Episode 9: The Healing Power of Animals and Recovery


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During recovery, it’s common for people to invest their time and effort into a healthy relationship. What better relationship is there than one with your beloved pets? Studies have shown that having a therapy animal during the recovery process actually helped patients respond to treatment positively.Kaila and Kiki discuss the importance of animals in their lives from childhood, to endless partying, to rock bottom, and to their current sober lifestyles. They talk about their fuzzy children (aka kitties), insane animal excursions while traveling, and other stories of how animals helped during their recovery process.In this episode, they discuss:

  • How Peru was the best animal wellness and recovery destination when they swam with over 5,000 wild sea lions
  • How pets respond to partying and alcoholism
  • The significance of animals during the recovery process
  • Why the girls swear by owning cats


Find out more about the sea lion excursion in Peru

Make sure to listen to the video below with sound 

14:44 = Cinderblock video

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24:35 – Hammy 

30:12 – picture of Tate the horse 


Kaila: Hey what’s up guys, it’s Kaila and Kiki back on From Hell to Wellness, and today we are going to talk about one of my favourite topics ever, which is the healing power of animals, and just how animals can really transform your life, but also how they can help with recovery which some might be surprised to learn. We have had a number of magical experiences with animals but there is one that stands out in particular, which is in Peru.

And in Peru we are really expecting to be mesmerized by llamas, which is very awesome and abundant and amazing. So it’s the one time we swam with the sea lions in Peru, and I don’t know why everyone in the world isn’t talking about this experience because it’s one of the most amazing experiences in the world. So I remember we were back at home and I was just researching different experiences and what to do in Peru.

And plenty of people have visited Peru but no one has ever told me about this experience. But I was on TripAdvisor and I came across this swimming with the seals. So I booked it and we collaborated actually with this company called American VI. So I wasn’t expecting that much out of that experience – because I looked at the reviews and first of all there’s only just a couple of reviews, and one of them was not a highly rated review. Basically they said like oh we didn’t even see any sea lions.

Kiki: Which is like what the fuck is wrong with them.

Kaila: I think we just happen to fall on mating season, that’s when I like later when I look back and I was like I think that’s what happened.

Kiki: Can you imagine going all the way over there and not seeing any, oh my God.

Kaila: Well I enjoyed the boat ride, I know you didn’t.

Kiki: Guys that was the gnarliest boat ride of my life by far. Honestly I wasn’t really expecting much from the sea lions either. I don’t know why I just didn’t know what to expect, I was like well we might see one or two.

Kaila: Yes, I thought we would swim and then maybe we would see one or two, and then you would be like oh there is one over there. Kind of like dolphin watching and you like sometimes you don’t see any. But also the tour there was pretty cool because we were driving along there and it was like a pretty depressing tour actually. I don’t even know if you were paying attention, but there’s like a prison that was built on the island in the past and there was some kind of uprising of prisoners. And there was a tragedy where they like had to bomb the whole place, like the government had to shut in – like the prisoners took over the prison, like they had an uprising.

Kiki: And they just bombed it?

Kaila: I don’t know if they bombed it but they put it down.

Kiki: I don’t remember that.

Kaila: So that was what we passed on the way to the sea lions, like it was probably an hour ride.

Kiki: I think it was about two hours. It was long because I remember we left and then we were there, we left like 8 a.m. and then we didn’t get to the sea lions until around noon, it was gnarly.

Kaila: And you took something for it too?

Kiki: That was funny. So they were like okay everyone gets in the boat. And before when I drink I never had seasickness when I was drinking. I have never had seasickness, I have been on boats and I have done all of the ships and I’ve never gotten sick.

Kaila: Was that the moment you discovered that you had seasickness?

Kiki: That was the moment, and the part that was kind of funny was he goes – hey everybody here is a little medicine to keep you from getting seasick, and I’m like I don’t need that but I was like well I will take it anyways. And then I remember he gave us a shot but we didn’t take it though, but he’s like oh here’s some alcohol.

Kaila: Oh I remember that.

Kiki: Yes, that was like one of those moments I was like no I have got to take it, but there was like a special alcohol that they give that helps you not get as seasick, so a bunch of people took it. But I was like I am going to be fine I never get seasick anyways. Well the turbulence just kept getting increase and increase, and increase. And eventually I just remember the nose of the boat going down and up and down and I was like oh my God I am getting so sick. You didn’t get sick at all?

Kaila: I was like this is fun it’s like a rollercoaster.

Kiki: Oh my God, so you have never gotten any type of sickness?

Kaila: No, I don’t get seasick. I am like a person who reads in the car, and people are like why are you reading in the car doesn’t that make you sick?

Kiki: Do you remember your food magazines on tour?

Kaila: Oh I remember that.

Kiki: You had like a [4:39] and everything was like cooking food [4:43] that’s so funny but I remember like that was so bad and I was like this is not worth it, we are going to see two sea lions that smells like poo-poo, and then we are going in the middle of the ocean and we are on there forever.

Kaila: So it didn’t smell bad until we started approaching the island right. Suddenly we’re like, you know going on this rollercoaster thing and then it starting to getting less bumpy because they are like we are approaching the sea lions, and that it smells like death.

Kiki: It smells like death dying. There were birds just like crazy amounts of birds swarming all over and we were like what the fuck is going on. Meanwhile I am holding in everything that I have to not throw up. I was just like frozen paralyzed, like I couldn’t even move because I thought if I move I am going to yak all over this guy. Do you remember that guide he was so awesome?

Kaila: He was a very passionate guide, and it makes a big difference when the guide is really passionate about what he is talking about. We have had some tour guides that are just like monotone and it destroys the experience.

Kiki: Yes, there is something about that guy. Maybe he’s just done it a bunch, but he was so positive. He had this like, he said yes guys everyone says yes, and we are like why are we saying yes? And he kept saying this is the chance of your lifetime you want to do this, you are going to do this, you’ve got to see this and blah-blah-blah and I was like what the hell is this.

Kaila: He must have known it was mating season and we were going to see some crazy shit.

Kiki: Well yes like I mean, do you remember when we first started approaching there?

Kaila: I remember because it was like far away and I was like cool, cool there’s a big island and it looks like there’s a bunch of birds on there. And we are like really far away so it’s a tiny speck, but we started approaching and approaching and the whole island was moving because it was covered, like how many sea lions were on there, there were like thousands.

Kiki: They said that it was 5,000. And like given sea lions are brown right, so when you see it from far away it just looks like a mountain, and like we just kept approaching. And you hearing this thing going woo-woo like a barking cat – do you remember, I was like what the fuck is going on.

Kaila: Like you would never imagine that’s a noise that sea lion made.

Kiki: Oh my god seriously like we were like what is happening because it was roaring.

Kaila: Like nobody said we were going to see 5,000 sea lions. I was hoping to see two.

Kiki: By the way it was freezing cold and they didn’t tell us to bring anything or towels. I didn’t have it [7:49] did you?

Kaila: I don’t think so but I was like [7:51].

Kiki: And then as soon as we saw the sea lions like all of my sickness went away because I was so like energized and adrenaline, because it was like something from a movie or like something from I don’t know it was magical, it was crazy and there are just like thousands and thousands of them just all over. And the waves you can’t tell if they are waves or if they are sea lions.

Kaila: It was waves of sea lions. Okay here is the most hilarious thing. So there was another group of people out there looking at the sea lions, like another boat. And then so our boat like kind of, so there was another group of people to the bar this right of the island, and all of the sea lions were over there interacting with the people. So we went and park by the left side and I was like but the sea lions are all on the right. So we got into our wetsuits, and it’s crazy because it smells so bad but we thought we didn’t give a fuck. So we jumped in and the sea lions started coming.

Kiki: It was like the march of the death. It was straight up like Boral time but it wasn’t like they loved us.

Kaila: When I approached I started screaming. Do you remember that, I was screaming out of joy, like I couldn’t stop screaming and the guy was like stop, stop, stop?

Kiki: Like a little kid, and you were brave because you were the first one out, you are passing the guide and you were just out there.

Kaila: Yes, there was no fear because I was like I want to touch the sea lions. There’s no thought of like anything.

Kiki: That’s so funny, oh my God but before we even jumped in. Okay so I had a GoPro right – this was devastating, so like you know as someone who is a content creator, you know creating videos and stuff you know you want to make sure that your shit works, and you always have this fear that it doesn’t work. Well I turn it on but there is a lot going on, like before I even got my wetsuit on I threw up six times no joke. It was just like it felt worse than any beer hangover I have ever had in my life.

Kaila: Were you just throwing over the side of the boat or something?

Kiki: No, I was waiting and waiting and waiting. People are just changing and taking their dear-time. I didn’t have a bathing suit I just got into the wetsuit but it was wet. Do you remember that, do you remember how hard it was to get in.? I was butt ass naked and I got halfway up and I was like no I have got to throw up. So like we are in the bottom of the boat and its worst for seasickness.

So I was throwing up butt ass naked with the sweat suit half up, and it was like my butt is in the here and I am throwing up. But meanwhile you know we are all excited because we want to go, so I am like fuck this I am just going to throw up as fast as I can and rip this thing on and get the GoPro. [11:00] out there, I’m still was kind of new to it so that was like probably one of the first times we really used it.

I turned it on but the damn thing was on fast shooting mode – do you remember that? And we were like this is going to be the footage of a fucking lifetime. So we were like yes this is so good it’s worth it we have got to do it. Jump in magical and getting all of the footage and going underwater and seeing the sea lions, following Kaila and doing this.

Kaila: I was like no.

Kiki: I legitimately wanted to cry. I don’t really cry but I was like I am going to fucking cry, but then I was like I am also going to throw up because I was so sick and I was just like I need to just lay down.

Kaila: But the experience man it was like so; I mean even without the video I have it encapsulated in my mind. And the cutest thing is that they are like fascinated by your feet.

Kiki: Which Kaila hates feet by the way, but you’re like I am going to do this.

Kaila: Well what you do is you lay on your back and you put your toes up in the air and they like to bop it with their nose, like I don’t know. They feel maybe intimidated like getting face-to-face with you, but if your toes are out they feel less intimidated.

Kiki: Right, and they were just literally coming up and like sniffing your feet and kind of bopping them and like swimming around, but to be fair when you are out there. There is nothing that can describe when you see 5000 sea lions.

Kaila: There is literally a thousand sea lion in a line across from us in a line and we are all like trying to touch each other. And they are just as fascinated because they come.

Kiki: Yes, and you didn’t even have to feed them. And the thing about these sea lions specifically is that they come so tame to humans, because people are sending their boats out there to go and see the sea lions so they are very, very friendly. Don’t try this at home, don’t go to your local sea lions they can be very dangerous. There have been cases where regular sea lions in like San Francisco they attack people. So don’t think they are going to be super friendly and come to your feet. But if you do want to have an interaction with animals. And by the way these are untrained and they are completely free to the wild, there is no feeding or anything happening. They just live on this island and people come to see them and that’s what it is.

Kaila: And there were baby sea lions, like I have a video of one tumbling down into the water – these little babies, and like they would come up. They would come up and dip their heads up and go roar, and then dip back into the water and like swim in a circle and come back up, like they would be looking at your face but they would want to look under too.

Kiki: Yes, and there’s like footage, well the pictures I ended up getting of them swimming underneath you, and you could just see into the water just hundreds and hundreds of sea lions below your feet. It was the craziest, craziest thing ever.

Kaila: I mean I would straight up recommend that you make a trip to Peru just for this one thing, like this is a bucket list thing and it cost like menial amount, I feel like it’s less than 50 bucks per person. So I don’t know why this isn’t the number one thing to see in Peru besides Machu Picchu because it is.

Kiki: Yes, it was crazy and we really just didn’t think we were going to see any really but we saw 5000. And also for that trip we flew Spirit Airlines, so that trip was Uber, Uber cheap, like it probably cost 300 bucks maybe to get there, and then if you take that Excursion maybe like 400 bucks. It was really cheap; you can check out Spirit Airlines for some really incredible deals on flights to Peru.

Kaila: Have you always been an animal person?

Kiki: Oh my gosh yes, like I didn’t play with dolls or Barbie’s. I ended up playing with stuffed animals. And I always wanted to be a vet ever since I was one or two.

Kaila: Me too, I feel like that’s a kids thing.

Kiki: It is a kids thing and it’s a good dream for a kid I think you know.

Kaila: I think you would actually be [15:15] to that to be a vet.

Kiki: It would and the stress, but they do make Bank, they count how people like spent. But people like their animals are like their children.

Kaila: I actually have a pretty hot vet for my cat, but I didn’t know they made a lot of money.

Kiki: Actually to be honest, I mean it was a girl vet but she was really pretty too – I was like what is up with vets being really like attractive people.

Kaila: But I read this article that was like a vet speaking because he was really sad, but there was this thing you know they have to put a lot of animals down, that’s a big part of their job which I don’t think I can do, but like a lot of owners can’t take it so they won’t come into the room with them. And then they say at the last moments of like the dogs or cats are like looking for their owners and that’s how they died. So they are like just go in with your pet and man up for your dog or cat.

Kiki: Because they feel so much more comfortable and you know when you go to sleep it’s like.

Kaila: Like they don’t even know they are going to sleep if you are there like comforting them.

Kiki: That makes me so mad, you know like the people that give up their senior animals.

Kaila: Oh my God people who give up their animal’s period. Like if you give up your animal to like a nice home, like this is what happened to cinder-block. Cinder-block the black cat that went viral I will post a video. Cinder-block he’s like the big fat black cat on the treadmill.

Kiki: I thought he was grey; first I am thinking of sunglass cat.

Kaila: I will show a video it’s the most hilarious thing ever, but this cat who is now a viral star was like I think some lady’s dad’s cat or something. And then after her dad died she just like damn it she is a fucking pound – like really this is your dad’s prized cherished pet, and you are just going to give it to pound and you know it’s going to be put to death, who is going to adopt an obese older cat like it’s very unlikely. But luckily somehow the shelter saw something in the cat and like filmed it exercising, and now he’s like never going to be he’s everyone’s favourite cat – but yes I can’t stand people who get rid of their animals. How hard it is to take care of your cat?

Kiki: It’s not, literally box automatic food and automatic water there you go. They poop in a box they literally poop in a box my friends.

Kaila: Yes, if you got rid of your animal I hate you, you are out. But yes I used to be a dog person, I still love dogs but I grew up with dogs. I had a little dog called Puffy and he’s the sweetest thing ever.

Kiki: Kaila has the best names for animals.

Kaila: Oh my God, I want to name somebody else Puffy I like that name.

Kiki: But wait, you have Kitty, Tommy and Puffy?

Kaila: Wait, so I had Puffy growing up and he was such an awesome dog.

Kiki: What kind of dog?

Kaila: It was a Lhasa Apso, so very much I am like a Lhasa Apso Person, but I also like Huskies, like if I were to get a dog when I have like a big house with a big backyard it’s going to be a big ass dog, like I want a big ass teddy bear dog. But like you know cat’s fine, but it was only one time after a coke session with my roommates, we were like I don’t know what the hell were we thinking, but we were like why don’t we go and get some cats.

So we went over to I don’t know like PetSmart or something and they were like having their Sunday adoption. And I don’t know why, I guess we decided that we should get two cats because they could be friends. And then one of my roommates is like an expert at choosing amazing cute cats. So he chose this like totally charming playful guy, and then we chose me and my friend Rob chose this cat who was like very unfriendly but pretty.

So anyway we got these cats and we were like their named Yizo and Kan. So literally we thought we were so cool because you know Yizo mean Yayo, and Kane mean cocaine, and we were like we are so clever and so it was so fucking lame.

Kiki: That is hilarious I did not know that.

Kaila: Yes, Yizo was the best cat in the world, he’s not just so friendly and everything, but he was an indoor cat. [20:10].

Kiki: I was like what does that mean?

Kaila: We were like we were going to name him Yayo, but my friends were like, like Snoop Dogg was big at the time and he’s like Yizo and we are like Yizo yes. And anyway he was an indoor outdoor cat so one day he didn’t come home, that’s why I will never let my cats go outside. But after I got the cat I was like I am a cat person. I still love dogs but there is like this different connection I have to cats somehow.

Kiki: Yes, it’s really true I too was always a dog person – we grew up with dogs and I actually didn’t like cats particularly.

Kaila: That’s how everyone feels, it’s because you meet a cat that’s not your cat and if it’s not your cat.

Kiki: They don’t like you.

Kaila: Yes.

Kiki: Exactly.

Kaila: And it doesn’t matter if it’s your mom’s cat or your boyfriend’s cat, like the cat always has a favourite person.

Kiki: They got their person and they are locked in on that person.

Kaila: They are loyal.

Kiki: Yes, they are 100% loyal. And actually it’s funny because – so when Martin and I were together the first round, we actually broke up for a year. And I literally found out, later on after we got back together I found out that one of the main reasons why was because I was a raging alcoholic. Surprise – surprise guys, but I remember when we had our first break up I was pretty devastated, and we were going to get a cat together but he left before the cat came and I was like fuck it.

Kaila: Wait, you were in the process of getting a cat?

Kiki: We were really thinking about it and then I contacted LUXE Paws about it, which by the way LUXE Paws is an incredible place to get kittens. So I ended up getting the cat and I never really owned a cat of my own, I just like wanted to commit to this thing that I started. And so I got my first cat Nix, but honestly it’s like the best thing to have an animal and especially if you are going through a hard time, or if you’re going through recovery, like animals are truly therapedic and they really help you get through. And I learned so much about cats by owning Nix that I ended up becoming a full blast cat person, just like beyond like I kind of went over the edges and now I am like obsessed with cats, like I have a cat [22:32]

Kaila: It also helps when you have a cat loving partner. One of my ex’s loved cats and it was like a big bonding thing.

Kiki: You guys had three cats?

Kaila: Well it was not ever my intention to have three cats. I will say that my place is pretty big to accommodate several cats probably.

Kiki: Yes, each one could have its own rooms.

Kaila: Yes, but the cats all like to gather in one room, so it doesn’t really out there to hang out in other rooms. But a story of how the third cat came to be, because I had my cat and he had his cat and we came together and now we had two cats, but he was really jealous of me and my cat Kitty, because Kitty is like the super loyal and fluffy and cuddly cat.

And his cat was like a rescue and he was a little off. We had a nickname for him – the most annoying cat ever MASE. His nickname was MASE and he was like a really sweet guy but he was fucking annoying. He would do things like run over you at 3 a.m. in the morning at full speed, you know like just annoying stupid things. And then he’s always like chasing kitty so it’s like she started to pull her hair out because she was so stressed out. But anyways my ex was like I want a fluffy cat too. So one Christmas he wanted a fluffy cat, so I went online and I looked for the cutest fluffiest cat I could find in the world and that was Ami. He is the fluffiest cat and he is the sweetest nicest cat.

Kiki: We need like a zoomed-in photo of Ami and its tooth.

Kaila: It’s funny because like if that tooth was on a human you would be like what the fuck is wrong with you, but on a cat you are like that’s the best part about you and it’s that Crooked Tooth.

Kiki: There is something about animals like having slight off-ness that makes them really, really adorable and loving.

Kaila: Because they have no idea too.

Kiki: Well I remember when I would drink. When we would drink and we would have people over, and here is the problem – like Nix I raised her like I was drinking but I was drinking out of the house and like she was the only cat. So she got a little bit better of the treatment, but then later on we decided to also the same thing, Martin was like well – and I don’t know if this is true but this is my interpretation, but I think he saw that I had the cat and he’s like well I really always – he has always had girlfriend cats but he has never had one of his own.

Kaila: He’s never had his own cat?

Kiki: He has never had his own.

Kaila: But he’s a cat person.

Kiki: He’s totally a cat person but he just never went and bought his own cat because he always has the girlfriend’s cats of whoever he was dating.

Kaila: But it’s so different.

Kiki: Totally different, so we were like okay we are going to get you a cat, so we also were pretty fucked up and I remember being hungover as hell and we picked up Cesar – super fluffy and you know we just didn’t want anything that was a black cat but he just seemed to be fluffy and available. So we were like cool and then we got him, but it ended up that Nix started becoming Martin’s cat, like she left and it’s the first time I have ever seen that, like we were buddies but then she really got the Martin and they are like BFF like Nix is Martin’s cat.

And Cesar for some reason just really connected with me so we swapped, but I do remember raising Cesar was tough because we raise them in the house with party mode. But cats they are so sensitive to when you party, like have you ever gotten that, they get scared and they hate you, and when I was hungover they are gone and hidden under the bed and you can’t even find them.

I ended up when we left that apartment, when we cleaned out the place. There was all of these like stress balls of like cough up hairballs under the bed. It was so sad and like throw up and stuff under the bed and we didn’t know because it was under there, but it was because when we partied they would just go under there and hide and just get all sad and scared. It was really, really sad, so it’s traumatizing on your pets when you are drinking.

Kaila: Yes, cats you know animals really can suffer from your partying, so that’s something to keep in mind. But also the important thing I think people can realize and especially if they are newly, maybe not newly sober but once they are like really committed to being sober, maybe 6 months to a year. It would maybe be a great time to get a pet, because there is a reason they are emotional support animals, and also just the care of like raising something and you have to take care of them daily. Even if it’s a cat, you have to like feed it daily still or scoop its layer. It gives you a sense of responsibility that you might not have had before.

Kiki: Right, and again like going on different types of – if you just starting to travel and stuff and having interaction with animals and stuff, like didn’t you take a horse tour once?

Kaila: Okay, so my girlfriend Rose had a birthday, and this was right here in Malibu. So she wanted to go horseback riding in the mountains, and it was a really cool idea actually I love horseback riding, but we all went into the ranch and we got assigned our horses and my horse was Tate.

Kiki: What’s his name?

Kaila: Tate.

Kiki: Tate or Tati?

Kaila: Maybe because we went to a Mexican restaurant afterwards but I think it was Tate. Anyways I started riding on Tate and then you know there’s like ten other girls and they are all galloping off and I am like dude why is my horse so fucking slow, so I was like really mad about it. But you know Tate was taking his slow pace over the mountains, and it was kind of cool because we still got to see a lot of sceneries and everything, it’s still fun riding on a Tate even though he was slower.

But we got to the Mexican restaurant and we all sat down to eat, you know I think I order enchiladas and then it was Rose’s birthday and we were celebrating it. And all of a sudden while we are eating we hear this like – it almost sounded like a puff of, not a fart but like a Giant escalation of air and then a crash, and we were like what the fuck. And we went outside and my horse had died. But it was just from old age so it wasn’t like as horrible I guess.

Kiki: Did it had a heart attack?

Kaila: I don’t know; I think it just died of old age. I have never gotten the story really, but I was like should he have been taking me out that day.

Kiki: How old was he?

Kaila: I don’t know, maybe he wasn’t even that old, this is just what they told us about old age, like I don’t really know I can’t confirm Tate’s age.

Kiki: Well how did you get home?

Kaila: I just sat with like the lead guy and jumped on the back of his horse, but it was really sad. It’s funny because the next day like Rose found the photo of Tate on the website and posted it on my Facebook page – it’s probably there somewhere I should find it.

Kiki: Well if you think about it, you know this is the last ride and you gave him a nice ride.

Kaila: Well here is the question – do horses actually like to be ridden on, because people who ride horses say they do but do they really?

Kiki: It’s a good question, I never was a horse person but I grew up with a ton of horse people out in the country up there. And horses are like, there is a connection that happens once you break a horse from what I have heard.

Kaila: Wait, you have to break it?

Kiki: Yes, they call it breaking, but it’s like your build trust and it’s almost like dogs and their owners sort of, you know how dogs trust their owners.

Kaila: Okay so they are like let’s go riding.

Kiki: Yes, like let’s go like they trust that you are going to control them.

Kaila: Okay but what if you are not the owner?

Kiki: There is the difference. I am not sure how horses feel that are horse toured. I don’t know I am not really sure but it’s something to look up, because you can tell, like I remember my dad had we went on a horseback riding tour also, and it was me my brother and my dad, but if you don’t fully have control over the horse or if they don’t trust you they sense it. So there was this one horse that literally rolled over while my dad was on the horse.

Kaila: But that’s like majorly dangerous.

Kiki: Super dangerous. He was like fuck this and so he starts rolling over my dad and jumped out. He almost got his legs crushed but fortunately he was fast enough to get off. This was in Hawaii when we were little kids I’ll never forget that.

Kaila: Was your dad uncertain?

Kiki: He must have been slightly, you know they can just sense that kind of thing, so it’s possible.

Kaila: We are not really giving the best stories of encouraging you [31:55] interactions. But like okay if say you can’t own an animal or something like these days there is a lot of Cat Cafe. And Cat Cafe actually originated in Tokyo I think, because people really, really live in tiny boxes there and they have all of these rules about having animals. So people would go to Cat Cafe just to get that emotional support from hanging out with friendly kitties. So you can do that or volunteer at pound because those cats really, really needed, and dogs I don’t know why I am only saying cats.

Kiki: Actually you know there is a funny thing because I used to volunteer at the SPCA in Sacramento and in Irvine. And there are some things that I used to have that perception that pit-bull are scary, and because of the media they hype it up and they say pit-bull are scary, pit-bull are scary. But when you start working at an animal shelter, the nicest dogs are always the pit-bull, it’s really interesting.

I think what had happened is that the media wanted to create a monster out of pit-bull. So it’s easy to Target, but actually in – there is statistic run and this is probably in 2013, but there are more dog bites from huskies and golden retrievers, and pit bulls but because the media write stories on pit-bull because it’s an easy catch. So it’s easy to make it to demonize the animals because they are generally used in the dog fighting rings, but the Pit-bull breed itself is actually quite friendly.

Kaila: They are just not very furry, I just like furry animals.

Kiki: If you like fluff it might be a little bit difficult.

Kaila: But I actually want at some point to get a big nice dog, who will become a guard dog if someone snuck in the house, but won’t ever like accidentally get me and then eat one of my cats – but you’ll grow it up as a puppy that’s how you do it.

Kiki: That’s true. Oh my God I have to tell this story. I have a friend and she called me once and she just adopted a dog. The problem was it was an Akita dog and it’s big and it was one-years old. So she adopted it from the pound.

Kaila: But you will never know where a pound dog comes from.

Kiki: Exactly, so you are not sure what the temperaments are like and you don’t know how it’s going to be, but you are just basing it off the breed. Well she gets this dog right and she’s having a hard time controlling the dog. I am not a dog expert by any means but she called me Monday and was crying, like devastated and she’s like can you come over right now it’s an emergency and I was like okay fine. So I drove all the way over to her house and I came to her house and she’s like crying, and she’s like can you come inside, my dog ate my roommate’s guinea pig.

Kaila: I mean that sucks.

Kiki: It sucks yes, but the problem was her roommate love those guinea pigs like they were her dogs. So the roommate was at work – she still hasn’t told the roommate that her dog ate the guinea pig.

Kaila: How did the dog even get to the guinea pig?

Kiki: Well here’s the problem, her roommate thought that it was like inhumane to keep the dogs, or to keep the guinea pigs in a cage. So she had to have the top open so that they could run free without a top caged.

Kaila: Well that’s fine but should you have them bringing a dog in that situation.

Kiki: That’s true, I am not sure who is at fault here. I think the dogs should have been put in another room and then close the doors.

Kaila: Yes, I mean obviously a dog is going to attack a running guinea pig, even if it’s like a Shih Tzu it’s going to attack it – and a cat like it’s fun.

Kiki: Well I go inside and it looks like there was a massacre, it was like one of the gnarliest things I have ever seen. I went to clean it up and it was just a nightmare, but it was a very strange situation and I’m like you know well should this scenario.

Kaila: I am sorry but your friend is at fault, I mean she should not have been bringing that dog into a situation with free running guinea pigs, and she had the guinea pigs first.

Kiki: Yes, true and what ended up happening was Stan’s give the dog away immediately. So we were trying to find a place for it and finally it got rehomed. It is a really cute dog it is big and fluffy, but when we try to walk him he was really like misbehaved, and I was like dude how did this happen like how did this situation happen, but I will just never forget seeing that dead guinea pig it was pretty bad. I felt bad for the girl who was at work you know and those were her children.

Kaila: I imagine coming back to a dead, like your dead animal.

Kiki: And then like can you imagine like your roommate’s animals killed your own.

Kaila: But yes, so you know I really feel like animals can be healing in so many ways, whether you own your own, whether you are volunteering or whether you are getting like an experience with animal in nature. I think animals can be so healing.

Kiki: Absolutely, and there is actually a scientific study that proves that healing – or animals are used in multiple different types of therapy but specifically drug and addiction therapy. So there was a study released on how they assist, or it’s called how animal can assist patients in drugs and alcohol addiction treatment from the butler Center for research in 2016. And they showed that there was a significant Improvements in the way that those patient accepted the alcohol and addiction treatment, when they use treatment with animals.

So it is a proven way to really get over your addictions and get through your recovery. Also if you want to try and do a travel experience as well with animals this can help too, like getting out of your home environment areas where you get triggered by alcohol or drug use – it might be a good idea to take a trip. And one of the things that I notice too is that Southwest offers – I just flew Southwest and I saw all of these dogs and I’m why are there dogs everywhere.

And actually there was a cat next to me, there was a therapy cat with a little [38:23] and he has a little Astronaut Globe backpack that he sits and looks out, it was so cute and he just sat on the plane so calm and quiet and she just held him, and he had this little fish toy it was so cute. So if you are planning to travel, take a Southwest flight because they do allow you to bring your animals just for a $95 fee.

Kaila: I love that because I guess I have always thought I can’t move because like I have cats and I never want to put them under anything or wherever in a cargo. So I am like I would have to fly business class so I can bring my Southwest salsa.

Kiki: Do you remember that article where that guy tried to say that he flew from Russia and he used all of his points to do a flight. And he said yes my cat was under 15 pounds but it was actually a 25-pound massive cat. And then he ended up, what he did was he’s like yes I’m going to beat the system and use my point. Pets have to be under 15 pounds and he’s like yes it’s 15 pounds. He used a fake cat and brought it in, then he brought his real cat which was 25 pounds into business class – took photos of himself with the fat cat, post it on social media, the airline found out and revoked his points and he can never fly that Airline again. So don’t lie my friends.

Kaila: So yes the way that animals can help you. For example, like maybe this doesn’t happen with one cat but I have two cats and I never feel lonely. Like I don’t think I am a really lonely person in general, but I think if you tend to get lonely cats can really – I keep saying cats, but animals can help with isolation, they really boost your mood and make you feel happier and bring you joy every single day. And relaxing, I love cosying up with warm kitty fluffy kitty. And yes there is just so many benefits, and I really feel like if you want to amp up your recovery getting an animal, or rescuing an animal would be a really positive impact on your life.

Kiki: And also animals really help like in-terms, they help with companionship but they also help you become a little bit more in tune with your ability to open up and talk. I know that we both are very talkative here but we are both pretty introverted in life. So having animals makes you feel more comfortable, if you have an animal around with you, you can feel a little bit more open to getting to know your addiction situation or your recovery process, and that’s why they are used in therapy as well.

And if you’ve got a dog, it helps you become more physically active, which is a great way to help through recovery and what we pretty much discussed in our earlier episodes. So you have got to take the dog outside to walk and it gets you outside you know and it gets you moving and keep your mind moving and going.

Kaila: Awesome, so we hope you enjoy the episode today, and as always we would really appreciate it if you like and subscribe because it helps us get the word out and help more people. And yes leave us a reading and let us know if you have any comments or questions, or anything you want to hear in the future episodes.

Kiki: All right we will catch you guys later, bye.



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