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We gave up SEX, DRUGS, and ROCK AND ROLL for the #soberlife.

Hosts Kaila and Kiki toured the world for 10 years in an all Asian Girl rock band. After traveling the world in some of the worst, unhealthiest, and miserable conditions possible living out the rockstar lifestyle, they fell down the road of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, which led them to total burn out. 

Now, the girls are sober and wiser and are looking for healing. Kaila and Kiki will share how to get from HELL to WELL around the world by exploring some of the best wellness practices that help them keep clean. They will share unflinchingly about how they overcame their addictions and how they have so much more fun sober!

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Who the HELL areKaila and Kiki?

Award-winning travel, wellness, and lifestyle writers and bloggers, Kaila Yu and Kristin Wong, travel the world in search of a deeper understanding of global cultures and spiritual enlightenment.

As former partying rockstars, the girls are newly sober and looking for a fresh start and healing. Join them as they travel around the world to discover the world’s best wellness treatments.

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