Kaila Yu and Kiki Wong, former bandmates dive into the explicit details of their past lives as hard-partying rockstars in Los Angeles.

 Follow their transformational journey from hellish hangovers to spiritual sobriety as they live out their newfound dream lives as travel writers. 

They are here to ultimately dispel the myth that you can’t have the same kind of fun sober. Through openly sharing their personal recovery paths, they show you that a healthy, fun and invigorating transformation to sobriety is possible and real.

Along the way, they’ll share the best wellness techniques from around the world that helped them stay on the sober train. The girls are always game to try out any new healing treatment no matter how silly, gnarly, or scary. 

Nylon Pink disbanded years ago. Some of your have been asking to see videos of the band. Here are some of our favorites!

Terrible fashion but here’s Kaila’s favorite Nylon Pink recording

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