Episode 10: The Best Sober Travel Destinations


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Kaila: Hey what’s up, its Kaila and Kiki and you’re listening to From Hell to Wellness, and this week we are talking about the best sober travel destinations. So I want to preface this with any travel destination can be an awesome sober travel destination, because we have travelled all over the world sober, but some just particularly stand out as super awesome and well fit. So we are going to go over some of these today, and actually if you go down to the show notes like we have a free pdf download of the best sober destinations, so there will be more of them. We are just going to go over a couple of them right now. So Thailand is one of my favourite sober destination. Have you ever been to Thailand yet?

Kiki: No, but I am going in March I am so excited.

Kaila: Oh yes, because you are a Muay Thai enthusiast?

Kiki: Yes, I cannot wait. You have got to tell me everything, what to do and where to go.

Kaila: Oh my God, so much to do, but the first time I actually went to Thailand I went to Phuket and Bangkok and this is like years ago – actually my first time using points was to Thailand and that was awesome, but it was funny because before we went there my ex had a friend that he hadn’t seen since high school who is living in Phuket. So we are like oh cool we are going to go and meet up with him and do stuff. And his friend was like, hey guys could you bring over some body shop products. We are going to ship it to you and you then just bring it over with you, my boyfriend was like okay. And then my scariest horror movie I have ever seen in my life were The Exorcist and Brokedown Palace, which have you seen it yet?

Kiki: I haven’t seen it, but you talked about it.

Kaila: You have to see it.

Kiki: Oh my gosh I have got to go and see that. I mean is it scary though, I can’t make scary movie?

Kaila: It’s not that kind of scary, it’s not horror movie scary. So basically this movie has Claire Danes and the girl who is a [2:18] never mind go and look it up I can’t remember who she is. She is a vampire and she’s beautiful she’s British, that’s all I can remember right now – Kate.

Kiki: Winslet?

Kaila: No, but Kate I think it’s Kate. But anyways like when Claire Dane was super young, and basically they go to Thailand and they meet this like cute guy who is kind of sketchy, and basically he plants coke on them, and they get caught and they go to Thai prison for the rest of their lives. And that’s the horror movie, it’s not like a horror movie but it has a drug doing person that’s like – it’s like you know in Asia. And actually I am surprised because I thought the death sentence for drugs was like death, I didn’t know it was like.

Kiki: It’s pretty close, I mean most people are on death row from what I have heard.

Kaila: Yes, I don’t think these persons were being, like Claire Dane and Kate were being put to death, they were just in prison for the rest of their lives. And then one got out because they got rich parents but the other girl didn’t have any kind of family. And this is supposedly based on a true story. So like all of these horrors happen, like one of the girls a bug crawls in her ear and start like just biting in there.

Anyway you should watch the movie, it’s a good movie like whether or not, you know it’s not a horror movie it’s just a scary, like oh my God that could happen, that could have happened. So like I do that now and like obsessively [4:00] I am like what if somebody walks by like anybody or whatever just stick some coke in your bag. But anyways so we have got to ship this package and I am like is this like some kind of drug thing, like actually there is drugs in these Body Shop products. And why couldn’t he just ship it to himself in Thailand.

Kiki: Was it a lot?

Kaila: It was just like a gift box full of like maybe – just imagine a Christmas package just like not super huge but.

Kiki: Just one?

Kaila: Yes, just one. And it was like you know it had like five or six products in there. But I still just thought it was super strange that they didn’t just ship it to themselves – or actually shipping is like really expensive or something. So I opened up the package and I opened up all of the jars and I stuck a toothpick in it, like I was that paranoid. And then I was like wait, I don’t know still something like maybe it’s mixed into it.

Kiki: Did you buy it at the store?

Kaila: I didn’t buy it, they shipped it to us, like the friend shipped it to us right that’s weird right?

Kiki: Yes, I thought you went out and bought it at the store.

Kaila: No, he bought it online supposedly and shipped it to us and then we were to bring it with us to Thailand. That’s weird right, that’s fucking weird. So I was like no we are not bringing this. So I actually went to the body shop at like [5:35] and I try to find the exact same product so we could still bring it for him, but like I bought it brand new so I knew it was clean.

But it was like some kind of holiday deal and the sizes were different. So anyway a long short story short we didn’t bring it because I am that paranoid about like Brokedown Palace, my worst nightmare. Another time our first show that we ever played is Nyland Pink, was when me Kath and a guy drummer was in the band it was just the three piece, and our first show was in Australia – it’s an amazing show the show was amazing.

But when we got to the airport like at some point Kath suddenly said oh my God, oh my God she like went and threw something away, and she came back but I didn’t really think about it, but when we got to customs like after we landed in Australia. They took us to the side and search us like crazy with the dogs.

Kiki: Are you fucking serious?

Kaila: Yes, like all three of us like looking everywhere and I was like oh fuck Brokedown Palace. Anyway they didn’t find anything but apparently somebody had something just before and there is probably some residue. Luckily in Australia it’s probably not life in prison, but still you don’t ever want to have some issues at customs.

Kiki: That’s like the worst, I can’t even believe you got search like dog style, or like with the dog.

Kaila: Well because the dog smells it and they are like it’s here, it’s here but we can’t find anything.

Kiki: Holy shit that’s crazy.

Kaila: Yes, so I bring up Thailand because Thailand is one of my favourite sober destinations. Primarily I think because it’s like a well-known Wellness destination, long before Wellness was a big Trend, but everyone’s trying to jump on it now. But Thailand has always been known for it’s amazing, I mean Thai massage is its own category.

Kiki: Oh yes, you were saying that there was like a blind massage right?

Kaila: Yes, they had. I went on this trip to Thailand and experience all kinds of crazy massages. So massage of course is a wellness treatment, and really massages help with addiction recovery and it’s like something that you should add to your regiment, and just self-care wise it’s like thing I love so something I treat myself to. Although you don’t like massages which is so strange.

Kiki: I hate massages I’m like no I can’t do it. And if I do get a massage I start laughing like it’s so weird, it’s like the tension get so increase. I got a massage once before and she kept telling me to relax and I couldn’t relax and I kept laughing. It was bad it was really bad. And also facial I can’t do them.

Kaila: Are you serious?

Kiki: Did I ever tell you. I’ve got a facial once and it was a microdermabrasion facial, it’s the first facial and my last facial ever. First off she’s doing my face and it hurts, but I thought it was supposed to hurt because it’s supposed to like you know do a little something. And then she kept saying that I had dark spots on my face, and like it was really weird I was like what the fuck, and she’s like I don’t know why your mouth is so dark she’s like it’s really dark around here – and I was like I don’t know.

She said do you have a boyfriend. This is a long time ago when I was 20. She said do you have a boyfriend that has a beard and he’s like rubbing it up against your mouth? I was like no I am 20 and my boyfriend is like 18 he is a baby. She said oh well, so she kept like doing the microdermabrasion on my face. After I got this facial my entire face around here like a fucking goatee was scabbed, and it got ruined for like about 2 weeks and it took about 2 weeks for it to heal.

Kaila: So was she just incompetent?

Kiki: I have no idea.

Kaila: Well you didn’t go and ask about it?

Kiki: My mom got it for me and we never ended up going back but it was bad. I had like a scab beard. It wasn’t like fully scab but I was like [9:48] like you know when it’s all fucked up like kind of.

Kaila: Was your skin better afterwards – because there are some treatments that scabbed your face but you are like so glowing after the scabs come off?

Kiki: I honestly couldn’t feel any difference, but I think I was also too traumatized from the scabbing around my beard.

Kaila: Well that’s a good reason not to love facial. But yes Thailand has so many kinds. I had just the regular Thai massage which is great. I had a lava shell massage which is like hot stones at the Four Seasons – Coastway my favourite hotel in the world.

Kiki: The first one right didn’t you get [10:30]

Kaila: Oh my God I hate feet, but there was this massage treatment and I am always down to try things even if it’s like something that I don’t like. But basically this guy puts his foot on this like burning cast iron like thing, and like the flames go up around his foot – and I guess he has been doing this for 20 years so his foot is all challis and doesn’t burn.

So then he like puts it on your skin – no, you are wearing your shirt, so he puts it on you and then it feels really good, because the massages really liked makes the, that’s why they do hot stone massages it gets deeper into your muscles and it was a really good massage. And then another thing was a blind massage which makes a lot of sense, because the blind people you know when you lose a sense your other senses get heightened. So they really understand your body, not only is it like a service to blind people giving them an outlet to work, but I also they are just great at it. So those were just a sampling of the massages that I tried in Thailand and there are many more.

Kiki: I just think that traveling now when you are sober is so much better than when you are traveling drunk and fucked up. I know we talked about this story but I forgot when I was listening to the previous podcast I had to reiterate something because it was so significant and I forgot to share it. That same night that we went out to Tokyo do you remember that.

Okay so what I forgot to mention was that – basically the story was that we flew in from Tokyo on tour that we had gotten funded through Kickstarter, and when we landed in Asia Kath and I immediately went out to go and party, and we met one of her friend that was a DJ who just so happened to be partying, or DJ and performing in a weird basement underground party place that’s open 24 hours. Well another thing that I’d really got into that I forgot to share with you is diet pills.

Kaila: Oh my God, I remember you were taking them.

Kiki: Yes, do you remember that. So this is a long and extensive thing but we will talk about it probably in the future episodes. But diet pills like I took crap loads of diet pills in all kinds.

Kaila: Have you ever seen Requiem for a Dream?

Kiki: You told me about that.

Kaila: Have you not seen it yet?

Kiki: I don’t think I have.

Kaila: Yes, there is diet pills in that you should really watch these movies.

Kiki: I know, I am kind of like PTSC, I don’t know if I want to watch drug movies.

Kaila: Drug movies are my favourite, they are my number one choice.

Kiki: That’s so funny, I don’t like it because it reminds me of like you know like partying too much. But I used to take a fuck load of diet pills and at one point – anyways I ended up getting diet pills from over-the-counter diet pills, which you can just buy at the store at the time. They don’t sell them anymore because they are illegal I think.

Kaila: Fen-phen or something is that the one?

Kiki: Well yes, Spencer and me was like a derivative of it that was the prescription one that I used to take. But there was this one that has a similar chemical composition, just one thing that’s change and that’s how they can resell things it’s really crazy, but I knew that for my chemistry class and so I was like cool I am going to take this, I forgot – it’s called Fasting, I am not going to call them out right now but it’s called Fasting I used to take those diet pills and I took Fasting.

Okay the thing is when you take these diet pills you are supposed to take one, and one will last you like 16 hours. And that stuff is crack in a pill and I cannot believe that they sell that in an oil at Walgreens. Anyone could buy it at the time but they don’t do it anymore. But what happens is when you are drunk you don’t really know what you are going to – you want to keep drinking but sometimes you can just keep drinking and then pass out, which is where I didn’t really pass out much in my drinking days.

But I took those pills with me which they are illegal to take because they are not legal, but that night in Tokyo I took seven. I took seven throughout the night like a crazy person, and I was drinking yanker and I kept taking a pill and then I would start to feel tired so I would take another pill, and the whole night I took seven of them.

And I remember one time when we were rehearsing in the studio I gave one to Kath and we took one and both of us were like going crazy. So I took seven and that’s why I was throwing up profusely in the bathroom. That was one of the worst hangovers I had in my life. I probably should have been to the hospital to be honest but yes, the problem is boozing is bad but when you start taking diet pills with your boozing, it’s just a terrible combination on your way for destruction.

Kaila: Yes, it’s the worst and I think it’s when you get into mixing anything. Even if you mix alcohol it gets weird – but if you start mixing drugs that’s when things get kind of crazy. I don’t know if you remember this but I was newly with my ex at the time, and I knew he drink a lot but you know a lot of people drink a lot, you drink a lot everyone drinks a lot, a lot of my friends drink a lot I didn’t really think it was a big deal.

So it’s our first time traveling together and I think we were together for like 3 months – wait when did we go February. We just got together in January, but anyways we went, I think we all went to San Diego right, yes we flew out of San Diego.

Kiki: Yes, because we took the train down to San Diego – you guys were already there, I thought you were with us on the train?

Kaila: We got a hotel, did you guys get a hotel room. We got a hotel room so maybe we met you there, but wow that nobody ever remembers for sure.

Kiki: I was drunk on the train, I had so much beers.

Kaila: But anyway so we get to the airport and you guys go to the bar. So I think I sat at the terminal just on my computer or whatever saving our spaces, but like a group of you guys went to the bar to find whatever or get a drink. Then he goes to duty-free and buys a.

Kiki: Bottle of whiskey?

Kaila: Yes, and he buys a bottle of vodka for you guys. So he gives that to you guys and he takes the whiskey, and I am still not thinking anything at this moment I’m like okay cool. And we get on the plane and he starts drinking it, and then at some point he is kind of scared to fly so he got a jar of Xanax, and he starts drinking and drinking and he’s fine, and he takes the Xanax and all throughout he’s like getting more boisterous and crazy.

And I don’t even know him that well at this point, I mean I know him well but not that well – and he’s like getting crazier and crazier. And at some point he just starts downing the thing of Xanax, and I am like stop, stop, stop and I think he downed a lot of it because I knock some of it to the ground.

Kiki: I remember that oh yes, I was pretending to be asleep because I was scared.

Kaila: And Jamie sitting next to me the whole time, I don’t know what the fuck she was thinking she never said a word but she’s sitting right next to me. And then he’s just at this point pretty drunk and just like muttering, you know just talking about nonsense, I don’t even know what the hell he was talking about.

Kiki: He was screaming; do you remember that?

Kaila: Yes.

Kiki: He was like Kath Kiki Jamie, Jamie Kath Kiki. It was like oh fuck I just pretended like I was sleeping and Kath was just like curled up in a ball.

Kaila: I think at some point he drinks all of the whiskey so he was trying to get your vodka, and I think I told you guys like fucking do not give it to him, and he was calling for it the entire time. And then he would go to the bathroom and smoke, so whatever alarms would go off and the lady. Okay we are on like a Japanese Airline so everyone is silent and quiet, and he is really loud and I don’t think there is even any other white people on this plane.

He is a really big guy and these like tiny little [19:35] are like Mr. you cannot smoke on the plane, and he’s like oh okay and then he keeps doing it like three times. And then at some point they are like sir when we get off you are going to have to report to so and so, whoever you have to report to the authorities, and then he got really scared he is like oh shit. And so this is still like ours left on the plane – hours had passed but many hours remained.

And then like the rest of the time he was talking about his getaway plan. So basically he’s like okay so when we get there is there any way I could just like sneak out this way, and I was like there is no way for you to sneak anywhere. And then he was like okay so you are going to have to bail me out from prison, and I was like I don’t fucking know what’s happening here like I don’t even know. But there was a lot of talk of like all of this, and then I am up the entire time and this is like a long flight to Asia. So anyway we get there and then it’s not really a big deal, like some lady come and he has to sign something and then he is off.

Kiki: Wow, they were nice because it’s a felony.

Kaila: Oh it is?

Kiki: It’s a felony if you smoke the cigarettes because if for whatever reason the oxygen goes off it will explode the plane, [21:05] just those little oxygen mask things. And also it’s illegal to drink those bottles from DD Free, you can only drink what is given to you by the service people.

Kaila: Well that makes sense why people should not be drinking a bottle of whiskey.

Kiki: And you get more drunk when you are higher in elevation because your blood is thinner and it goes into your bloodstream faster.

Kaila: And also if you take 20 Xanax.

Kiki: I am glad you whack the Xanax out of his hands.

Kaila: He got most of it I think. I think I may be knocked out a couple of them but he got a bulk of them.

Kiki: Wow, but he was doing it because he was afraid to fly?

Kaila: Yes, he was legitimately. I think he was drinking too because he was legitimately terrified of flight, but like Xanax is plenty enough to go out you do not need a bottle of whiskey.

Kiki: All you need is the Xanax and just be sleeping.

Kaila: Yes, I mean that’s how we started off our Tokyo tour and it was kind of crazy for me.

Kiki: It was crazy I remember – I can’t even imagine how you felt because we were just thinking oh my God poor Kaila.

Kaila: I screamed at you guys at some point because I was like – do you remember this?

Kiki: No.

Kaila: There was at one point I think we lost communication.

Kiki: Yes, in Tokyo?

Kaila: Yes, my ex very specifically wanted to stay at high-end hotels. And then the hotel that we had was what we can afford and we wanted to make the most of our money. So we stayed somewhere else and you guys stayed somewhere and it was really fucking inconvenient, because we didn’t know Tokyo and then like at some point we lost communication. We were supposed to meet somewhere and like you guys weren’t responding to my text or something. And we got to the location and I was so furious but really I was furious at him.

Kiki: Yes, I remember because I was like why is she so mad at me.

Kaila: I fucking like screamed at the top of my lungs because I don’t even remember why I was screaming, but like Jamie run away and was so fucking mad. Really I was just like taking out my anger on you guys.

Kiki: I mean it was stressful times, it’s really hard because you are under a lot of pressure to make things work, and you are also living with people that are like essentially, you know you have a shared creation of talents and you have like music and stuff, but you don’t necessarily know if you’re fully compatible as like basically living as a family. So things get tough I mean it’s like when you get in fights with your sisters, it’s really like sisters and brothers it’s pretty much the same thing. I do remember that it was really stressful, but you know what we we’re staying at this person’s house.

Kaila: I don’t know much about this experience – that guy was really nice.

Kiki: Well we will take out his name. But we were staying at this person’s house who appeared very friendly, he’s a very friendly guy he was very sweet. But there was a point where, because we didn’t – like someone took, oh you guys had the Wi-Fi thing so we didn’t even have Wi-Fi [24:21]. And we didn’t have any Wi-Fi and that was before you know AT&T has this service where you can just get Wi-Fi to your phone, like it was not even humanly possible.

But anyway we were staying at this guy’s house and he’s very nice and it’s a nice place, but as we are going around we like look on the walls and there’s like really weird books. Like there was a book that was like penis poking, and then he kept trying to get the girls to sleep in his bed. But you Yuki had her boyfriend at the time I forgot his name. And it was me Jamie Yuki and her boyfriend and that guy. And so he kept saying oh well all of the girls can come sleep in the bed with me and I am like fuck no get out of here.

Kaila: I mean a real polite guy would say you girls can have the bed.

Kiki: But kept trying to invite us into the bed with him. But I was so glad that we were outnumbered, like we outnumbered him and there was one guy which is Yuki’s boyfriend. But I just remember I got so shit-base at his place, because 7-Eleven they just sell beers, or what you call them not 7-Eleven, the vending machine. So there is vending machines everywhere on the street, so I am just buying beers left to right it was just like a beer heaven. And I remember destroying his bathroom, poor guy oh my God, and then eating all of his [25:56] and we just left.

Kaila: Well why didn’t you do it in his bathroom?

Kiki: I just like throw up everywhere, I mean it was in the toilet but it wasn’t that bad. But it was bad enough to be like what the fuck happened here.

Kaila: [26:11] if he was like being pervy.

Kiki: He was being, and not like full blast but it was enough to be like dude what the fuck like no one wants to sleep in your fucking bed. And why do you have penis poking, I don’t know what that means.

Kaila: Do you remember we had the most amazing fans on that trip, they picked us up from the airport?

Kiki: [26:33].

Kaila: We have got to say what’s up to her because we offered her that if she ever come to the states we would host her, and that still stands true today. But she picked us up from the airport and it’s a godsend because we had so much gear, and like Tokyo isn’t that easy to navigate.

Kiki: Yes, they had two Vans right?

Kaila: It was crazy and they’re musicians also so they had an idea.

Kiki: Yes, she was actually really, really good her band was like pretty amazing. I wonder what happened to her?

Kaila: Let’s find out her band and we will put it in the show notes below. But actually Tokyo is a pretty awesome sober destination. So what kind of make a sober destination, there is some destinations that you go to where there is not much to do, or like say you just go on launch by the beach, and then that’s a time you might be craving a little bit more cocktail or something. But there is just so much to see and do in Japan, like there is crazy things to do. There is Cat Cafes and there is Owl Cafes there is Monkey Cafes. They have all kinds of animal cafes.

Kiki: Wait, a Monkey Cafe?

Kaila: Not a Monkey Cafe, but it’s a monkey restaurant, and I don’t know if this is ethical but the monkey comes and like he will serve you a drink, you know like he will come and give you things kind of like a server but more of a novelty. Also I just found this out recently that you could take these things called Mario Karts, and you get to dress up like a Super Mario character – or like you know some character in a video game and you ride around the city. How did we not know about this?

Kiki: So you dress-up like a Mario and you ride in a cart?

Kaila: Like a go-kart, something that’s legal to ride on the street apparently. Like they are so popular that you can just encountered them like groups of people on tour.

Kiki: Oh my God that’s amazing.

Kaila: Yes, so there is stuff like this. Also how did we not go, have you heard of the Robot Restaurant?

Kiki: I went. I went back to Japan a couple of years later after the tour.

Kaila: Wait, when did you do that?

Kiki: 2016 I think, oh my God that was one of the most drunk experience I have ever had, because we used to travel just so we can find out how to get drunk, or we would go specifically to places that we knew that would serve alcohol. So I got into a whole situation in Tokyo and in Korea. Oh my God how did I not even tell you the story about Korea – holy freaking crap, this is an inside joke. Okay a side thing, when I went to Korea I went there with Martin and I and we went on an Airbnb.

Kaila: You guys went to Korea?

Kiki: Yes, 2016 we were there, we just went for like 2 weeks and we did like Korea and Japan and then we stopped in Shanghai. But in Korea basically they have night clubs that go on all night long, and we went to a place called Ho-Bar, it’s literally called Ho-Bar. So we went into Ho-Bar and thinking okay you know Ho-Bar sure why not, well we never left until 9 a.m. the next day.

We got so hammered and went from place to place, I don’t even know where we went but we ended up at a place and it was like 7 a.m. and we were drinking and it was a nightclub. And we met this guy and for some reason Martin and that guy hit it off and they were talking. He’s an emeriti from Dubai but living in Korea from what he said. Well anyway this is so stupid but I had a Fitbit, like this little Fitbit thing and I was obsessed with it I like to truck how many steps I take it’s just cool.

But basically the original Fitbits had the worst class they were only like button class so they could easily fall off. And in my mind at the time I thought that this was like hot-shit, in my perspective I thought it was a very expensive thing and was like a very needed thing. Well we ended up going to the Emirati guy’s house because he invited us over so we could have drinks at his house.

So we are at this random guy’s house and then I, first the life of me thought that he stole my Fitbit watch. And I was like convince 110% he stole it and I was becoming the biggest bitch of all time, which is like I am never even like mean at all when I am sober, but when I am drunk I don’t know I just turned into everything that I am not during the day. And I was like mad at him I was like you fucking stole my watch.

And the Emiratis are like one of the richest people in the entire world. And he is like do you really think I stole your watch. And I was like fuck yes you did it’s gone. And then we got into a fight and then eventually he said something really rude to me, and then Martin yelled at him and then we tried to get a taxi back and we couldn’t get back.

But anyways long story short the watch was not stolen it was just falling off somewhere, but now it’s a big joke whenever I lose something, Martin goes oh did the Emirati steal it. But if you guys are parting there it’s next level, and Korean culture it’s like you are supposed to drink it is a part of business culture, and if you don’t drink then they don’t know who you are, they are like who the hell are you. So it’s tough to adopt in those types of areas.

Kaila: Sounds like Korea is a difficult place, I would love to visit but I don’t feel like I would want to live there.

Kiki: I fully agree like, there are some beautiful parts about Korean culture but there is also some very difficult. It’s a lot of competition, a lot of like money and status is a priority, and it’s almost a homogeneous society the individuality isn’t as accepted as much, like in Japan you know you have all different types of walks of life, whereas in Korea everyone has the same haircut.

And I was just there you know you go and buy a jacket and everyone has the same fucking jacket. Right now tan trench coats, everyone’s wearing them and then couples they wear the same outfits together, it’s the weirdest thing. So there are some things that I don’t particularly agree with, but it is interesting to go if you want to eat good food.

Kaila: I went such a long time ago but I remember I was shocked at how beautiful the woman was but they look very similar.

Kiki: Yes, it’s all apart, like in Korea you go like when you graduate from high school. A lot of the times people will get the high job or the nose job, and it’s a status symbol because then it’s like first off my daughter is going to become more pretty and second off I can afford to give my daughter that type of procedure that she needs or wants or whatever.

Kaila: But also surgery is quite a lot more affordable.

Kiki: Yes, significantly affordable, like you know you can get a nose job done here in Beverly Hills for like $17,000. I went to one just for fun just to go see like how much it cost, and it was like here is your quote $17,000, I said like go fuck yourself, and then in Korea you can get it for two or four grand isn’t that crazy.

Kaila: And it’s better I think for Asians because they specialize in that.

Kiki: And they do them all of the time so it’s like you’re going to get a good job. The previous time I went to Seoul it was all based on the staying in an area where we could drink. So we really targeted like Hongdae like the party scene areas. But this year when I went with my mom obviously I was sober and it was with my mom. So we got to experience some things that were way more spiritually enriching.

So there is a whole scene that you can dive into with the drinking, but there is also places that you can go and really get to know the culture of Korea as well. So we went to this place it was like a garden – so we went to a place called The Garden of the Morning Calm, and this is like a really interesting place and you are kind of like what am I doing, but actually it was very spiritual. It’s kind of like a Disneyland but for outdoors, and they had just beautiful decorated Gardens that you can walk around.

And then there is all of these areas where they used to film very famous Korean dramas. So people now are flocking all over the world because Korean drama has become popularized internationally. So they come just to see these scenes where so and so was shot here. And there is an entire tour where you can take, that goes to The Garden of the Morning Calm.

Or you can also go to Norman Island, which you’ll take the ferry out to an island, and it’s one of the most beautiful nature you could ever see and especially during the fall of the winter because of the trees change colors. They also film several famous Korean dramas there as well. And nothing is better, which I don’t particularly partake in but most people really enjoy Korean spas, and ginger booms they call them.

And those are a great way to just feel relaxed and rejuvenated. And you can also stay in a traditional Korean household. We ended up doing that in tanjou, and they have like these old traditional Korean houses where they come and they feed you bed in breakfast. It’s like a very old traditional style but it’s not necessarily like the top of the line experience, but at least you can experience the culture as it was like before the pre-war times. It was pretty cool.

Kaila: Yes, that sounds amazing, and I think also in Tokyo they have the [36:37] so their version of the spa so those are definitely great for detoxing, which may or may not be a real thing but you will definitely feel good afterwards. So onto our best sober destinations – actually Peru is one, so I didn’t know this when we were going but you know when you are in high altitude you are not actually supposed to drink for a week until you get situated in Cusco, which is like what’s the elevation there?

Kiki: In Cusco it’s 10,000.

Kaila: Yes, I never even knew. You see I don’t have, you know I don’t get food sickness, I don’t get motion sickness and I did not think I got altitude sickness. But man that was one of the most painful experiences of my life. So I can imagine also like drinking on top of that, that would have been like death.

Kiki: Oh my God, the altitude is a real thing. Like it really affects you and even when you are, like I can feel it for sure, we went on a hike that was barely hike it was barely anything. I was full blast out of breath I felt like I just ran 3 miles it was crazy.

Kaila: Yes, so the altitude is a real thing. So you are just not going to be able to drink – you are like not going to want to drink. So that’s like a good scenario there if you are wanting to, you know if you are going to want to experience the whole thing with the sea lions also you are not going to want to be drunk on the way there.

And also do you want to see Machu Picchu drunk, that would not be making the most of your visit. And also Peru has so many delicious non-alcoholic drink similar to Thailand. They have different indigenous herbal teas and different teachers and lots of different food flavours so those are really good. Actually LA is a really good sober destination.

First of all, I think places that are particularly nature focused or have a lot of Wellness aspects to it make for good sober destination. Second of all LA has a really huge community, so if you are a sober person you can always just jump in and plug in. And there is so much to do like so many outdoor activities, you can go parasailing in Malibu.

Kiki: Pause Float Studio has those pods.

Kaila: Oh yes, so if you are feeling like you are jet lag, an hour in one of these float therapy pods can make you feel like brand-new, there is so many different treatments in LA. So another surprising sober destination is New York, because there is a thriving sober scene there. And I don’t think it’s even happened in LA yet because we don’t have any mocktail bars, and maybe that’s like a sign that someone should open one. I wonder how much they can make though because the money comes off the alcohol right?

Kiki: I guess if you charged for drinks and make them really good you can make even more.

Kaila: Oh yes because juice doesn’t cost very much.

Kiki: Yes, exactly.

Kaila: This maybe an idea for a business for somebody, but it doesn’t really work for me because I still don’t want to be at a bar all night – even if I am drinking mocktails but I would like to enjoy a mocktail over dinner and then go home.

Kiki: As a side note. It’s coming to be New Year’s Eve and I know that we are going to post this later, but I was like literally looking forward to taking a blanket and wrapping myself in it and watching a series for the entire night of New Year’s Eve. And then I just got offered an opportunity to go hang out with some friends, and I was like 90% I don’t want to go. Like if I had the opportunity to go out or if I could stay in. I will take the stay in 9 times out of 10.

Kaila: I haven’t celebrated New Year’s in years, and somebody said the other day it’s Amateur hour and I am like yes – we used to say that on the weekends like when it’s Friday and Saturday it’s Amateur hours. And the real people can party on a Wednesday or Tuesday. So no need to party on New Year’s but it may be a good opportunity to catch up with friends. But in New York there is a mocktail bar called Getaway. There is a sober friendly pop-up party called The Listen Bar, and really all of these like non-alcoholic mocktail drinks are just spirit. Is it still a spirit when it’s a mocktail?

Kiki: They call them non-alcoholic spirits but honestly they taste really good.

Kaila: I have never had one of these non-alcoholic spirits, but like do you want the taste of alcohol. I thought you always trying to mask the taste of alcohol with juices and stuff.

Kiki: That’s what I was a little confused by. When I was slowly starting to get sober I used to drink O’Doul’s, which is like a non-alcoholic beer and it actually did work, I mean I can’t drink it now because it has like 0.3% alcohol in it. But you have the feeling and the experience of drinking it, and for some reason the satisfaction of going through the ritual of it does help you get through it.

And I remember even on tour with Visual of War I took a water shot at the end. I put water in and took it and it was actually satisfying. So I can understand how people would want to have that alcohol flavour so that they can feel, as they are transitioning out of it they can feel like they are still a part of it. But like honestly non-alcoholic beverage are so much better, because alcohol fucking tastes disgusting.

Kaila: I never like the taste of alcohol, apparently some people like the taste of beer because there is not a non-alcoholic beer. But do you drink kombucha?

Kiki: I can’t do it it’s gross.

Kaila: I like it.

Kiki: Oh my God I don’t like it. Well now here is the messed up part, I can’t drink anything that has any flavour of alcohol in it or eat anything. Even when I can taste wine in the sauce I won’t eat it it’s so like I don’t know what happened.

Kaila: Did you taste, or you didn’t had dessert at that Irish event that we went to recently – that thing was [43:11] it was like as if they just put it in, you know usually you are supposed to cook off the alcohol, like the alcohol was not cooked off.

Kiki: That would have made me freak out. I don’t know what happened but something made me reverse, like reverse anti-alcoholic. I cannot do it my heart starts to beat and I get it away if I even smell it.

Kaila: There is also this event in New York called club-soda. So they like do a bunch of sober events and workshops and talks and it’s like a whole community. So I am wondering why they don’t bring that here. Maybe we should spearhead something like that, because I wouldn’t mind like workshops and something more, you know socializing at a mocktail bar for hours doesn’t sound like my thing.

Kiki: It’s interesting and especially since there’s such a big AA community in Los Angeles that they don’t have these types of businesses already.

Kaila: I mean I definitely am so confident it’s going to come here eventually but like why is it taking so long – we are going to look into that. So there is a couple, so we’ve named some kind of like sober optimal destinations and there is several more in the free pdf, so just go to the show notes to download that. But there are a couple specifically sober companies that have sober trips geared towards people who.

So one of them is a Caribbean cruise by this company called Perfect Harmony, and they are going in 2020 to Martin the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. And it’s like pretty affordable and it’s not having alcohol on board. That can be triggering for some people because there is unlimited alcohol on cruises. So there is all kinds of on-board activities and fun – just being around other sober people can be more comfortable if you are kind of like don’t want to share about your sobriety. But I will give you a note that most Cruises have an AA meeting on board. I think most Cruises just have one

Kiki: There is like this world of AA meetings I never knew of that’s amazing.

Kaila: Yes, so if you are struggling you know make sure you go on a, you know you can look in advance and make sure that your cruise boat has an AA meeting, so it can hide you through your 7-day trip or whatever. Another company is called Sober Vacation International. And it is kind of one of the more well-known groups out there, and they have all kinds of different sober travel destinations, you know Sunny Ones Safaris they run the gamut and plenty of activities. I think it’s really important to keep yourself busy when you are traveling, to keep yourself from wanting to drink and then they have AA meetings just built into the trip.

Kiki: So that concludes our podcast on the 10 best sober travel destinations. If you guys have any suggestions for travel destinations, feel free to comment them below. Name your favourite destination or if you have any questions at all, leave us a comment or leave us an email at kiki@fromhelltowellness.com. And don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast it helps a lot also if you leave us, hopefully a good rating and let us know what you think about the podcast, and we will catch you guys next time, bye.



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