Episode 1: A Warm Welcome from Kaila and Kiki


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Kaila: What’s up, this is Kaila and Kiki and this is From Hell to Wellness. And this is the first episode of our podcast, which is going to be a little bit different because it’s the intro episode. So we are just going to kind of go over what the episodes are generally going to be like and what this podcast is like overall. So Kiki what is this podcast about?

Kiki: Well basically Kaila and I, if you don’t know this already we actually played in a band together for about 7 or 8-years. So we toured the world and with playing music comes a lot of sex with drugs and rock and roll, and a lot of alcohol and a lot of substance abuse. So that’s why we are here. We are here to talk about how we got sober, how we cleaned up and how we are trying to live a more balanced and healthy life.

Kaila: And this show is basically for anyone who is feeling kind of stuck or unfulfilled in their lives, like they are searching for something better or something more. We found that actually what we really want to share is that life after sobriety is actually so much better than life before sobriety. I mean even though I don’t have those huge crazy highs, I don’t have those lows. So it’s much better to just lead a balanced life. And yes, we want to show that you can have a lot of fun after sobriety because I feel like a lot of people are scared to get sober because they are worried that life is just going to be, it’s going to suck, it’s going to be boring and there is like just nothing to look forward to. And we are here to show you that that’s not the case.

Kiki: To be fair though there are some boring times. But most of it is actually good and it’s beneficial, and you find out that you really have a better and different outlook that you can find joy in as well.

Kaila: So basically in this podcast we are going to get deep and share every little embarrassing story, and like talk about the things that no one talks about. Because I feel like there is a saying for alcoholics, which is you are as sick as your secrets. And also I just feel like it’s better to just put it out there – who cares what anybody thinks. And your story, when you are honest can usually help out somebody else. So we are here and you can ask us anything, we are going to talk about it all. And our first episode is actually about sex. Now I don’t want to confuse you and make you think that our whole podcast is going to be about sex, because it’s only going to be that first episode.

Kiki: As much as you want to hear about it, it’s not going to be that.

Kaila: But sex is definitely a big part of sobriety, drunkenness, being in a band and just life in LA in general.

Kiki: So I wanted to just talk about a little bit on our journey and play music and wanting to become sober. Having gone through such a radical lifestyle of been playing in a band isn’t your typical day job you know, there is a lot of pressures that happen when you are playing in a band, you know you have got to perform to the utmost capacity or your life is going to end. So a lot of the times you are playing in venues that sell a lot of alcohols and there is people doing drugs and all kinds of crazy stuff. So I think with that lifestyle we really just got pretty heavy deep into it. And after recovering from putting the guitars down and starting a business, we realized that it was time to change our perspective on the world and how we handle situations that are stressful. And somehow we were able to get through each in our own way, and now I feel fucking great I don’t know about you but I feel great.

Kaila: Well you know I used to suffer from depression and that’s something that I talked about a lot, just like writing about it and just speaking out about it, because in Asian Society it’s a little bit looked down upon to have mental health issues. And the depression is just so [4:00] and common but if you are doing a lot of cocaine it definitely makes it worse. So this will be a whole other episode, but right now I don’t have like depressive episodes anymore, and overall I am just happy most of the time, and of course you know you have sad periods that’s a natural progression of being a human – but I would not trade that for like the highest highs and then like weeks and weeks of depression that I used to have where I couldn’t get out of bed basically. So basically we are now travel writers, we kind of shifted and pivoted from our retirement from music into travel writing. So we have been traveling all around the world and finding all of these amazing Wellness techniques and treatments in different countries. And the wellness movement is really, really popular here in the state, but what we have been finding is that a lot of Wellness Outlet are preaching really expensive treatments, and stuff that’s not necessary attainable to the average person. So we are going to share different Wellness techniques from all different types of [5:15] that help during your kind of, because after you get sober you want to find Wellness in your life, you want to find out more about yourself and get deep. So we will share different things, like meditation journaling, weird massages – the things that have helped us kind of take better self-care of ourselves after we have done such terrible self-care during the earlier part of our life.

Kiki: And if you think about it, a lot of the times people who suffer from different types of addictions they generally have addictive personalities. And I can definitely admit that I have addictive personality. So a lot of the times those types of personalities need to go to a different way of thinking or a different way to manifest those strong urges and do something healthier. So as a sober person now I am looking towards other things that I can do actively that can help me in a good way, rather than feeling hungover or regretting my decisions, or for getting two nights in a row that have been lost forever in time. So it’s been a really, really great adventure searching for these type of Wellness treatments, and we hope that you guys can find these is some benefits in these Wellness treatments as well.

Kaila: It’s kind of crazy, because I am having a total E flashback right now, because I am actually pretty, like I have this pretty bad cough right now, and I was a little bit worried about recording today but I really hate to cancel things. I came to shoot today or record, and I brought my little drawer of Vapor Rub, which I never knew that you use for coughing, I had no idea. All I knew is that Vapor Rub when you are doing E people come over and put it under your nose and you are like thank you, and it gets you like way higher. But like I have coughs a lot and it works really well for that.

Kiki: That’s amazing, you know I have seen this in the stores but I never actually knew the purpose or what it really does – I am going to smell this. This is fantastic.

Kaila: Now imagine being high off of ecstasy and taking a whiff of this, like literally back in the days when I used to rave, strangers would come up and just be like slaughtering Vapor Rub under your nose, and instead of being annoyed or offended you would be like thank you, like you would be so grateful.

Kiki: So it’s giving you [7:50]? 

Kaila: Yes, I feel very happy.

Kiki: Well it’s good that you can find something that stands the E and still gives you that happy effect.

Kaila: Yes, and it’s not quite this but it doesn’t matter because I am like happy overall in general. So in or Premiere episode we are going to talk about sex, and mainly about the differences between sober sex and drunken high sex, because obviously they are very, very vastly different. So I think that’s an important episode because a lot of people are actually, I have spoken to people who have never had sex sober, like ever because it’s like two awkward and uncomfortable because sex is inherently very uncomfortable usually. So we are wanting to share that, you know you can have enjoyable sex when you are sober too. So some other upcoming episodes is the holiday season. So we are going to talk about how to be sober during the holidays. How to be sober during New Year’s because that’s a big one. I was always sober – I mean I was always sober – I was always high during New Year’s. And yes it’s doable, I mean I have done it for like 6-years now.

Kiki: That’s amazing. I am still only like 2 years in my sobriety. Almost two years, hitting the two-year mark in February but it’s kind of a new perspective so we will have definitely different perspective on more of the veteran sober and the newbie here.

Kaila: Yes, because technically I am 6 years sober, and my sobriety date is – well this is going to be passed by time the episode comes up, but it’s November 19th so I think that tomorrow, so we are supposed to be celebrating my sober birthday. But I actually really think my sober birthday is before that because – okay I guess that’s when I am sober from alcohol, but really I haven’t done coke in at least eight or nine years. And I had like a relapse in alcohol according to somebody, but I didn’t really think it was a real relapse but we will talk about that later and it’s still like a little bit more about that. So I am at least 6 years sober, and so yes we have two perspectives because it’s very different several in, or 20 years in or 30 years in as compared to being like newer. Another upcoming episode is going to be about dating sober, because I remember there is one year where I dated a bunch of guys and I was high [10:30] and that makes the date so much more fun, like first dates are not awkward [10:36] because you are having fun wherever you are.

Kiki: Well the thing about dating too it’s like they almost require drinks. So a lot of the times they are like hey let’s go for a drink or let’s go meet for a drink, and you know drinks they lower your inhibitions. And the problem with alcohol is like it’s everywhere it’s legal, it’s like in every street corner.

Kaila: And no weed.

Kiki: Yes, and then just add weed into the problem here so it’s difficult, but possible.

Kaila: So yes, actually you can listen immediately to the first episode because it’s right there. So go ahead and subscribe that really helps us when you subscribe, and you will get these episodes immediately delivered to you as soon as they are out. So we wanted to give you a free little giveaway that you could look at in the show notes, which is that we are going to give away a free download of the first week of our book, the 30 Day Travel Challenge, because in the book it’s all about self-care in the first week. So even if you don’t care to travel it will deal with different things that will help you keep sober, or even if you don’t want to be sober, because we have absolutely no opinion on anyone who drinks or does drugs or whatever it’s no problem with us. But if you even just want to feel better about yourself doing this one week of kind of self-help Self-Wellness activities per day, we will help you no matter if you are sober or not.

Kiki: So that about wraps up our welcome. I hope you guys are excited to follow our journey, and hopefully we have converted you, or at least convinced you to listen on and see maybe you can join the sober train. And that train is actually quite fun, and you will find out that a lot of our stories and antidotes and all of our information that we want to give to you, might convince you that actually it’s fun. So we can’t wait to continue on and thanks for tuning in. Keep on listening to the podcast From Hell to Wellness.



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