do you not remember that show?

Kiki: No I don’t, the only one I remember was Roppongi in that weird like super dark rim.

Kaila: The first show that was a really good show. Our first show on the Tokyo tour was a small stage but it was packed and it was a really good show.

Kiki: Did you notice that Japanese People Don’t Clap?

Kaila: Yes, that’s the thing.

Kiki: That’s the thing right, guys it is the craziest, if you are ever planning to tour, just be prepared to know that your show doesn’t suck necessarily, it’s just that Japanese people don’t clap and it’s the most oddest feeling in the world. And sometimes they do like a Pity Clap because they know that you are from the Midwest and they are like well we are supposed to clap. But it’s really strange when you finish a song and then it’s silent.

Kaila: I mean that show like our friends and like my ex went with me so like I think they were clapping, there were people with us.

Kiki: Holding up the audience.

Kaila: Yes, I feel like Yukie’s boyfriend was there, but there was a number of people there, and at the Hard Rock like Tom was there and that same boyfriend and like some other friends, but there was one show in the middle, do you remember this I knocked over the keyboard oh my God?

Kiki: Which show was it; I can’t even remember?

Kaila: It was bright and it was like – I don’t remember but I remember afterwards I got into a big fight with my ex because I took it out on him that I knocked over the keyboard.

Kiki: Where was that place that you knocked over the keyboard because I am confused?

Kaila: I don’t remember, I just remember afterwards we went next door and we went to a bar, that’s all I remember, but I totally knocked over the keyboard and it was a big – and then we try to keep [10:24] like the show didn’t stop we kept like weirdly awkwardly performing but it was bad.

Kiki: How many show did we play, all I remember is the Hard Rock I remember that, that was cool and then I remember that Roppongi.

Kaila: We only played like 5 it was like a short tour.

Kiki: We showed up to the USO that was fun – I saw some friends and some people in there from here. This girl that I have been following her life, it was really sad actually she like house two kids and then her boyfriend at the time was there, they got married and had a kid and then he had cancer.

Kaila: Wow you really followed them.

Kiki: [11:11] do you remember he asked us to sign his guitar?

Kaila: I vaguely remember that.

Kiki: And then I don’t remember any other shows in between.

Kaila: But it was fun, we went to the USO and then we did a little signing there and I got a tour, that was definitely a lot of fun.

Kiki: And we had Taco Bell do you remember that?

Kaila: I think I remember being really excited about that, but I don’t remember eating it. I remember like wow we had Taco Bell I remember that reaction.

Kiki: Oh my gosh, do you remember that club New Lex?

Kaila: Yes, it’s Tucker and Bucky’s friend.

Kiki: Tucker and Bucky are homies.

Kaila: And then Bucky’s friend the club promoter, Gavin.

Kiki: Holyshit oh my freaking goodness that place is off the chain.

Kaila: Okay but it’s like all filled with Russian models.

Kiki: Russian models and rock stars it is the craziest thing – I swear that place is so lit, like if you are going – well if you are sober don’t go there by all means, but I remember [12:24] was the freaking Rock star treatment that night, like that night they had this huge Festival where like Green Day was playing.

Kaila: Wait Green Day, what was I doing?

Kiki: I hung out with the drummer, it was a simple plan and like there was these other guys from – this other band that has like a millions of followers. I forgot what the festival is called but we were all sitting and Tom was there do you remember that night. That was so cool because he played our music video, they were so freaking awesome and he gave us unlimited alcohol which is terrible for me because we drink so much. But if you are sober and you’re responsible, or not sober and responsibly drinking. Go to that freaking place because it’s off the chain.

Kaila: I wasn’t drinking back then and I had a rule that I don’t do drugs overseas because of Brokedown Palace. So I was sober at that club and I had fun, but it might just have been because we were hanging out with cool people.

Kiki: I mean that was fucking crazy I felt like a rock star there and we were nobody at the time.

Kaila: But there is so many reasons why Tokyo, like you wouldn’t actually expect Tokyo to be a good sober destination, but Japan in general is an amazing Wellness destination. Basically I feel like anywhere you eat in Japan it is so delicious. Like here is the thing with Japan, you know probably many of you have seen Jerome dream of sushi or whatever. That guy spent years mastering the rice, years it was like 10 years or something before his son could move on – something like absurd. But it’s the same with everything like they will invest that much time mastering the ramen. So when you go eat there the food is really pure and it has a lot of love in it, and people have been mastering it. It’s not like some restaurant with 50 items on the menu.

Kiki: That’s such an important thing to point out too, like you can’t go, like here you go to a Japanese restaurant and they have Teppanyaki, they have sushi and they have noodles and you are like what the fuck what do you serve. But in Japan every single restaurant specializes in their own thing. So you can go to a ramen specific place, you can go to a Rice Bowl with meat or whatever that’s called. But it’s the rice bowl with meat it’s kind of like [14:54] what’s that’s called I forgot, but like they have specific types of food that holy shit, but unfortunately I was so drunk at the time, food was like the last thought on my mind I missed out on so much.

Kaila: Are you kidding me, and you have been to Tokyo twice right?

Kiki: The second time around, we had a little bit more of our head over shoulders but still our priorities was drinking, but we did get to taste a lot of delicious flavours. My favourite thing by far is the [15:26] places oh my god. They have one that’s open here that’s called [15:31] that place is pretty good.

Kaila: That opened in the Beverly Centre also.

Kiki: We have got to go sometime.

Kaila: They also deliver.

Kiki: Have you ever done it.

Kaila: I haven’t but I don’t like – well ramen is really good when you deliver it because then like they have it separately, but I will go and heat it up again so it’s like burning hot, otherwise it’s not good if it’s like lukewarm. But the sushi there also no rolls first of all. By the way they also have horse sushi did you see that?

Kiki: Did you eat it?

Kaila: No because my ex loved horse and he was really Furious about it, but if he wasn’t there I would at least try it. But I am generally against it, but whatever you know like I love pigs and I eat them you know what can you do.

Kiki: That’s important too and especially when you are traveling, a lot of people are judgmental towards other culture. But I think when you go to a different culture, it’s good to like turn off all of the sensors and try something, you know horse would have been at least one, I probably would have tried it I don’t know. I probably wouldn’t eat dogs though.

Kaila: Well here is the thing, like if a pig or a boar was out in the wilderness getting eaten by a wolf he would be eaten alive. And not that, that justifies like I am against not treating animals well or whatever on like forms – but it’s worse than the wild.

Kiki: Absolutely and that’s happening naturally [17:19] have you ever seen a zombie movie [17:22].

Kaila: But yes there is also this thing called [17:32] and it’s a Vegetarian Cuisine at Buddhist temples. So what they do in Asia a lot is that you can do Temple stays, which you know you can eat what the monks eat. And some of these monks, like there is one that was featured on that Netflix show. I think she was a Korean monk; do you know that show where they show food pouring basically?

Kiki: Oh my gosh taste table, or tasting table.

Kaila: Yes, she was featured on there because like they grow a lot of the food on site on the farms, and they have been making this food for centuries so it’s really delicious. And even here in the states you can go to a Chinese or a Thai temple and eat Vegetarian Cuisine. So they use only seasonal ingredients and they definitely don’t serve any alcohol there.

Kiki: Oh my gosh wait, we were there in Tokyo on tour during the Cherry Boston Festival.

Kaila: Yes, you guys went right I don’t know why I didn’t go.

Kiki: We walked around the place pretty stoned, and the thing about like in Japan too. It’s a rejuvenating experience and I still cannot believe that our tickets were so cheap during such a high season.

Kaila: Could you remember we could not book any hotels.

Kiki: We spent like a whole day in the lobby trying to find where we were going to stay.

Kaila: Why didn’t we have something booked already?

Kiki: I think it was because it was so difficult. I think it was something like that like it was so hard to find those places to stay.

Kaila: And then we kept having to move hotels.

Kiki: That was a bad we were like struggling to find a place each night I remember and not having, because we’re sleeping on the floor all of the time but I guess we were used to that probably. But honestly the Cherry Boston Festival, if you were planning to visit Japan, going in Spring is such a great time to travel. And there are Cherry Boston festivals all over the entire country.

Kaila: The Cherry Boston’s are literally for like 2 weeks or something right, it’s for a short period of time.

Kiki: Can you believe that we were there and we saw it like I can’t even believe it.

Kaila: I didn’t miss it, so like it was a festival with food?

Kiki: Well the thing is they have several different types of festivals, but most of the times what they do is they just open the streets up and then they have just like street carts everywhere. It’s not like a specific Festival where there is like planned stuff, it’s just people and they have it out there for like a week and you can walk around and they line up all of the trees with different types of lights and stuff. And it’s really, really cool, delicious Street Food and just a really gorgeous sight. It’s something that you can’t really describe until you visit. So I highly recommend that if you do decide to do to Japan, go during the Cherry Blossom Festivals if you can.

Kaila: Yes, I mean Japan, I mean all of Japan but Tokyo. Tokyo is just like a next level experience; it is really like nowhere else in the world. And they have this thing called Onsen. I don’t know if you like these because they are like spas and you walk around naked and stuff.

Kiki: Oh my gosh I have seen outside of an Onsen ones; we were walking up into it. And it had a picture of a guy with tattoos and a cross, and they were like no tattoos are allowed, because they want to keep it a clean environment, and I guess apparently the Japanese tattoo signify gang member so it was funny.

Kaila: So yes Onsen are really popular in Japan, super Wellness and also some of them have the mineral rich hot springs. And hot springs are really healing for your body, they can help with body aches, they can help with just relaxing and can help with sleep and all kinds of stuff. It’s like just hitting your body with minerals and not just regular water, so Asians love Hot Springs.

Kiki: I would like to try one, like a hot spring is okay because no one is touching me, it’s like a Jacuzzi right.

Kaila: Yes, it’s literally like a Jacuzzi, except the water has natural healing properties to it. So the Japanese also do something called Forest Bathing.

Kiki: Tell me more.

Kaila: Well it’s not like it’s crazy as it sounds – really it’s just you walking around in nature that’s all it is.

Kiki: [22:18]?

Kaila: No, just walking around in nature and soaking up nature but it’s called Forest Bathing. The next time you go on a date with Martin, you like say let’s go on a forest bath.

Kiki: Oh my God that would be more fun if it was naked, although I probably wouldn’t do it.

Kaila: But this is really like a wellness thing, nature just in general like a quiet walk in nature, but not like just walking or hiking it’s different, because you know a forest bath, you are really soaking up and really like listening, it’s mindfulness it’s just like mindfully walking through nature.

Kiki: It’s really important too, like when you are out in nature there is no distractions like your phone and things like buildings and planes and stuff. So it can really be like sort of a meditative practice in the present moment. That’s what I love about nature is that you are really present and you are there, and you are hearing and you are feeling and you are breathing. Okay I like forest bathing now.

Kaila: You weren’t sure about it when you first heard about it.

Kiki: I wasn’t sure but now I get it I got you.

Kaila: But also the Japanese practice a lot of meditative arts, I mean all of their properties are meditative, like making rice, they are mastering the making of rice, not mindlessly like just putting it in the pot and whatever. They are mastering is and it’s meditative. There is also flower arranging which is an art and something that you do slow and mindfully. There is tea ceremony where you could either serve it, or you can learn how to serve it. And there is a whole very specific system to serving it. So besides if you are not a fan of just straight up sitting there and meditating for 20 minutes, then doing one of these activities is a way to meditate and learn something at the same time.

Kiki: I think there is also a big differentiation too with like the culture and Wellness in Tokyo versus Kyoto.

Kaila: I imagine Kyoto is more Wellness right?

Kiki: Oh my gosh, Kyoto was quite an interesting place to travel to. And the be fear we actually decided that we weren’t going to drink in Kyoto.

Kaila: I will give you a note though. Kyoto is suffering from over-tourism so go at low season. So we are a big proponent of not promoting over tourism, which is a huge problem in the travel industry today, and as someone concerned with wellness and environment that’s something to take note of. Kyoto you definitely need to visit, but you should visit during the low season.

Kiki: Yes, and you can go during those seasons which is in the summer months and between June and August. So it will be a little bit warmer but you can still see some gorgeous sights, because Kyoto in itself is an amazing place to go to. And shockingly that was one place that I did go when I was sober. I think we were like okay we are not going to drink. But there is so much to do in terms of Wellness, they have temples everywhere. So one of the things that was great is that we went with an Airbnb, and the best Airbnb ever by the way. Airbnb in Japan are the Jammy-Jam.

Kaila: That’s crazy, I was going to say like I am a hotel girl, but yes tell me about this Airbnb?

Kiki: So this was great because I really like your Airbnb because I like [25:46] in the apartment. I don’t like to see people so I don’t like when people come and ask me if I want stuff I’m like get out of here. But what’s very good about this place was that it was an essential location in Kyoto, so you could walk pretty much to all of the temples if you also desire.

But what I loved about this place is they also provide two bicycles, and bicycle is an excellent way to get around, plus you can’t really drink and bike I mean it’s just not a really good idea. But we were able to bike around the entire city and go to Temple the Tampa via bike, and it was completely free it was included in our Airbnb service you know they didn’t charge for the bikes. And also they gave you a lot of – at the time at least I don’t know what it’s like now, but they used to give you free Wi-Fi roaming pods things. So if you look up Airbnb’s sometimes that will be an option.

Kaila: Are you serious, Airbnb does it?

Kiki: Yes, Airbnb so they will give you one for the house and they will give you one that you can stick in your pocket and travel around.

Kaila: Although I will just say that if you just get a SIM card. I am like you know I used to use hotspot all of the time. Remember I had one in Peru and they are spotty, but when you’ve got a SIM card you just got 4G the entire time, the local SIM card and I thought it was going to be this big thing like I had to program it. It was kind of difficult [27:11] in India, and then I observe it and I remember that and I was like this is too much. But in Croatia I just pop the SIM card in my phone literally and then it worked.

Kiki: That’s amazing. I still haven’t done that but I have a plan but it’s expensive though so it’s not the best option. But I have a plan with AT&T that they give you $10 a day and you just use your unlimited data and mobile, and it works pretty well but it cannot beat the SIM card prices, because those SIM card prices are amazing. Especially if you go to Asia – I don’t know Telecom there is out of control, they give you some really, really good price on those things. Yes, Kyoto was amazing and one more other place I forgot to mention. There was a really easy way where you can travel from Kyoto to Nara, which is about an hour away.

Kaila: The deer’s.

Kiki: Life changing experience, first off when you go to Kyoto the vibe is so different, it’s more spiritual and it’s quiet it’s more traditional. And it’s more, you start to get more in touch with nature and the quiet and the silence of a beautiful city and the history. So we went to a place called the Todaiji Temple, and you know we have seen a fair share of Temples during our time I would say.

Todaiji Temple was truly magnificent and beautiful, and it’s actually at the end, or in Nara Park. So Nara Park is a place where you can actually go and feed deer’s. They just roam freely all over the place and you just give them. Some of the locals they will sell you like deer feed or whatever, they are just like tiny little crackers like it’s friendly for them to eat. And you can walk around there and it’s a truly spiritual experience. And again like nature being wellness and interacting with animals being wellness. It’s really, really cool I highly recommend it, definitely go.

Kaila: Yes, I still have to go to Kyoto that is on my list. And when you are in Japan here is the thing. The Tokyo Olympics is happening this year and probably not the best time to go to Tokyo, go now – but it’s going to be show crazy, or go right after the Olympics like in September it’s probably going to be so dead. But anyways like Tokyo I’m so worried about this, that the tourism board. Do you remember that promotion that I sent you, I will post it in the show notes before? They are giving out thousands of tickets for you to travel anywhere outside of Tokyo. So I mean I actually want to explore every single inch of Japan. So I am applying for this contest when it opens in February.

Kiki: Yes, definitely and I think it’s important to remember too. We love Tokyo and it’s an exciting place, but if you do plan to travel to Japan, you know you can fly into Tokyo and stay there, but also really go out and get out of the central areas and explore places that are off the beaten path.

Kaila: And we are definitely going to start off featuring some of the more popular cities, just because more of you are going to logically visit there. But after we cover some of the main cities we are really going to get into more of the off the beaten path places, because we are again going where every other blogger goes. And I don’t need to see another photo of Paris or Bali or you know even Cappadocia. It’s like come on choose somewhere new there is a million beautiful places in the world.

Kiki: [30:42] the same photo everyone like be original people.

Kaila: Go somewhere different, like go somewhere that nobody has never seen a photo of before, create a photo net. So non-alcoholic beers are very popular in Japan they are a thing. So if you love the taste of beer then you will have no problem with that. I want to give a warning about that though. If you are a true alcoholic you should not be drinking non-alcoholic beers, they could be a trigger.

But if you are just someone who is like okay I am going to cut back on alcohol or just you know want to, just like if you wanted to eat more oranges or something and you wanted to bring more Wellness in your life, then yes do non-alcoholic beers. And really great mocktails at this place called Rigoletto Bar and Grill in Roppongi Hills. So that’s a great place to get mocktails, but really you can get mocktails anywhere in Japan because they are popular in Asian General. I just love a good Shirley Temple, so you can get those basically anywhere.

Kiki: I honestly think though – okay I am not saying that it’s prevalent but it’s just a personal story and an opinion of mine. But I thought that having non-alcoholic beer was really helpful in the process.

Kaila: It’s a personal decision, and if you find that you think it might be risky then don’t.

Kiki: Yes, don’t take any risk when it comes to meddling with your alcoholism, but I definitely remember having a couple of non-alcoholic beers, and that was like a great transition period into – it was about the time I wasn’t sober or thinking about being sober, but I was thinking about cutting down and that helps tremendously. But yes don’t use it if you are sober and you are trying to, you know [32:46] are great getting great mocktail because it has nothing to do with alcohol generally. They usually will put juices and sodas and it tastes fucking great.

Kaila: Or get a ramune, it’s just a regular soda and actually it kind of tastes like Bubble-gum. I don’t even know how to describe it, but it’s kind of fun you’ve got to pop the top and there is a marble inside. And when you pop it, it drops to the bottom and then you drink it. I don’t know it just reminds me of my childhood or something.

Kiki: I need to find this video, there is a video on Tik Tok of the ramune, and it was like a viral thing of how to open a ramune and like there’s different kids that do cute little tricks and things, and this one guy just jumps and lands on it oh my God it was so ridiculous, but yes ramune is delicious.

Kaila: There is also some other really fun and amazing stuff to do in Tokyo. I mean we couldn’t list it all there is so much to do, but some of the highlights if you watch Kill Bill, you have got to go to the Kill Bill restaurant because it’s just like being in the movie and the food is delicious too.

Kiki: That was one of my favourite experiences from that tour.

Kaila: Oh really you were very sober?

Kiki: Honestly I don’t think so but I think I was sober walking in. I definitely remember there was sake being served, that was right before our show too right and then we walked over.

Kaila: Which show I can’t remember the orders of anything.

Kiki: I can’t remember the ordering either, it was gorgeous though and usually there is like lines [34:34]. Did we give him a card?

Kaila: Somebody did something.

Kiki: This is so terrible but we used to carry around cards of our band, and the photos are taken by Neil Lazar. All of us looked like freaking Spice Girl, so people who didn’t know and its kind of a benefit being in an Asian girl band, because someone could think oh my God they are probably Big in Japan or something like that, you know or like in Japan they think oh they are big in the US, like people don’t know where we are from so we would hand the cards to the front decks and be like we are in this band is there any way that we can get in.

Kaila: Who did it one of us?

Kiki: I can’t remember; your ex I don’t know.

Kaila: I feel like the guy did it, the guy’s room that you were staying at he was with us that time. Another if you are into [35:43] locations a lot of people have shot here, but there is a lot of rooms so you can get a lot of different shots. But they have this thing called the team borderless Art Hotel, I mean Team Borderless Lab. It’s like an ice cream Museum but not at all like that it’s like more artistic.

We have one where there’s like a bunch of lights everywhere it’s really, really fancy. But like you can change the color of the rooms by tapping on your phone, and it’s called the world’s first digital art museum because every experience is different and unique. Because if you walk through the rooms and you would tap on the phone like different things happen. And its amazing shots for people going into this Museum. Another thing is you can ride around in a Mario Kart in Tokyo, and you dress up and put on your Mario hat and like join your crew of like 10 other Mario’s or Pikachu.

Kiki: How funny would it have been if we all did it.

Kaila: Oh my God how did we not know about this.

Kiki: This couldn’t have been existed when we were there, it might be a newer thing.

Kaila: I don’t feel like we knew about much, because there were other things besides Cat Cafe. So animal Cafe’s, I mean we have some cat cafes here in California now, but Tokyo has every Cafe in the world. I want to give a little disclaimer right now, because I am not sure how ethical all of these are. I know cat cafes are fine but there is Owl Cafe, snake cafes, penguin cafes and Hedgehog Cafe. So if you love animals do your research and find out if it’s ethical, and you can go up close and personal with your favourite animal.

Kiki: I went to an Owl Cafe over there and I don’t know if it was ethical, but I went in and then realize that maybe this isn’t like – but you can still pet them and clearly some of them didn’t want to be pet. They actually like face their backs to you because they are like overwhelmed, but there was this one owl that was down, and he was only down for Martin and not me, and I try to like path him and he’s like fuck you, and then Martin comes over and he’s like oh, and his eyes was doing the thing it was so cute I’ve got a video of it.

Kaila: That’s really sad that the owls are turning their backs.

Kiki: It’s questionable for sure.

Kaila: I mean couldn’t they at least have the Owl Cafe and turn the lights down?

Kiki: I don’t know if that makes a difference. I think they are just stressed because of all of the people walk through. Basically what they do it’s like a little trail that you walk through, and they have all of these different trees, like fig trees and stuff and then they perch them, and then they have a little thing that’s attached to their legs.

Kaila: Can you imagine if you were on display and people were touching you, I mean that’s really sad.

Kiki: Yes, it’s a little bit sad.

Kaila: I want to go so bad but I think I will not go now that’s really sad. [39:07] but the cats are happy to see you generally. So yes these are some of our favourite tips on how to visit Tokyo, and you can definitely visit Tokyo sober. There is so much to do, there is so many places that don’t even serve alcohol, and let us know if you have any other favourite recommendations in Tokyo we would love to hear from you. And as always subscribe and let us know your thoughts and we will see you next week, bye.



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